Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix by JK Rowling (Banned Books Week)

He who shall not be named has once again… oops…. scratch that….. I guess I am a little deep into the story line yet….

*shakes head*  Starts again….

Voldemort is once again causing a bit of destruction and mayhem in the wizarding world.  It is the fifth year at Hogwarts and Harry has emerged into full-blown adolescence, including a crush, rage, and questions about his future.  Dumbledore has taken to avoiding him at all costs and it seems to Harry that everyone has forgotten that he almost had died last year and had saved the school from yet another horrifying evil.

Then there is the new addition to the school compliments of the Ministry of Magic, Dolores Umbridge.  A short toad like of a woman who is scrutinizing everything going on in Hogwarts much like a child would do to an ant with a magnifying glass.  In no time at all she has Harry off the Quidich team … banned for life (there’s that dirty word banned again!) and in desperation the Griffindor Team puts Ron in as Keeper.

“Hem Hem”

Things are not so wonderful at the school as they had been in the past and Harry is really wondering what sort of future he is going to have if this keeps up….

I listened to this one on audio, which  haveI  been doing all year, and highly recommend the audio versions if you have not yet experienced Harry Potter that way.  Narrator Jim Dale is an experience in itself and you will not believe the many voices he uses for the different characters.  I swear Hagrid is the real Hagrid and when Dale does Delores my skin crawls just like it did when I read the books!

While listening to this audio what I really noticed that I had not before (during my many readings of this book) is that this really is the book where Harry comes to the realization that his father was not the hero that he had built him up to be in his mind.  Harry is introduced to some hard truths about his dad and has to learn that everyone has faults.

As I thought about Harry’s feelings about his dad I had to think that this was another great move on J K Rowling’s part.  I swear, the more I listen and or read the books, I find more things that impress me.  I thought about how easy it is to put someone on a pedestal when they have passed away…. how we forget the annoyances, and focus on the wonderfulness and what we miss.  J K shows Harry a side of James that not only gives us a glimpse at why Snape loathes Harry so….. but also a look at his true father….  a fifteen year old hot-shot kid who thought he was super cool and loved to show off for his friends.  This book really shows us a good  message about relationships and Harry comes to realize that while his dad was not the perfect man he had imagined, he was still a very good man.

If you have not taken the time to experience Harry Potter on Audio I highly (HIGHLY) recommend it.   This rich installment won Jim Dale a Guinness World Record for the most character voices in an audio book. The series has won the Audies Hall of Fame Award. Fifth in the series. “Dale’s exciting, nuanced performance wholly captures the story’s irrepressible humor and magic.”—Booklist

Why was Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix by J K Rowling banned?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, along with the rest of the Harry Potter series, has been attacked by several religious groups and banned in some countries because of accusations that the novels promote witchcraft. However, some Christian commentators have written that the book exemplifies important Christian viewpoints, including the power of self-sacrifice and the ways in which people’s decisions shape their personalities. Educators regard Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and its sequels as an important aid in improving literacy because of the books’ popularity.

In July 2002, the parents of a student in Cedarville, Arkansas, filed suit against the School Board’s decision to restrict access to the Harry Potter series.  The Board’s decision limiting the availability of the book only to students who received parental clearance came in response to a parent’s complaint that Rowling’s books promoted witchcraft and defiance of authority.

If only we could wave a magic wand and educate parents and school boards about the First Amendment.

I borrowed this audio from my wonderful local library

24 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix by JK Rowling (Banned Books Week)

  1. I adore the entire Harry Potter series, and have no patience for anyone who wants to ban them, or any other book, for that matter. JK Rowling turned a generation of plugged-in kids to readers. That’s an act of heorism, to me.

  2. Great review — it so infuriates me that people want to ban books — we create a lazier society if we just willy-nilly ban a book just because one person thinks it should be. I want to be able to have books that help springboard those questions and conversations so that I can help educate a child — not ban them from seeing something and making them think that it’s something even more interesting. For cryin’ out loud — some people need to get a life.

  3. We only listened to one of the HP books on audio (the first, I think) – I guess because 3 of the 4 of us in our family have read all the books in print – but we were all very impressed with Jim Dale’s performance. I didn’t realize he set a world record for his work!

    As for banning HP…(head shake)…I just don’t get why some people can’t differentiate between fiction and real life – certainly the kids reading the books understand this!


  4. Do you think the people who argue that the book promotes witchcraft actual believe people can “wingardium leviosa” a cupcake straight into their mouth? (that would be my preferred use of said spell)

    1. Trisha, there are times when I am in the office and want to escape and wish I could use the flu-network to escape. 🙂 Also – what I wouldn’t give for an invisibility cloak….

      LOL 😛

  5. can people not admire and respect IMAGINATION which is what this book is about???
    just because my kid dresses as a witch at halloween doesn’t mean we are sacrificing animals in our spare time…..

  6. The first time I read this, I didn’t like it as much as the others, but after multiple rereads, it’s become one of my favorites. I love how real the emotion is, and how complex the real world is. Snape and James are both not who they seem, and Sirius really shows both sides of himself here too.

    1. Great thoughts Amanda – as I was listening to it it was just another Harry Potter book but as it got going I started to see that this is when Harry really starts to grow up and see people in new light.

      This is our first glimpse into Snape and who he was and who he has become. The more I read and listen to these boosk the more I appreciate the character of Snape.

  7. I’m going to be picking this one up soon for another re-read as well! I have the audio that I borrowed from my mom, but I’m tempted to read it! You can’t beat Jim Dale though. He truly is brilliant!

  8. i know the reason why they banned it… because un the book the D.A. revolts against the toad Dolores Jane Umbridge…so teachers thought that the kids would have the kids revolt against them.

    i dont know why they are doing this! that was a semi-good book

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