Morning Meanderings…

Good morning!  COFFEE CUP and I are moving full steam (get it?  steam?) ahead.  I was up early and with a plan.

Today is super nutso in everything as I am juggling work, Zumba Class at 3:30, home, groceries,  Brads last day in town before he goes back to the Navy so he is having dinner with us, a 6:00 pm meeting tonight, and …


AND I am so bummed that I have yet to post my top picks for 2010 AND I need to update my challenges.

When did life get so busy???

I hate to say it but I may have to pass on the Zumba tonight just to get everything else done.  I hate it when that happens but things are bound to settle down soon.

I am excited for the New Year that is quickly approaching… at that time I plan to share a few goals with you and hope that you too will find renewed motivation and/or direction in 2011.

Any big plans or reading planned for the New Year weekend?

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  1. Go to Zumba-you will find yourself more energized. I need to get back in the exercise routine.

  2. Yes, exercise does “pump” us up enough to continue with our tasks. I should take my own advice!

    I was unable to do a wrap-up on my challenges for 2010, although I did individual wrap-ups throughout the year. My problem was that I posted the challenges on lots of sites, and then got confused…yes, poor organization.

    This year, all of my reading challenges will be on Curl up and Read.

    I posted a wrap-up for my writing challenges on Snow Chronicles, here:

  3. Getting my new 2011 challenges organized is at the top of my to do list, and yet I keep putting it off. And writing those backed up reviews…yikes.

  4. I wish I could get into exercise classes..but I’m not cooridinated. I do the express training circuit at the YMCA and sometimes the elliptical when I have TV show to watch.

    Good luck getting your challenges organized. I need to do that..especially as organization is my only new years resolution.

  5. Sounds like your life is as crazy busy as mine. I am starting a nice four day weekend tomorrow and hope to get organized for the new year and get some reading in! I am in serious need of some “me time”.

  6. When you figure out how to time manage please let me know lol. I have books lined up to read and hope to curl up in bed and read my way into the new year.

    Happy New Year to you !

    • Thanks Staci – it was one of those crazy days…. even gave my keys to someone to unlock a door and she wound up taking them home, my car keys. office keys…

  7. Yes…I am archiving my “Books Read In 2010” page to “Books Read In 2011″…and…tomorrow night we are going out to an elegant restaurant for a dress up dinner…but the best part is home and in jammies in front of the tv after a few hours…Happy New Year…

    • Patty I am planning to put my post up tomorrow as well. Your evening out sounds fun – that’s probably what we will do too…. a nice dinner and home… I usually read into the New Year.

  8. Oh boy, I plan to sit still this New Years…I have been rushing around all over the place the last week 🙂 Hope things quiet down a bit for you too!

  9. Wow, you are in a rush

    My plan…
    I’m not going anywhere but reading all those pile of books and try and try again to finish the draft of my book review. I almost leave my blog with no new book review but meme. 😀

    Have another great year, Sheila

  10. We’re planning to visit my brother and his wife and my new little nephew to join them in ringing in the New Year. Then spending a quiet weekend reading and unwrapping a Theo chocolate bar, my favorite.

      • Theo…they have a passionate commitment to the people who produce their chocolate as well as to the art of creating an exquisite chocolate confection…in other words, a company with great integrity making excellent chocolate!
        In my cupboard…the Theo Jane Goodall bar (proceeds benefit cocoa farmers and promote conservation).
        On my wish list…Fig Fennel, Hazelnut Gianduja, Salted Vanilla Caramel… 🙂
        They’re sold online and at Whole Foods Market.
        You must try them!

  11. Happy New Year Sheila!

    I am looking forward to post Jan 8 (race day) – this is really when my new year begins. I hope for less stress and time to relax!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your boys!

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