Morning Meanderings…. Some Days My Dogs (and my hubby) Are Like Children

Good morning.  Can you smell the fresh brewed coffee?


Take a moment and smell it. 


Yesterday afternoon I came home with a plan.  My hubby on Monday evening was scrounging around the house for something sweet.  Cake is actually what he was craving.  Cake.  We never have cake in the house but apparently he had been watching some tv show that had cake and now he too wanted cake.  All I had in the cupboards was a brownie mix, but no eggs in the frig as I forgot them when I went shopping.  Disgruntled… sweet tooth unsatisfied he went to bed.

So on Tuesday I came home from work armed with the missing eggs, a lemon cake mix and cream cheese frosting.  I also picked up a couple of steaks and shrimp (shrimp was on sale – woo hoo!!!) for dinner.  I was planning a special dinner since I was gone in New York all last week.  So I came home and I baked not only the cake, but the brownies.  I doctored up my steaks – tossed the shrimp on top and put them in to broil, feeling a lot like Betty Crocker as I never put this much effort into cooking.

Yay, I thought…. me time!  I text Al (hubby) to let him know when dinner would be ready, and grabbed Laptop and got comfy in the recliner in the reading room.  I was going to catch up on emails before dinner.  That is when Bailey (see exhibit A) decided he would like to go out.  Ok.  Out of the recliner I get, Laptop carefully to the side and let Bailey out.  I see it looks like he is going to stay outside awhile so I get cozy in the recliner again, and just get emails opened when…. Bailey wants in.

Of course he does.

Laptop carefully to side…. out of the recliner, let Bailey in and then back to the recliner wondering if I still have any time before dinner.  I think I do…

Then comes Elmo… he looks at me.  He wants to go outside.  (See Exhibit B)

Now, I can not deny Elmo anything.  Elmo is my dog.  We have had him since 1997.  He grew up with our boys, has been lost (and found) three times in his life, hit by a car 2 years ago and dragged (gah – awful story) and has just been through the ringer.  He is blind in one eye, has loss of hearing, and the early stages of dementia.  Needless to say – I get up and let Elmo out.

Ten minutes later, I get up and let Elmo in.

Some days…. I think I am the pet.  😛

Ok off to work.. later I return to kickboxing class where I have been MIA for three weeks now and am probably going to be hurting in the morning.  Oh well…. it’s all good for me.  😀

Have a lovely LOVELY day everyone!

25 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Some Days My Dogs (and my hubby) Are Like Children

  1. Ha-Ha! Love it! But how did dinner turn out? When you started this story, I was sure you were going to say you got a text saying: Honey, working late!

    Loved the story about Elmo…he has certainly been through it, hasn’t he?

    For new books I’m salivating over, check MY WOW POST

    1. Dinner was yummy and you are right that he was late but he called and didnt text which was nicer. I did not know they had been working late all last week as I was gone, and they were still finishing that job.

      Thats ok though… tha’ts the nature of the work he does 🙂

      Someday i will tell the entire the entire story of Elmo… he is what I refer to as the miracle dog. he came into our life when we really needed him and has been the best dog and comforter I could ever ask for. 🙂

  2. “Let him eat cake, I say!” What a great wife. Our solution to the doggy in-and-out problem was a doggy door. However don’t know if that will work as well in D.C., where it’s actually COLD. Great to see you at BEA!

  3. When I clicked on this post, prior to being able to read it I had to get up to let my dog in. It’s constant and repetitive. 🙂

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