Dinner with Beth Hoffman – author of Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt

There are moments in my life that are so wonderful I have to pinch myself to make sure they are real. 

On Tuesday, May 24th, I had the privilege to join a group of wonderful book bloggers and have dinner with the amazing Beth Hoffman.  We were to meet at 7:15 pm at Mercer’s Kitchen, in Soho New York. 

I experienced my first subway ride which I caught with Candace from Beth Fish Reads, Dawn from She’s Too Fond Of Books, and Swapna from S. Krishna’s Books.  We arrived early and waited at the bar for the rest of the bloggers and for Beth.

I met at the restaurant Lydia from Lost Entwife and she brought her sister Candace too.  Shortly after Nicole came from Linus’s Blanket, and then Julie from Booking Mama and Kathy from Bermuda Onion.  Two new to me bloggers were Stephanie from Steph The Bookworm and Mandy from The Well-Read Wife.

And of course, there was Beth Hoffman.  Beth may as well have walked right off her website as we all knew her right away – she looks exactly like her picture!  Sweet and friendly she came in and hugged each one of us, calling us her girls and escorting us to a large table for our reservation. 

She had flown in the previous day just to meet with us.  The dinner was lovely and the conversation just as lovely.  It was so interesting to listen to her talk about the characters she brought to life in Saving  Cee Cee Honeycutt as well as the one character in the book that is requested time and again by her fans to make a come back, Oletta.  (I would have to agree)

I ordered the halibut which was so amazing, and a raspberry wafer dessert that was melt in your mouth delicious. 

What a great evening!  As we talked Beth shared what was next on her agenda and I am excited to share that it is another book (SSQQUUUEEE!!!) called Looking For Me.  Beth shared that Looking For Me is going to be quite different from Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt. I am sooooo excited!

A sweet little notepad and a bookmark. The notpad says "What would Oletta Say?" - a gift from Beth Hoffman (so sweet!)

After a wonderful meal and good byes (and a few tears shed), I made it back to the hotel at 11:30 p.m.  Thrilled with a wonderful evening and the excitement of a second book by this incredible author.

43 thoughts on “Dinner with Beth Hoffman – author of Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt

  1. Oh, I am green with envy, since it sounds as though Beth is someone wonderfully real who connects to her readers (and bloggers). Thanks for sharing these tidbits, complete with photos that make me drool!

    I’m glad you have these wonderful photos and memories.

  2. It was soooooooo much fun … thanks a million for giving me such a wonderful memory! Next time I’m riding the subway with y’all!

    1. It was Mary – as one of the girls put it (Mandy I think), not only did we all get to meet Beth, but she brought together a group of bloggers to so they could get to know one another as well. 😀

  3. Beth is just amazing! Julie and I got there at the last minute and I didn’t think to get my picture taken with Beth. Dag on it! I can’t wait for her next book to come out.

  4. I’ve loved reading your articles about BEA. I was so jealous of everyone who went. Maybe next year!!! I’ll check out some of the books you’re reading.

  5. What a neat opportunity! You are making me look forward to reading her book even more (it’s for book club later this week).

  6. What a wonderful thing! It sounds and looks like you all have a fabulous time. Hope many people can say they have had dinner with an author!

  7. That is so awesome that you were able to have such a wonderful evening with Beth and fellow book bloggers!! I’m excited about her new book now!!

    1. Oh yes – this was soooo good!

      The bad experiences were when we were trying to grab something quickly, one was a greasy quesadilla I had for lunch one day (the waitress recommended it) and the other was take out Chinese buffet – which I know I know…. when I think about it, I should have known better 😀

  8. How lovely to have dinner with Beth Hoffman.

    Sounds like a great group of bloggers to get together, a chapter of book bloggers!

    Thanks for sharing the info on Beth’s next novel…..already looking forward to it.


  9. Wow, how exciting! Not just a book signing but an entire dinner with a favorite author – sounds spectacular! And dinner sounds awesome, too…


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