Morning Meanderings…. It’s Halloween and all Treats Around here today!


Good morning and Happy Halloween!  You would think I was this big Halloween fan the way I have been acting but actually, since the kids grew up… not really.  Where we live we usually do not get trick or treaters, all the kids in this are grew up with me and no one ever moves so I am the youngster in the area and they probably do not want me on their door step asking for candy.

ALTHOUGH….. this year that is exactly what I am doing!  My friend Heidi really gets into Halloween and has a lovely Victorian style home right in town.  Her husband and her go all out to ensure a wonderful Halloween experience for kids who come there, and this year I am going to go and help.

And yes…. I am dressing up.  You might see more on that later.

When I mentioned all treats here today that is what I meant – there should be a pretty spooktacular interview later with a giveaway and a book that was a real treat to read as well.

I would love to hear about your traditions on this day.  😀

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. It’s Halloween and all Treats Around here today!

  1. So far our only Halloween tradition is a trek to the pumpkin patch which we did a couple of weeks ago. I did decide just this morning that I’m going to dress up. Now I have to decide which costume to go with. The poodle skirt or the medieval maiden?

    1. I like to see the little kids dress up. Growing up, down the road from us was an elderly lady who really went all out. We would walk through her house, have hot apple cider, get a treat bag. With my cousins that was a lot of fun. My friend Heidi does something similar.

  2. I miss being a kid and getting to go trick or treating so much! I do love Halloween parties though – I used to throw one when I was in high school for all my friends, and more recently the J-School here in Madison throws a party which is fun. Those are about all the big traditions I can think of 🙂

    1. That sounds fun Kim. We dont really have any traditions either, in fact we usually (Al and I) just have a normal night. I always but one bag of candy just in case I get anyone at the door but we rarely do. We are out on a state highway about 3 miles from town.

  3. I haven’t had trick or treaters at my condo since I moved in (except for my own grandson, who stops by). I have candy just in case, and there is one family with kids that just moved in, so they might stop by.

    My own kids (the younger ones, especially) came up during the time of horrible razors in candy, etc., so we mostly went to parties.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Laurel I remember having to go through the kids candy. We could actually go to the local hospital and they would scan all the candy for us to check for things that should not be in it.

      Can you even imagine?

      I love that so many churches, groups, and stores do safe parties now for kids to go to. I think for the most part the random going door to door is a thing of the past. I took the kids to the mall and to people homes we knew.

  4. I adore Halloween! The darkness, the costumes, the bats, the candy; it’s all absolutely wondrous! Luckily, my grandma lives in a subdivision which gets about 300 trick or treaters every year, so the family all goes to her house for the Holiday. Have a great Halloween!

  5. We enjoy Halloween around here. But we like Fall in general… jumping in the leaves, carving pumpkins, walking the neighborhood on Trick or Treat night, making popcorn balls and decorating the porch… it’s all lots of fun…. Have a great Halloween!

  6. We get lots of trick or treaters at our house and we’ll be taking the boys out too, so it will be a busy evening for sure. How fun that you get to dress up!

    Happy Halloween!

    1. I am kind of excited Alyce – mainly because I think once in full get up that my friends will not know me. I have a plan….hope it works…. haven’t actually put it all together yet. 😀

  7. We used to party a lot more on Halloween than we do now. It’s no big deal to us these days, though my teen did rent a scary movie and I have one little person still young enough to love Trick or Treating. Happy Halloween, Sheila!

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