The Island by Elin Hiderbrand (Trick Or treat Reviews)

All is well in Birdie Cousins world.  Her eldest daughter Chess, is going to be getting married and Birdie is preparing every detail, down to the floating island in the pond behind their home so Chess can have her first dance with Michael.  It is a dream in the making.

Then, out of thin air, Chess calls off the wedding.  She will not explain what has happened or why the change of heart to anyone, including Michael.

Birdie has no idea what is going on with her daughter but in an attempt to support her she plans a two-week getaway to a family owned property on Tucker Island, off the coast of Nantucket.  In the midst of the the planning, tragedy hits again in another direction taking Chess into a spiral downward of despair and confusion and Birdie knows this is going to require a little more than herself to help bring all well again.  Calling out to her sister India, and Chess’s sister Tate, the four women embark on a month stay on the island.

What starts out looking like it is a time to support Chess and help her with whatever the internal struggles are, it becomes so much more.  For all the women on Tucker Island are in for life changing experiences that will test them to the very foundation of who they thought they were, and who they really are.

Trick or Treat?  Treat.

In the beginning of this audio I struggled with the over the top descriptions of each woman.  Birdie and India both in their later 50’s but incredibly beautiful, both rich, Birdie from her divorce and an ever generous ex husband (don’t even get me started on the $20,000 floating Island for Chess’s wedding) and India rich from her ex husband (death by suicide) who was a famous artist.  Both of the sisters Chess and Tate are incredible beautiful as well, thin and gorgeous with jobs that are both brilliant as well as keep them never in want of anything.

That said, I really did enjoy the book.    Once I got over the “o.k., I get it, they are all things wonderful” part of the audio, I really found I enjoyed the characters.  As the book went on, with the occasional flash oh how rich they were (less annoying as I listened on), I found I really liked Tate’s character.  In fact, as the story unfolded, I really liked them all and I liked how everything ended.

I would recommend this audio for your next road trip.  The storyline filled me with relaxing beach scenes, warm weather and the occasional subtle scent of sea air.

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Book Journey has upgraded the 2010 Reading map to include The Island

Cover Story:  LOVE it.  This is a cover that I would pick up among 100’s of others just because it speaks to me.  It says summer, and uncertainty, and I am intrigued by both.


I received this audio for review from Hachette audio

21 thoughts on “The Island by Elin Hiderbrand (Trick Or treat Reviews)

  1. i read the castaways and loved it and will definitely read this! it does make you feel like you spent the day at the beach–a very east coast beach and then are heading home to a snug grey shingled new england cottage.

  2. I enjoy Hilderbrand’s books so far, and I’ve been wanting to read this one—note that I said READ, Sheila LOL—and I would definitely cast this one, like the others, as “moments out of time” in beautiful surroundings. In case I never get to Nantucket, I’ll feel like I’ve been there.

  3. I loved The Castaways and looked forward to reading this one. I liked it, but found it a little predictable. Her descriptions make me want to take a holiday there someday.

  4. That over-the-top description reminded me why I stopped reading Danielle Steel a long time ago!! LOL!! I have read great reviews for this one and her other books so I think I would read it too!

  5. I’m loving this trick or treat series you’re doing, Sheila. Thanks for the warning about James Patterson as I like him too normally apart from the occasional bum book – I will avoid this one.

    I like the sound of The Island. And LOVING the pictures you have done to make them trick or treat 🙂

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