Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo

Four year old Colton Burpo undergoes an emergency surgery that almost takes his life.  As his parents Todd and Sonja pray for a miracle to save their son… a miracle happens, and Colton survives. 

In the months that follow, Colton starts to talk to his parents about things he could not have possibly known, such as while he was being operated on, he was able to describe where his mom and dad both were and what they were doing, even though neither of them were int he room with him.  At first skeptical, Colton’s father, who is a Pastor, lets these conversations run their course.  Soon Colton is describing Jesus in ways that are beyond his years and Todd knows in not part of the Sunday School curriculum.  He describes Heaven in ways that match up with the Bible, again in ways that a four-year-old would not know.  

Colton Burpo, now age 11, is described as a normal kid who fights with his siblings .

Colton himself picked out the title of this book, says Todd Burpo.  We were sitting around trying to decided on a title when we asked Colton what he hoped people who read this book learned.  Without hesitation, Colton responded, “That Heaven Is For Real.”

I first heard of this book through the buzz of my book club.  When this group of amazing readers talk books… I listen. The audio is a short 4 cd’s but in those 4 cd’s an amazing story is told of a little boy and his experience when he almost died. 

Spoken in the pure and bold way of a child, Colton’s dad retells the story of his son’s time in Heaven.  Todd Burpo, being a Pastor, knew that this book would bring up questions as well as its share of doubting Thomas’s.  He two had questioned his son but knowing what was going on when his father was in another part of the hospital and describing seeing him was just the start of the unexplainable things that Colton knew. 

In April 2011, he book was the number one best selling book on USA todays best selling book list, the fifth week dropping to number two behind Water For Elephants.  People could not get enough of the story.

Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

I enjoyed this quick audio listen.  If anything I wish it would have been longer, more in detail – but I can not put my finger on what could have been added to the book.  It is a book that will make you think.  Colton’s story is an amazing one, and one I will not soon forget. 

Goodreads Review

The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading map has been update to include Heaven Is For Real

I purchased this audio from Amazon.com

14 thoughts on “Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo

  1. I just got this one this week through paperbackswap. I was surprised that it wasn’t longer, but I haven’t started it yet. I bet it was interesting as an audio book.

  2. Enjoyed the book and believe. I’d like to mail his dad a couple of CD”s that I think would touch him. I know in the world we live today there are many scams. I’m a Chritians that has a message on a CD that relates to there story about there 2 nd child in heaven. I would really like to mail it to them. I ask nothing in return. Just trying to be a blessing to someone. I have learned it’s better to give than recieve, and you gave me great encourment threw the words of the book. I would like to return it by mailing them to you. I’ll give my personnel E-mail address and would like to have your address to mail them to. Like I said I have no agenda by this just want to beable to give back. Once again loved the book.

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