No Comment. YES!!! COMMENT!!!

Have you met my dear friend Reagan of Miss Remmers Reviews?  She is a teacher, a hockey coach, a book blogger, and a fun to hang with gal.  She was also my roommate at BEA the last two years ans to prove it… here we are:

Good times... good times....

Anyhoo…. Reagan is hosting a Book Blogger Reader Appreciation Week and I love the idea!  She is planning a whole week of appreciation posts and I want to participate where I can.  Today, (actually yesterday) we were asked to share out book blogger history and how we feel about comments. 

I started blogging in early 2009, but did not let my blog go public until June 2009.  At the time, I did not even know what book blogging was, I was just writing reviews for my own records and pretty much using wordpress as an online book journal. 

My first comment came on June 9, 2009…. the day I refer to as my blogiversary date as that is when book blogging came alive for me.  I even remember where that first comment came from, it was Bookin’ With Bingo and it scared me.  😯  I had received an email notification that someone had commented on one of my review posts.  Wha?  😯  I checked it out and there was this stranger telling me they liked my thoughts on the book.  Wha?  😯  I cautiously clicked their link afraid I was going to be whooshed to some dirty site that would eat my computers brain….. but no… what did I find…..

(cue the music)

Yup… a whole new world.  I was shocked.  There was someone out there like me!  Someone else that talked books!  Two of us!  Together we could conquer the book world!!!   (I truly had no idea ….) 

And so it began… from that book site, I found others, and found publishers and authors, and people willing to send you a book to review (WHAT????) 

Now fast forward to current time… 2 3/4 years in.  Yes, the books are awesome – but I buy my own books all the time as well as use my library to read books I wish too, but really… the heart of book blogging for me – is sharing my thoughts with you and hearing your thoughts on what I say.  Yes, I am talking comments.  I LOVE to sit down with a cup of coffee and my laptop and carry on conversations with you through my posts.  And by doing this, I get to know my frequent commenters, and I love that! 

I like knowing that Kathy and her hubby like to go visit their son Vance, and that in the 1990’s they lived in France (and no, that wasn’t suppose to rhyme….. 😉 )

Esme constantly makes me jealous with her worldy travels and fantastic food experiences.  She still teases me that I used to visit her blog in 2009 and tell her that I could not stop at her blog any more because I always left hungry!  Who knew in 2010 I would be sharing a room with her in New York for BEA?

Laurel would be a book blogger I would introduce myself to on a book site (how sad I can not recall the name) in June 2009 and then all this time later she is still one of my top commenters!

Care not only would become another roommate at BEA 2010 (we really had the rotating roommates that year LOL) but she would go on to remember my birthday every year AND send me a birthday card in the mail!

Alison has very similar book tastes to mine and when I read a review on her site, I know I will probably like the book as well.  We have run into each other the last two years at BEA and went to the same author events.  I look forward to seeing her again this year and hanging out!

Kim would turn me to non fiction books more than I ever was and I would never look back.  She also was not only a BEA roommate of 2010, but got together with me and a handful of other bloggers for a Twin Cities book event in the fall of 2010.

Ryan is this amazing single dad who loves his son, and loves to talk books, favorite characters, and movies. 

Lori and I email back and forth about books and occasionally life. 

Reagan of course would not only be my roommate twice for BEA but also my roommate at the Twin Cities Book event and calls me to talk books and blogging and life!

(and of course there are so many more I could go on and on….)

My point of saying this is that to me, there is a person behind the comment and I love that!  I love being able to welcome someone back from a vacation, or telling them to get well soon because I know they are sick. And I know each of these people because they commented and I did back and by reading each others posts, you learn a little something. 😀

Someone once said that comments are the bread and butter of a book blogger and I would tend to agree with that.  I love to unwind from my day with all of you. 

My goal is 2012 is to get back into a rhythm of commenting.  I used to be a great commenter, and commented on every comment and visited their blog if they had one as well and commented their.  Well of course life happens, but I do still get around as I can and try to stop in and say hi (bug me if I havent done that lately…. 😀 )

To wrap up this LONG post I want to do a giveaway today in honor of Reagan’s BBRAW.  Leave a comment (yup that’s it!) here today sharing with me your thoughts on comments and I will enter you into a drawing for a $10 gift card to Amazon.  Winner drawn using on Friday the 17th. 

Oh!  And its not too late to sign up for BBRAW!  Go here!

66 thoughts on “No Comment. YES!!! COMMENT!!!

  1. Like you, I was thrilled when I first got a comment on one of my posts. It opened a new world to me since I live in an area where all but one of my friends are nonreaders. She and I are going to an adult class/lunch series in the spring where I hope to meet more like us. It’s called The Book Society. Maybe I’ll find some local reader friends, but the virtual ones have kept me going for a long time now.

  2. Sheila, I agree that the wonder of those comments (and visiting blogs) is learning a little something about the person. I’ve discovered a little community of “regulars” who show up at certain events, like Monday Reading or Saturday Snapshot…and a few more.

    With each post and each comment, we create an interaction.

    And Sheila, we “met” at Book Blogs.ning, which I seldom visit anymore, but still get e-mail notifications of reviews from that site.

    I’ve enjoyed learning about the community from you, Sheila, as well as some others; and you’ve been my Word Press guru. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the reminder Laurel… I could not think of it which shows you how long it has been since I have been there. I worked hard to build a comment base of regulars during those days…. I found both you and Ryan at that time! 😀

  3. I love comments too! Before I started blogging I was really skeptical about making friends via the internet, but I have made so many friendships that I truly treasure. I hope you and Reagan will be at BEA again this year! Oh, and thanks for including me!

    1. Kathy yes! Thats how I feel too! I actually started this blog as a private blog…. it took encouragement to go “live” and now I laugh at how shy and scared I was to put out there something I had wrote… 😀

  4. Thanks for the mention 🙂 I love the fact that I’ve gotten to know so many different kinds of people through blogging, people that in my regular life I would have missed. And I love getting to see baby pictures and wedding pictures and life stories from people I know online. It’s so much fun!

    1. Absolutely Kim, you probably do not know it but it was your recommendation of The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks that made me read more non fiction. I loved that read and kept on reading and listening to non fiction…. way more than I ever have.

  5. Great post and I so love commenting and reading comments as well…I blame a lack of time (surprise) and Google Reader for my slacking in leaving comments…it’s so easy to read posts in my reader but never click over to the actually blog…so sad, i know. I need to work on this!! Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

  6. I am still very (VERY!) new to blogging, although I have been a blog reader for four or five years and have even started a couple of blogs that never got off the ground. I used to comment all the time on smaller blogs, but as the number of blogs I read increased and I started reading already established and popular blogs I stopped commenting completely.

    Now that I have started yet another blog (third time’s a charm?), I am trying to make a more concerted effort to comment and get involved in the blogging world. You get out what you put in, after all!

    1. Elizabeth really commenting is a great way to build a reader base…. I commented like crazy in the early days… many of those i commented on would come and visit my blog and hopefully I had written something to keep them coming back 😀

      Comment Elizabeth…. let me know how it goes? By commenting here today you put yourself on my radar… now I know you are out there, and I have a link to your blog 😀

  7. I cherish every day that I get to connect with my bloggy friends. Blogging has changed my life, given me a reason to get out of bed every morning to see what everyone is doing. I wonder what my life would have been like if not for the internet. Stuck here at home, alone, unable to go anywhere by myself. I would have probably fulfilled my first prognosis and not lived 5 years. It is almost the 11th anniversary of my accident and I travel virtually every day to visit all my friends. I really haven’t been out of the house in awhile but with the internet it doesn’t really phase me although someone has to take me out for a haircut soon, the woman in the mirror is starting to scare me. lmao!

    Sheila I am so glad you started blogging!!!

  8. I love getting comments and I try to leave a comment to most blog posts that I read in its entirety (I sometimes skim book reviews and don’t comment in those cases).

    You blogpost is so much fun. It’s true, through blogging we meet so many nice people, whether in real life or on the blogs. I’m meeting up with some people (bloggers and readers) this Saturday, whom I would never have known if it wasn’t for the internet. It’s a great way to meet like minded people.

  9. I’m a reader, not a blogger, and enjoy reading about your adventures and reviews. I often read the comments but rarely comment myself. Will have to think about doing that more often!
    Happy Valentine’s Day from a fellow Minnesotian.

  10. Here I am at last after being away, lots to catch up on here. I am always delighted when I get reactions to my reviews, although today I was rather surprised at some of the comments on my latest review!
    It has been a delight to get to know you via blogging.

  11. If it wasn’t for the comments and the online friendships with other book lovers I doubt that I’d have stuck with it for four years. Those interactions make all the difference in the world.

  12. Oh Sheila…your post made my heart go pitter-patter. Comments are such a great thing and they so validate each and every one of us that blog for the sheer love of sharing our thoughts with each other on the books that we’ve read, want to read, and currently reading. I think they’re one of the most important parts of blogging and try my hardest to leave thoughtful comments.

  13. I’ve been blogging for a long time now, and it still gives me a thrill to see the email notification saying that someone left a comment. If there are no notifications when I wake up in the morning I am also just that tiny bit disappointed!

  14. Comments, good or bad are awesome because they validate what you do. And when an author comments on your blog that is super cool!

  15. Aren’t comments wonderful? I’m trying to follow your good example and comment more, but lack of time is a killer! Really wish Google would come up with a system where we could comment from the Reader, but until then, I continue to work on my commenting.

  16. When I began my book blog, I was happy to have one or two visitors and occasional comments. When I hit twenty or so visits a day, I was thrilled. The biggest day I know of was 485 visitors, but my comments have always been a fraction of that. When I get several and we chat back and forth, it’s wonderful. I love comments. They are the lifeblood of a book blog.

  17. Ah yes…comments. Those often illusive but wondrous things that make bloggers go weak in the knees. ^_^ I too am a lover of comments, they always bring a smile to my face. It’s that little realization that…ooh look! Someone else is reading my blog! ..and they get what I was saying! With my crazy time schedule, I don’t get to comment as often as I would like but I do have a small group I try to hit everyday and of course if you leave a comment on my site, you best believe I will leave one back on yours. Wonderful post and a wonderful celebration! Happy BBRAW everyone!

  18. Commenting is the bread and butter of blogging … but it does get hard to keep up with everything every day. I do the best I can and I don’t want anyone who reads my blog to feel pressure to comment on every post. It is so gratifying, though, to realize that there are people who love books and reading out there too. And I’ve found more books to read than I ever would on my own. Yay for book bloggers!

  19. Thank you for that. I think you are one of the best of the best out there and I’m so happy and grateful that I found you and your blog.

    I love comments, but I’m soooooo bad about responding to them. I used to be really good and faithful at it, but for whatever reason I got out of that habit and I’ve felt guilty ever since. I really need to become a bit more faithful about it since I appreciate everyone who takes the time to respond to something I had to say.

  20. I love the friends I’ve made through regular comments, though I often take the conversation off the comments section and onto Twitter. With so many different commenting systems it’s not always the most streamlined way to stay in touch.

    I just wish I had more time to comment on all the blogs I read.

  21. I absolutely love getting comments (is there a blogger that doesn’t lol) it’s not just so you know you’re not whistling in the wind but like you said, it’s the whole “getting to know you, keeping in touch with friends” thing.

    What started as a comment every now and again … turned into my “pal across the pond” … turned into my “Aussie sister”. This is how Jenny from Jenny Loves To Read & I now refer to each other LOL.

    Absolutely love your post Sheila!

  22. I hope I eventually get the opportunity to meet a few book bloggers in person – its unlikely since with many of them I am separated by oceans – but well you never know!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

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