Morning Meanderings… Reality sometimes hits you right in the face

Good morning!  Coffee Cup and I are off to a good start today.  After a really good weekend and a pretty decent Monday here we are back again.

So…. fact about me… I really like about three tv shows.  Survivor, Biggest Loser and Amazing Race.  I love the challenges, I love to see them succeed…. I love to cheer for my teams.  SO… on Sunday evening Al and I sat down to watch the season premiere of Amazing Race.  They had one challenge where the teams had to use a big sling shot with watermelons to knock over life-size suits of armor that were lined up in a field.  It was a pretty cool challenge and this one team of two girls was really struggling.  And well….. look for yourself:

Can you even believe how that happened?  I was amazed that she didn’t break her nose or knock out some teeth.  How she was able to go on from that was like….. “Whoa!”  Unbelievable!   Poor girl!

Anyway – had to share that with you.

In other news…. I hope you had a chance to check out my new sticky post.  We are currently looking for Mini Challenge Hosts for the Dewey read A Thon and we would love to get some new people involved who haven’t hosted a mini challenge before.  Check out the Read-A-Thon site for more information.  Basically all you do is plan a giveaway around a little challenge.  It can be to answer a question, do a little task….. whatever, then you offer a prize to your winner.  It is a two-hour commitment and will drive traffic to your blogs.  If you need any help thinking of a challenge let me know and I can try to assist you.  Please consider being a mini-challenge host for the October 9th event.

Oh – I was also featured on Reading Minnesota yesterday promoting the Twin Cities Book Festival and Book Blogger meet up.  If you have a second stop by and check that out.

And finally yes…. the “Banned Wagon” is still moving full steam ahead.

I am off to work and tonight I have kick ball (feel free to insert giggles here).  Hope you have a fantastic day and moments of good reads!  😀

36 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Reality sometimes hits you right in the face

  1. I SAW that girl on Amazing Race. Ouch ouch ouch. What a trooper. Love that show. Who got kicked off?! My TIVO stopped recording right at the end as they were all racing to the end where Phil is standing. I was so mad.

    On another note, I might host a mini-challenge. My husband is out of town on October 9th so I would be available (and he wouldn’t think I was nuts for reading for 24 hours). I just need to find out if my son has a basketball game that day. For sure I’ll be joining in the readathon though.

    1. Lynne that would be wonderful – we are trying to get new people involved in the challenges. Its a two hour commitment…. you plan the challenge, two hours later you are done – pick a winner and that’s it! 😀 Even if your son has a game you can set your challenge to go live around that.

      Let me know if you have any questions about that! You can look on the site for ideas of mini challenges and go from there.

      As far as who was kicked off, it was the two African American men.

      1. Oh those guys were sweet, but I had a feeling their MBAs wouldn’t take them very far in such a physical challenge 🙂

        Speaking of challenges…I signed up to host one! Filled out the form and everything. Is it okay that I’ve never participated in the Readathon before? I submitted my idea, so I’ll just wait to hear if it was accepted. Can’t be too hard to figure out.

        Also, I found out my son’s game is on Sunday, so I may be tired from reading for 24 hours, but that works out perfectly. Hubby will be out of town! Woot woot.

  2. Great blurb on Reading Minnesota! You are the “voice” of Central Minnesota….

    I have never watched Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. For whatever reason, none of that appeals to me. But I know many people who love watching, and I can see how it would get the old adrenaline going.

    Have a great day….

    1. Thanks Laurel 🙂

      I just love the races and challenges Laurel.. I cant stand reality shows like when they put all those people in the same house or crazy drama type junk… but I do love the games 😀

  3. if you like the reality/cheering type shows check out too fat for fiftten on tlc (i think)
    it sounds sensationalized and i suppose it is a bit but you can’t help but feel these kids pains and pride when they do accomplish something
    i don’t get to watch it much but 1 girl in particular just tugs at mt heartstrings…maybe because on one of her first outings she bought a ton of books since she loves to read…and one of the stories behind her outing is that she never did outings before because she was too heavy to walk through the store……have to admit i sniffled a little

    1. I’ll have to check that out Diana. I’ve seen the previews for it. And I love Biggest Loser (I cry every every time I watch it), so I bet this is similar. Sheila, have you seen it?

  4. AMAZING RACE is the only reality TV I watch and my favorite show. I love to travel. My husband and I always “play along” deciding which challenges we would do and how well we would do. Tried to convince my kids to apply when they did the family challenge a couple seasons ago. No deal, they didn’t want the world to see how disfunctional we were. After watching the show, we would have seemed quite a good family.

    1. Pat my hubby and I do that too but I know we would argue too much – he has the directional part and I would be the “come on lets run – come on!!!!!”

      I joke with him that if we did that we would have to move and change our names after the show. 😛

  5. That scene was unbelievable, and my husband and I actually put off doing our workout that night so that we could watch what happened to her and see if she was ok. It’s amazing she wasn’t hurt worse.

    1. Alyce, I was surprised they didn’t say anything at the end of the show about her being ok…. I am thinking if someone threw a watermelon at you that would hurt… but this is sling shot at her…. it literally breaks open on her face. OW!!!!!

    1. I can not even believe she got up…. the woman has spirit that’s for sure. You can see her think about about it when she is told she has to go on and then she does.


  6. I LOVE all 3 of those shows. I haven’t missed one show of any of them since the pilots!

    I flinched when that watermelon hit her in the face. And then her partner told her she had to keep going!!

    “Can you give me a minute here? I just got shot in the face with a watermelon!”

    She was tough though, and a trouper!

  7. Oh wow, I saw that too, which means we Aussies are watching the same season of Amazing Race in almost real-time this time round – yippee! I think this is going to be a cracker of a season. The father and son in the little boats was hilarious! 😉

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