The Postcard Killers by James Patterson (Trick or Treat Reviews)

Jacob Kanon of the New York Police Department in Europe and while this may be an incredible place to be for viewing beautiful sights, that is not what has brought Jacob to this area that some would kill to see.  Instead, Jacob is looking at each museum, each tourist spot, and every “must see” as a potential opportunity to catch a killer.  A killer, who took his daughter’s life and have made the stakes of capturing this person or persons – the highest priority of Jacobs life.

There seems to be a pattern between Kimmy Kanon, Jacob’s daughters murders and the murder of young couples that have been happening in Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Stockholm.  Each murder is connected to a postcard that gives a hint to the next murder scene.

Kanon connects with local reporter Dessie Larsson, someone who has been receiving the postcards prior to the murders, and together they work to find a way to stop the crimes.

Trick or Treat?  Trick.

I have raved for the past 16 months about the treasured mysteries I have found in James Patterson’s audio books.  I have rated them as high quality in narrators, sound effects, and story lines as I RAVED about the Michael Bennett books (Step On A Crack, Run For Your Life, Worst Case) and I enjoyed The Murder Of King Tut as well as others.


The Postcard Killers was not a great experience for me.  I struggled with the female narrators highly snooty like voice (I know it was the role she was playing but it never did become easy for me to hear) and even putting that aside, the story line was harsh, grotesque, and at the end – revolting.

I know everything I listen to is not going to be a win.  Now that I have finished this audio, I have to wonder why I hung in there for the entire read.  I felt it had potential and I liked the story line around the art work.  In the end it just did not work for me.

I will continue to listen to James Patterson’s audio because I have had way more successes than failures with the audio surrounding this authors works.

Book Journey has updated the 2010 reading map to include The Postcard Killers

Cover Story:  It’s good.  It reminds me of a Patterson like cover for some reason.


I received this audio for review from Hachette Book Group

15 thoughts on “The Postcard Killers by James Patterson (Trick or Treat Reviews)

  1. I heard that he said in an interview that he just had so many ideas for books that he would never get them all out with the co-authors. I don’t think his later books have been as good for that reason, though I do like his collaboration with Maxine Paetro on the Women’s Murder Club books.

    1. Deb I have never read the Women’s Murder Club series reads – maybe should try one.

      I had read that Pattersons office is a long conference table covered with different manuscripts partially done.

  2. I agree about the co-authored books…they lack something. And, I know you enjoy audio books, Sheila, but I would never be able to get into this format. Maybe I feel as if a dimension is missing, or something.

    But I can definitely check this one off as a “not to read.”

  3. I was really interested in your review of this one because I am a huge James Paterson fan even with all the co-authors but I truly hope this his last partnership with Liza Marklund. I thought maybe listening to it you would get a different feel, but nope you didn’t like it either, so I know I am not the only one.


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