Morning Meanderings… “Banned Aid”

LOL…. oh come on, I have been saving that post name all week….

*giggles to myself*

I had to use it.

Ok, Coffee Cup and I seem to be running late today so I will move on (although it still makes me smile…).  I have been having a fun week of reading books that I have selected not only because it is banned books week, but also because many of the titles are books that I have always wanted to read.  I have a few that are too big for me to get reviewed during this week, but I still plan to read them.  One of those books would be Pillars of The Earth, another would be A Prayer For Owen Meany.  Both books I currently have checked out from the library.

Last evening I put up my review of SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson.  I did not plan on posting it that late, but I had an insane day and after work was home all of 15 minutes before I ran out to a much-needed dinner with friends.  Sometimes just hanging out with people and having time to laugh and enjoy what happening in their lives can be like medicine for the soul.  When I got home after 8 pm, I still had a couple of touches to put on the review so I finished it up and it went live last night.  I hope you can take a minute to read it if you have not already.  This is the book that I had just started hearing about a couple of weeks ago and the controversy surrounding a particular part of the book.  When I heard the opposite side of this argument, how many people the book was reaching… I dived in cautiously waiting for the part in the book that was causing the uproar.  Seriously, it was so tastefully handled.  I even called one of my friends and read the part to her over the phone looking for a second opinion.  She too thought it was handled quite appropriately.  Of course I get that the battle is not necessarily about the wording but about the subject matter.  Anyway – enough of that…..

Today I work.  Then I mow.  (All that rain last week put me on the mower again!)  On the bright side, I hope to finish the audio of Fahrenheit 451 as I mow.  This is so the right book to read/listen to during banned books week as it is about book burning.  AND yes, I am enjoying it and yes I had given up on it recently due to the narrator, however I found it on with a different narrator and that made all the difference.  More on that in my review.  😉

Finally – the best part of my day today is that tonight Navy Son (who surprise returned home last week) and I are hanging out tonight.  I am thinking I will make turkey burgers and maybe we will go to a movie or a bike ride.  What a great way to complete my day!  😀

Why was A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving banned?

Banned and censored around the United States for its stance on religion and criticism of the US government regarding  the Vietnam War and Iran-Contra.

25 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… “Banned Aid”

  1. I’ll have to go check out your review on Speak. You’ve got me all curious now. I have also wanted to read Fahrenheit 451. I will look out for your review on this one too. Enjoy your evening with your son!

    • Thanks Laura, now that I have the right narrator for Fahrenheit 451, I am really enjoying and amazed how I really never knew what it was about.

  2. I’m chuckling…like bermudaonion, I’m more likely to LOVE a book that was banned.

    Oh, I do despise censorship!

    Hope you have a great evening…I LOVE turkey burgers. Isn’t it great when something healthy tastes good?

    • I love them too Laurel and I just found out I am not cooking for one…. but he is bringing two friends as well…. Navy dudes…. guess i need to buy more turkey 😛

  3. Um, I don’t even remember it Owen Meany talking about Iran-Contra. It has been awhile since I read it, but …

    • Hannah when you first mentioned the book I did not even know what it was about but rented it off your recommendation. When I Googled a pic of the book today I was surprised to see it was connected to the movie Simon Birch – which I loved! 😀

      • Hannah I think you must see the movie! I don’t know how close it compares to the book or even what the connection is but the movie…. well….

        you must see it. 🙂

  4. will be interested on your thoughts of pillars of the book…i rarely say this but when i finished it i thought it would make a better movie!!! (yes it was a movie..on showtime i think…need to find it)
    really need to get speak off my shelves and read it!

    • Deb by the time I finished mowing it wast week I could have turned around and started again… it took me 3 days to finish it last time between the rain showers…. 😀

  5. I did not know Owen Meany was a banned book at one time either. Glad you found a narrator that works for you.

    • I hate to say it Nise but the original narrator I was attempting to listen to was the author. I had a hard time understanding him.

  6. Next week I’ll be mowing thanks to the 2-4″ of rain we’re getting today, the last gasp of a hurricane. Whole east coast is getting drenched and I can hear the grass growing.

    LOL – I like corny things like Banned Aid! 😀 Must be ’cause I’m originally from the Midwest too.

    • Barbara… lol… once I started thinking “banned” I just went with it…. believe me – you should see the ones that didn’t make the cut! 😛

  7. Yay for hanging out with your son and yay for finding another narrator for Fahrenheit 451! I still crack up over the whole boring Bradbury thing. LOL.

    PS…love that you include the reasons why a book was banned in your synopsis at the bottom. Great idea!

  8. Gee, he disagreed with the government, its policies, and religion. So. Has freedom of speech and thought been forgotten. Guess so.

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