Morning Meanderings… The Funniest Things Can Happen On Twitter

Good morning!  Wednesday already! 

A few days ago, Sunday I think, I had worked on cleaning the house all day, ran a few errands, made dinner… and eventually made it downstairs to curl up in my favorite chair. 

I logged on to my laptop… opened up Tweet Deck and tweeted this:


@bookjourney:  Ahhhh… finally… in my favorite chair with my favorite blanky and a little down time between lap top and TV. Anything good on?



*a minute later cell phone is ringing upstairs*  I sign and tweet:



@bookjourney:  Things that annoy… downstairs in fav chair, cozy blanket, and lap top and cell phone is ringing upstairs….



As I am preparing to go upstairs to check it…. I see this message on twitter:



@missremmersreviews:   that’s just me. Ignore it. haha



I respond…



@bookjourney:  wha?



@missremmersreviews:  I texted. Whoops.



@missremmersreviews:  Bad timing. LOL




(So if you are following this craziness… I am complaining that I am all cozy downstairs in my chair with my blanket when the cell phone rings upstairs, only to find out that reagan (Miss Remmers Reviews) – who is also on twitter at this same time is the one who is calling me.  😛



Then another voice chips in:


@bonjourcass:  @MissRemmers @bookjourney hahahaha





Ok.. that was pretty funny.  Turns out Reagan was texting me to complain that my post with all the audio book suggestions had added greatly to her TBR.  😀

Ahhhhh…. my work as a book blogger is now complete.  😀

Have an awesome day…. I have no workout to report as instead I came home yesterday, wrote a bit, and mowed my lawn which is a three-hour audio fest.  (The audio?  One Tuesday Morning – SO GOOD!)

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  1. Awesome. Sometimes life intersects in the craziest ways! Laughter is good. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it feels like whenever you get comfortable somewhere something happens to draw you away!

  3. Definitely! Or you are luxuriating in a long shower when phones, doorbells, etc. start ringing.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. That’s funny!
    I wish I understood Twitter better. I have an account, but I never Tweet. Hmmmmm…. Not saying I’m too old, I just don’t have a kid around to teach me.

  5. That’s pretty funny.

  6. That is too funny! It makes me wish I had more local blogging friends to hang with. 🙂

  7. I did honestly feel pretty bad. Whoops haha!

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