Morning Meanderings… Do I own my dogs or do they own me?

Good Morning.  Picture this.  I am up but I am not.  It is early and I am here with Coffee Cup trying to relax a bit and scrape in some caffeine before I go to the gym.  My hair is everywhere…..  My eyes I think are still slits….

The dogs get out of bed.  I hear the “thwump” as their little shih-tzu  feet hit the floor.  They wander out of the bedroom and I open the door to the deck so they can go out for their morning jaunt.

I go back to the lap top…. where was I?  Oh yeah…. working on my post for later today….  great read…. what should I say ne….

“Woof Woof!”

Seriously.  They have been out all of a minute…. maybe a few seconds more …. I look over my shoulder at Elmo and Bailey wagging their tail waiting to be let in.   I ignore them.  It’s not cold out… in fact its lovely… must be almost 60 degrees already, I will just…

“Woof Woof.!!!!!”  “Woof Woof!!!”


I let them in and they parade past me like I am scum.  I am so beneath them.  They do not even throw me a kind glance.

I shuffle to the kitchen rubbing my eyes and refilling my cup.  Elmo comes up and looks at me.

“What?”  (That’s me saying that.. not the dog…. although I am not sure if it would surprise me.)

He does his excited “follow me” dance where he looks at me and runs to the entryway and then comes back to get me and runs again and makes sure I am following.

I look at the kitchen clock.  I have to get moving.  Elmo is still doing his Lassie and Timmy is in the well impression.  He should have been an actor.  Seriously he is wasting good talent here in central Minnesota.

I go to the entryway… yup.  The water dish is empty.  I fill it.

I go back to the lap top…. look at my post.  I will have to finish it later.

That’s my morning…. anyone else have pets that own them?  😛

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38 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Do I own my dogs or do they own me?

  1. i have a 155# irish wolfhound who expects to be walked every morning and evening. right away walked. which means i’m throwing shoes and a sweatshirt and out the door i go..he likes to chase rabbits of which the whole watership down lives around here so it’s a constant race. if it’s not a long walk he stares at you looking bored.
    i still love dogs though….a house is just too quiet without them!

  2. Maisie is definitely like that sometimes. I was hoping she’d grow out of some of that when she’s no longer a puppy. You’re telling me she won’t? o.O

    • LOL Hannah… I think they are that way as puppies the whole “love me love me love me” phase… then when they get old…. I think they get… “uhhh… hello? I need to be walked like five minutes ago!”

  3. Oh, they definitely own you – without a doubt! My cats are the same – I am quite literally their slave. Food, water, comfy lap to sit on, but all on their terms, mind, not mine 😉 (wouldn’t be without them thought!)

  4. Years ago I had two Great Danes who definitely owned me. You just haven’t lived if you haven’t shared a double bed with 2 huge dogs, and when it thundered they both tried to get under the bed – sorry no room, guys! They were so much fun though and I really miss them. We haven’t had a pet in a long time but are currently thinking about one, probably a cat since my husband is a cat person.

  5. It would be laughable to think that I actually own my dog. Every time I go upstairs (where he can’t go… he’s getting old) he gives me “the look” as if to say, “How could you be so cruel as to leave me again?” He might as well put a leash on me.

    • Kate Elmo can not even get on the bed by himself anymore. I have to lift him up. I am still surprised he jumps off in the morning by himself.

      LOL about the leash. I hear you! 😀

  6. My two dogs now sit at our bedroom door and bark at my husband to wake up (I’m already up of course). Know why they do that? Because he gives them fruit every single morning, whether it’s cantaloupe, watermelon, banana… So yeah, they’re demanding but it’s our own darn fault 🙂 Bark and we shall listen.

    • Fruit? That is so funny Lynne! My dogs will bark at Al becasue he will feed them table scraps. drives me nuts…. they dont do it to me… they know better. But with Al they will growl and fake sneeze to get his attention.


  7. Oh, I haven’t been much of a dog person, but I’ve had several cats…none now, though.

    My last one named Sasha used to plunk herself down on my head in the mornings—to wake me up, to remind me of her existence, to challenge me to do anything that doesn’t involve her.

    Yes, she owned me.

    • I am not a cat person Laurel. Kittens are cute… cats drive me nuts. 😀

      Love that you too were once owned by a dog.

  8. We have two dogs, but only one that lives inside and she rules the roost. She is my diabetic service dog, Sundae. She’s saved my life a time or two so she gets treated like a queen… definitely a pampered pooch and shes sooo like that, she wants what she wants when she wants it LOL…

  9. I think all dogs own their owners…but shih tzus are among the worst with that! My parents have one and she does get more and more bossy as she gets older.

    She has been sick for a few weeks now (had a UTI and now has stones) so she isn’t being as bossy – just goes around looking sorry for the accidents she is having that she can’t control. Poor puppy!

    I can’t wait until I can get my own shih tzu though! They are so cute

    • I love the dogs Caitie and that is definitely the kind I would go with again. They are small, cuddly and they do not shed. 🙂

  10. My cat is such a spoiled rotten little booger. She pushed her way onto my stomach last night since the laptop took her lap space.

    • That’s funny Ladytink, my dog Bailey will jump up and scratch at my leg to be petted. If I stop he will start scratching again like “uhh…. hello!”

  11. Oh yes, I definitely know what it’s like to be owned. I have a great dane and a doberman, and every night about 4 am the doberman comes into the bedroom and wakes me up with his wet noise. Then he waits for me to sit up and lift up the covers so he can jump up and crawl underneath and take up all my leg room. Do I complain though…no, I just do because I don’t want to hurt his feelings!!

    • Emily that is so funny! Elmo has to lay right next to me so every time I roll over I have to sit up and move him and then roll.

  12. My doggy definitely owns me. She doesn’t like for me to read and will wiggle between me and the book to get RIGHT in my face. I always tell her if she was any closer she’d be behind me. I have to throw her ball when I watch tv…the WHOLE time. But you know what, I LOVE that little doggy with all my heart. She is my baby.

    • Oh, and like Emily said about her dog, mine sleeps under the cover too. She is like a little kid, she follows me everywhere, from room to room like my shadow.

  13. The dogs rule the house. Just today One of them would go out, stand there and want back in immediately. Once inside she’d stand there and bark to go out and the process would be repeated – way too many times for about 15 minutes. She obviously didn’t know what she wanted. The stand there whining and barking until they get what they want. They adore my husband and usually go to him first. If he is not around they will bug me.
    The cats aren’t anywhere nearly as needy and the snake is a piece of cake. The peacocks are out in the pen and as long as you feed and water them and there is nothing threatening them, they are happy.

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