Morning Meanderings… What Crazy People Do on Thanksgiving

Good morning…

Or for me….

that would be good night.  😀

Yesterday was a super fab day.  Our youngest College son came home and spent the entire day with us, eating too much good food… watching movies, and playing board games.



at 9:30 pm… we headed out into the cold Minnesota night to do what only crazy people do… hit the sales.  This is only my second time doing this and as I sit now in my recliner with sand filled eyes… I remember why I have not made this a yearly must.

It’s cold.  There is a TON of crazy people in the area I live in. The crowds.  The pushing.  The crabbies. The lines.  Did I mention it’s cold?  😯


it is also crazy fun and Walmart at 10 pm Thursday night was hilarious.  We could not even park in the super center parking lot… instead we parked across the highway at JC Penney’s and walked over. 

The people were pushy to say the least and the crowds were probably “fire marshall worthy”… I found none of the items that were on my list as I could not get through the people.  My son Justin found a few movies and a board game.

check out lines at Wal-Mart Thursday night
Wal-Mart parking lot Thursday night

Then we went to Target…. also crazy but in a different way.  They did not open their doors until midnight so at 11:30 pm we found our way to the back of the line that then wrapped around the front of the building.  All I can say is thank God there was no snow or wind… I don’t think I could handle it. 

Target at 11:30 pm last night. We were in line around the corner from the front side of the building.

When we did get to go in – kudos to Target for having a plan.  They had people directing traffic, aisles taped off to keep us from getting grid locked and I went right to the movie sections without feeling I was taking my life into my own hands.  We left Target with movie purchases and a new IPOD home for me.  That was happy shopping.

We swing in, and quickly out, of Best Buy.  They are just too congested in their set up anyway to be able to do Black Friday right.  While I did pick up a movie I would have liked to have – I would rather pay full price for it on a different day then wait over an hour (I am sure) in their crazy long line.

We were home by 1:20 am… and I was in bed by 1:45 am.

It’s not over.

I was up at 5 am, waking Justin and we were out the door by 5:15 am to go the Mennards sale.  Mennard’s had the one thing I really wanted and my husband was buying it for me for Christmas… but it was my job to face the crazies and go and get it.  Not a problem for someone just as crazy.  😛

This time we were again in a line probably farther back then we were a few short hours prior at Target.  Again we were thankful for no snow.  It was cold… and I wished I was in Florida for Black Friday shopping… but it was doable.


it paid off.  I get the Cricut machine I had wanted for $119.  I picked up several cartridges for $12.99 each.  Justin and I had fun, it wasn’t too crazy and we were back home by 7:15 am.  He is already back in bed… later we will go do lunch.  I am writing this post and going to catch a couple of hours of sleep myself. 

SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!! My very own Cricut! (and assorted goodies)
The cartridges I picked up for the Cricut.... which... needs a name......

The weekend will be much quieter and I am excited to catch up on a few reviews and checking out the blog world to see what you are all up too.

Anyone else crazy enough to pull off the sales?  Oh please share the stories!  😛

39 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What Crazy People Do on Thanksgiving

  1. Oh, you are braver than I, Sheila! I don’t do well at Best Buy or Walmart’s on a normal day—I’m not a fan of either store!—so I definitely would not go there during Black Friday sales.

    In fact, I’ll probably avoid all stores today!

    That’s just me, though. I don’t do crowds well…a bit claustrophobic and jittery at the sight of so many people. Which is odd, since I love cities with the thrust of people all about. But there’s something about people crowded around during a sale….Yikes!

    Glad you got some items you were seeking, though. Enjoy your day.

  2. You are a brave woman! I avoid Black Friday, and your photos remind me why. The turkey, however, looks perfect! We may hit a store or two later today after the dedicated shoppers have gone home 😉

  3. I bow to you…I have done Black Friday exactly once…with my Mom and daughter….I still cannot believe the length of time it took us to get a parking space…we were at an outlet, during the day and we would probably still be looking but for the fact that a gentleman waved us into a space…this was years back…since then no way…

  4. You are a brave shopper! I avoid the stores on black friday like the plague! I have found excellent deals on the internet… and it usually gets delivered to my house for free! Of course there’s none of the excitement of shopping in a group, but I’ll give that up to keep my sanity!

    1. Unfortunately it is a new option – some of the stores started opening at 10 pm on Thanksgiving…

      A cricut is a machine that cuts out vinyl and card stock pictures and letters. I mainly do vinyl and put the words on tiles and make gifts and household items. I am really into it 🙂

      1. I had to google this as I’d never heard of a cricut either! Sounds like good fun.

        I would never go shopping on a busy day like that. Having said that, in England we have done a few Boxing Day (day after Christmas) shoppings which is like Black Friday – but only to return or exchange Christmas gifts.

  5. There was one sale I was tempted by, but around 11am on Thursday, my back went out and that sealed my weekend. Flat on my back, reading or watching Alias. Glad you got the deals you wanted.

  6. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I do not feel left out on the crazy shopping crowds but do love the US discounts.

    I love watching on the news the crazy crowds and hours they get up (like you) to go, lol. Thank goodness there was no snow this year, that is almost at the level of ‘fun insanity’ hahaha

  7. Wal-Mart was a nightmare in my hometown. I’m going to post about it in my Sunday Salon, but we didn’t buy anything. They had aisles taped off and only one side of the main aisles open (with the pallets in the middle) so there was only room for one lane of cart traffic in about half the store, and since the other aisles were mostly taped off, the only way in and out was through the clothing sections. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt unsafe during Black Friday shopping. We ditched our carts and hiked out. Never again.

    1. I have heard some pretty scary stories since I posted this Alyce… people getting shoved and hurt. It makes me a bit ill. I think all the retail stores need to get together and figure out how to do this better…. its bad if it turns into survival of the fittest.

  8. Except for work, I don’t generally leave the house after Thanksgiving (until after New year’s Day); but a couple of years ago, we spent Christmas in NYC. We had our 6yo with us and it was snowing and… Christmas Eve we were in the Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square. The one with the Ferris Wheel inside. The one with the large animitronic dinosaur that roars. The one with Lego skyscrapers. Something like four floors of people all trying to get the PlayMobile Egyptian Pyramid. It was loud and insane *but enormous amounts of fun!* 🙂

  9. I hate shopping on the best of days so you know I’m not about to go out on Black Friday. In fact, the only place we went was to a scrap metal yard to get rid of the last of Dave’s scrap metal. Don’t we lead a wild, romantic life? 😀 We’re going to a basketball game today (Sat.) and then to a local store to buy a couple pair of pants for Dave – for shop local Saturday.

    1. I am not a big shopper either Barbara, for me it is more about the excitement of doing something like this…. 😀

      I like that you went to a scrap metal yard… today I am going to the Re-store for tiles 😀

  10. I went out at 4am to hit JC Penneys, then swung by WalMart and Kohls afterwards. Shopped a few smaller stores at the mall, then went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a Simple Touch nook. Managed to stay awake until 1:30, then fell asleep!

    Yes, we’re both crazy! 🙂

  11. My best friend wants a Cricut for Christmas. I can’t say I really know what it is . . . does it have to do with scrapbooking? I have never been a big Black Friday shopper, so I decided to go to bed instead of shopping, especially because I had to work at 7am that day.

  12. I haven’t been able to force myself yet to brave the crazy crowds on Black Fridays….then again it helps that I’m usually broke every year. 🙂 So I wait til slightly saner days to shop. Though pretty much the whole Shopping Season is a little crazed, especially the closer we get to Christmas. It’s kind of scary – philosophically scary – people – what’s UP? LOL Then again, if I had a chance to buy books at 90 percent off, I might be there. 🙂

  13. I like you, Sheila – I really do! – but this sounds crazy! ha ha Not my idea of fun.

    Not too surprising that Target managed their midnight opening so well. It’s just the way they do things, you know? I’m a fan.

    Well, I’m glad you had fun, and I hope you’ve caught up on your sleep by now!


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