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Good morning!

How is everyone surviving the Thanksgiving weekend?  Honestly I feel soooo behind.  I have had the best of intentions to post reviews the last few days and the fact is… I need to write them first.  My week has been busy with not only Thanksgiving prep and crazy hours of shopping, but also a good friend of mine’s sister passed away on Wednesday and I have been spending time with her as well as she goes through this hard time.

Yesterday College Son (Justin) spent all day with me from the crazy shopping to afternoon errands to lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  It’s hard to catch him when he is in town as he is off visiting friends but having him all day on Thursday and most of Friday was a blessing.  He will be hanging out with us a while today before he heads back to Mankato this afternoon to prepare his projects for school again on Monday. 

So this morning I was trying to think what pictures I was going to post for Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot as well as Candice’s Weekend Cooking post and decided if I want to add another post I have been working on this afternoon – I had to (just this once) combine the two meme’s. 

In honor of Thanksgiving…. here is what I have to share.

SO… you may have heard of a very odd (IMO) tradition of stuffing a turkey with a duck and inside the duck a chicken?  (ughhh…. I so dont even like the visual image of this).  It is called Turducken.

No worries… I did not do it, BUT this past week I heard of something a little visually comforting and a fun holiday treat and that is the combination of a cake and a pie. (I looked it up on the internet this morning… I guess the official title is Pumpple.

I have no “before” pictures… but it is fairly easy and you can get the steps here:

you will need:

a cake mix or two

a pie or two that you think would compliment the cake mix

In this particular two layer one… the cake mixes were spice and yellow and the pies were pumpkin and apple.

Use round cake pans and put a little spray oil in the bottom and on sides.  Mix up the cake mix as instructed on the box and put a layer in the bottom of your cake pan.  Place your pie in the cake pan.  Pour more cake mix over pie in the cake pan.  Yes, you will have mix left over.  Maybe make a few cupcakes or a mini cake. 

Bake as instructed on the cake box.  When done, cool and then frost.  It looks pretty cool on a plate and when you cut into it.  Its pretty tasty as well as a fun conversation piece for your next get together. 

Verdict:  It’s good.  I liked the pumpkin pie and spice cake combo.  I heard that a chocolate cake with pumpkin is really good too and since I am a fan of all things chocolate I would consider that one. 😛

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AND be sure to check out Beth Fish Reads Weekend Cooking which always has links to fantastic recipes that make you (ME) run right out the door to get the things to cook them!  😀

Today is going to be a low-key day and I am sooooo excited for that.  I am going to write the missing reviews and between today and tomorrow get in some good reading time as well.  I hope your weekend is a fantastic one.

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  1. So sorry about your friend’s sister.

    I have never heard of this pie in cake thing! My mind is going thinking of all the combinations one could make. That chocolate and pumpkin sounds interesting. This would solve the “do I want pie or cake” dilemma!

  2. Oh man . . . that looks insanely delicious! I’m thinking of all the combinations one could make: blueberry pie w lemon-poppyseed cake and Chocolate cake w pecan pie come to mind. Holy cow – what have you started? lol

  3. This pie/cake dessert is a new concept for me. A sliver would be more than enough I’d imagine. LOL Glad u got to spend some fun time with your son.

  4. The Pumpple looks good, but I think I’ll skip the turducken.

  5. Yes, the pumpkin/spice combination looks and sounds very delicious. Glad you didn’t do the turducken thing! lol

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. My thoughts are with you.

    Have a good weekend, and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT and

  6. This the idea of the pie and cake is funny to me. Glad to know yours turned out good. I know Dawn from Too Fond of Books made a three-layered one with her kids.

    The turducken is just too much to contemplate. Ugh.

    How wonderful that you spent time with the boy.

  7. The recipe sounds delicious. I heard the turducken is out of vogue, so we won’t have to worry about that too much. Here’s Mine

  8. I was sicker than a dog on Thanksgiving, and didn’t get a bite of pie – my boys devoured three that my mom had made! Now that I’m feeling better, pie sounds pretty durn good, and cake, so pie and cake together – fabulous!!!! 🙂 Maybe I’m just hungry!

  9. Sorry to hear about your friends sister!

    I have got to make me one of those cake/pies!! Think I’ll use cherry pie and chocolate cake. Or chocolate pie with a red velvet cake… mmmmm!

    There was a lady in the store the other day that was on her cell phone with someone, all excited and telling them she found the last two Turducken’s and “grabbed them” before someone else got them! I thought to myself that she really shouldn’t have worried about that! LOL!

  10. This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen! lol I love pumpkin pie so that one looks good. My favorite combo would have to be chocolate cake with peanut butter pie!

    I hope “your friend” is doing okay. We were saddened by the news at work and she’s definitely been in my thoughts.

  11. Fun idea. My daughters are really “into” cupcakes right now. I wonder if the recipes would work on the miniature level. I wish I was at your house so I could try a bite without having to have the whole thing around to tempt.

  12. I don’t know if I’m ready for a pie/cake combo, but at least it’s not as disturbing as the turducken. 🙂

  13. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s sister.

    Those cake pies look like exactly the sort of thing my family would enjoy. I’ll have to spring one on them sometime.

  14. What an interesting dessert! It looks very smooshy – and very tasty!

    Here’s my snapshot.

  15. Hmm, very interesting. I had heard of the turkey-duck-chicken thing, but not stuffing a pie inside a cake. That certainly appeals to me more.

    Here’s my Snapshot:

  16. I’ve actually heard of a turducken, but not a pumpple. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but it does look pretty good. Something to keep in mind for when I can’t decide whether to make a cake or a pie. Thanks for enlightening me today.

  17. I have always wanted a Turducken!!

  18. Did it taste as good as they looked.

  19. I saw this on one of the talk shows (Rachel Ray? Ellen?) and thought it looked interesting, but might be too much of a good thing. Like your idea of only doing a single layer and might give that a try. Now to decide on which flavors to combine…

  20. Sorry to read about your friend’s sister. It is always hard to lose someone, but even worse when it is close to a holiday. Even though I don’t know her, let her know I am thinking about her.

    That pie inside of a cake is crazy, but I must say, it looks delicious.

  21. Sorry to hear about your friends sister. This recipe sounds interesting.

  22. I’d pass on the turducken but I’d definitely give a slice of that pumpple pie a try!

  23. You are adventurous making this! I saw this first on the new show The Chew. Might be a bit much for me! I want my Pecan pie straight up please!

  24. No Turducken for me. But I’d eat that pie cake combo for sure.

  25. As a vegetarian, the idea of tur-duck-en is just beyond the pale, lol.

    For the pie/cake combo, I think I’d like to try some version of peppermint-chocolate or peanut butter-chocolate.

    Our daughter was home for Thanksgiving break from college as well, and I can identify with your comments about how nice it is to have them home, in between their visits with friends. She left late yesterday and the house is empty again 😦

    • LOL – as a meat eater… I would say it makes me turn a little green myself… 😀
      OOH – nice combo with the peppermint and chocolate!

      I have to remind myself that I would be the same way if it were myself in college… I would have to visit friends too.

  26. Sorry to hear about your friend and her sad news.

    I am afraid I am not convinced about the pie inside a cake. 🙂


  27. Interesting! I would definitly try the pie/cake combo before the bird combo! LOL!

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