Morning Meanderings… Oh… Seriously?


Good Morning And Happy Thanksgiving. 

I feel like a grub monkey.  😛

I have no idea what a grub monkey is, but if there was a picture of one in the dictionary… I am pretty sure it would look like me right now.  😯


ANYWAY…. yesterday I received some sad news that kept me away from the house until late.  In fact, by the time I did come home I was so emotionally exhausted that I curled up on the couch and was asleep by 8:30 pm and slept on the couch all night long.

This morning… I feel grubby… you know… like you feel when you have been camping in that hot plastic tent and you wake up feeling… microwaved?  Yeah… that’s me right now.  (Sorry about the visual :razz:)

And now as I sit here typing I am looking at my kitchen table… which is laughable and I think… picture worthy.




I think tomorrow morning… I will show you what my table and kitchen looked like AFTER I prepped for Thanksgiving.  😛

So what accompanies during this prep today?  Ready Player One on audio and I am LOVING it. 

Even in this mess, I am thankful for family and friendships and the combination of friends who are like family.  ♥  I am thankful for my home and my job.  I am thankful for the pets in my life… past and present.  I am thankful for my health.  I am thankful for this little corner of the internet that I call my blog home and for all of you who visit and make me smile.  I am thankful for the opportunities that present themselves every day – big or small, they make me who I am.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone.  



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Sorry you had sad news, Sheila. Seems like you’ve had enough of that for a long while. I can empathize with all the chaos on your table and in your kitchen, but it will all straighten out, I’m sure. Glad you’re able to be thankful for all you have in your life, and I’m thankful that you’re in my life. Happy Thanksgiving, Sheila and Al.

  3. Despite your having recieved sad news may I wish you and yours a happy thanksgiving.

  4. Oh, I love the visuals! I don’t feel too bad now…lol.

    Have a wonderful day, and actually, your home looks so cozy, even with stuff here and there. It looks lived in and loved.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Your pictures made me smile – I’m glad I don’t have the only house that looks “lived in” this morning! I’m sorry about your bad news – sending you hugs. I hope your day gets better. I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Those pictures are great. Every now and then things just get out of hand don’t they? 🙂

  7. I love it…Happy Thanksgiving Grub Monkey:)…Oh, and I have to ask…How do you label like that? Not that I could fit all of the labels for all of the things on my table…but….I have to know…


  8. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks for the visuals. It makes me feel much better since my mess, which I should be working on right now if we are going to eat dinner today, is only half as bad!

    • Oh good! Glad I could help Leslie! 😀 It actually cleaned up quite quickly. I still need to vac, and sweep and mop the kitchen, but that is about it. 😀

      Its just hubby and I today and our youngest son will be here form college…. food, movies, and board games! 😀

  9. You always make me smile! Happy Thanksgiving, Sheila. I’m sorry for your sad news, but I hope today is a lovely one for you and yours! XO

  10. I hope that today is a better day for you and that your Thanksgiving celebration goes well!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Sheila!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!! Just for the record the only 2 times a year I actually see the top of my dining room table is Thanksgiving and Christmas and sometimes Easter.


  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your prep goes nice and smooth!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your kitchen and table recover from the festivities.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Sheila! And thanks for sharing the picture of your kitchen, as now I don’t feel too bad about mine. 🙂

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the day cheers you up!

  16. So sorry to hear about your sad news..thinking of you. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  17. Hope you and your family have a truly blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing pics lol

  18. Every time I sleep on the couch I end up with a crick in my neck. I hope you get a relief from stress today. Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Sorry that you got some bad news again so soon. {{HUGS}}

    My kitchen looked like that yesterday! Thanks goodness it looks much better now!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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