Morning Meanderings… Does Anyone Else Wake Up With Random Songs In Their Head?

Good Morning.

So here is my awkward moment for the a.m.

I wake up this morning humming this song about lipstick…. your lipstick… the only two words I can recall of this entire song, but oh no, that doesn’t stop me…. I am going through my house singing, “Your lipstick…. da da dada…”


How cool am I?

So as it continues to drive me nuts I Google the words “your lipstick song” and come up with this:

That is actually the song stuck in my head and then I spend the next 20 minutes or so trying to figure out where I would have heard it to stick it in my head anyway…. (I don’t listen to a lot of music… I am more an audio book chick when in my car or cleaning around the house).  Then it hits me, this is a Group Power song.  It is one of the songs we listen to as we lift weights….

and I have not gone to Group Power for almost three weeks now between my traveling to Honduras and the business of Christmas planning…

Is it possible the class is calling me home?  Telling me I have had enough Biscotti and chocolates and it is time to get moving towards a healthier more positive direction?



32 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Does Anyone Else Wake Up With Random Songs In Their Head?

  1. Love this post — I wake up with strange songs in my head, or clips of them, all the time. And I also need to get back to my gym and my classes 🙂

  2. Just for fun, I like to quietly hum a song around one of my kids and pretty soon they are humming or singing it and wonder, out loud, where the tune came from! hee hee he

  3. LOL, definitely sounds like your brain is telling you to work out 🙂 I think one of the groups on Sing Off did this song (quite well too).

  4. I love this song! And yeah! Get back there. I love the holidays because I get to see my family, but travelling always throws off my workout schedule for about a week on either side of the travelling. Always hard getting back in the habit. 🙂

  5. I wake up to the sound of a little kitty meowing and biting me-oh this is not a dream it is reality.

  6. I love listening to music and that song is one of my favorites! For a song to be stuck in your head, that is a good one! LOL

    Have a great week (and get back to your class because yes, it must be calling you)…..

  7. that’s pretty funny..usually when that happens to me i get that really ANNOYING song stuck…the one you instantly change the station on when you hear it!!

  8. I do this, too – almost every day. And lately, thanks to my daughter, it’s often a Justin Bieber song – ack!

  9. All the freaking time actually…..for a while i couldn’t get

    “Believe it or not I’m walking on air, I never thought I could feel this free. Flying away on a wing and prayer. Who could it be? Believe it or not, it’s just me”

    For days I would be signing it….then I got this stuck in my head and it almost drove me bonkers…

    “This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever ever just because….”

    You get the point……one of these I’ll actually not have a song stuck in my head and I’ll be thankful for it.

  10. ROFLOL, I do this all the time! My songs aren’t usually a message from my subconscious like yours seems to be.

  11. This entire post is just too too funny…off to the gym with you and do not forget your lipstick…hee hee hee…

  12. at least it wasn’t a biscotti song, luring you back to the dark and sugary side!

  13. Amazing what our subconscious can tell us through the songs that turn up in our head in the morning. I knew I was listening to the Phantom of the Opera too often when I was falling asleep with one part of the soundtrack in my head, and waking up with a different part of the soundtrack in my head… And I don’t know how I ever figured out what that tiny little piece of a song was from before there was Google! 🙂

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