Morning Meanderings…. Seriously?

Good morning bookie, bookette, bookers, booklings, and all around bookish types.  You will not BELIEVE what happened to me yesterday.

I lost the book I was reading.

Yup.  You heard me…. let me recount my steps:

4:45 pm I am in usual reading room in the reading chair…. errr…. reading said book.

5:22 pm I get up from said chair, and place junk mail acting as book mark into said book to hold place.

5:45 I am changed for kick ball (do not laugh…. I play kick ball… all the cool kids are doing it) and I leave said house in said jeep to go to said ball park

7:33 I return home after two kickball (yup there’s that word again) games in which we were beaten to a pulp at both.  My only happiness will be found in the pages of the book that I am successfully reading through with full intentions of having review up for today.

7:40 I realize said book is not where I thought it should be (in said reading room by said chair)

7:45 a search is conducted of the area I had been in prior to my leaving the said house.  This includes:  my closet, the bathroom, the kitchen, the front room, the couch, the entryway, the garage, the jeep… I was thorough.  I did this twice.

8:10  Now I am annoyed.  I am wasting precious reading time during this search and I can not imagine where book has gone.

8:20 I start looking for suspects.

  • Suspect #1:  The Husband.  Sure, he is not a big reader but he is in the house where the book has turned up missing.  I ask if he has seen it and he says no (a likely story!).  I describe what the book looks like… I am sure he is thinking how is that different from the hundreds of other books in the house.  His eyes glaze over and I let him go but tell him not to leave town.

  • Suspect #2:  The dogs.  Elmo is old and blind in one eye so I am doubtful if it was him.  Plus he is so loyal to me.  Bailey on the other hand, has never liked me and has always been Al’s (hubby) dog.  I could see Bailey doing something with it just to watch me go crazy.

  • Suspect #3:  me.  I was in a hurry leaving the house and in a bit of a panic as I had just realized I did not know where our passports were (I know… a real night for losing things!) and we are 8 weeks out from Honduras.  I was changing for kickball and looking for passports and I do not honestly know how much of this time the book was with me.  Did I drag the book along the passport search trail?  Honestly I do not know.

As of this morning.  Book is still missing.

What book?


I know, right?  I was at a really good part too.


90 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Seriously?

  1. Did you retrace everywhere you looked for your passport? What about your car? I always find stuff in the fridge swapped out for my water bottle lol

    1. I found my passport last night Lydia, it was in the purse that I used to travel with when I went in November of last year. Al’s in still MIA though….

      (Oh, and I looked in the frig for the book Lydia…. ) 😆

      1. No…. not home until after 5 tonight and then have a Missions Meeting at 7 pm. I will have a small window to search but I hope to find it so I can back to it tonight.

        Last night I started The Wife’s Tale. I should have instead picked up one of the unfinished reads instead of starting a new one…. 😛

      2. LOL! (about starting yet another instead of picking up one you’re already part-way through) 😀 Why am I not surprised, though.

        Well, I really hope you find it (and the passport, of course).

  2. It will show up. I usually find I have left mine on a shelf while either putting something away or taking something out. I truly have no idea why. Apparently the book becomes an extension of my hand. I still have nightmares from PE in elementary school about kickball. And I am now realising I do not know any groups around here that do anything fun. *sigh*

    1. Jennifer I cant wait to find it…. it is one of those books that I am like hmmm…. this is a bit different but I am getting sucked in and can not believe it is missing. Tonight I search again! 😀

  3. Could it be with the clothes you took off to change into kick ball clothes? I loved kick ball, not sure if my back could handle it now! You are going to need a hidden camera from now on.

    1. Margie it is so extremely annoying…. I remember right before I went out the door thinking, should I bring the book to read between plays, but then I thought I may not look like a team player if I did that so I didn’t take it.


  4. I love your list of suspects…

    But you know the usual suspects are not generally the ones who are guilty…

    Have you tried the clothe basket, the one Elmo loves to curl up in….

    I have had a few books go walk about a time or two – thank god I found them.. I only have a few strands of hair left….

    Happy hunting hon..


  5. that is such a hot book that i bet a would be thief came in…saw the book and hightailed it out of there….and he/she is still up finishing it!
    good luck finding it! i would be royally annoyed..especially if i wasn’t finished with it!

  6. I’m not Catholic, but the St. Anthony prayer helps me every time! Seriously.

    “Dear St. Anthony, please come around. Something is lost that must be found.”

  7. Oh no! This is totally a post that I could have written. This happens to me all of the time with all sorts of things. I once left a book in the freezer, I was too busy reading and needed to come up with something for dinner quick, no joke. I have often wondered if in life if there is this silent suspense music that plays when we do things like this, a dum dum dum, like in the movies. :o) I pray that you find the book. If you don’t let me know and I will send you my copy when I get it back from my friend whom I lent it to a few weeks ago, just so I could discuss it with someone!! Good luck! Hopefully tomorrows post will have good news!

  8. I vote for the laundry; either you or Bailey might have put it there with the clothes you took off when you changed. I hate it when I can’t find something in my house. Doesn’t bother Dave – all he has to do is ask me and I know right where what he can’t find is currently residing.

    1. Barb I can usually find my hubbies things too when he cant…. his passport however, that’s all him. 😀

      I think you are right to accuse Bailey – I swear he laughed at me when I left the house today and I think I heard him say “what a loser!”


  9. Did you check under the chair cushions? I hate when I lose things, but it certainly happens – far too often! You know it’s in the house, right? So it must be somewhere! How frustrating!

  10. Ooh I’ve done that! I thought I drove off with a great book on my roof once. I even got a 2nd copy after I was convinced I lost it. Weeks later I found it shoved under the seat of my car …

    I hope you can find ROOM again soon – I’ve heard great things about it!

  11. OMG, Sheila! You are not going to believe this, but I lost the book I was reading yesterday too! It was called, ironically, Missing Pieces. I wrote a post about it over at

    Now I like your story, with suspects and everything, especially the part where you’re telling hubby not to leave town….lol

    But I can totally share in the frustration of losing that book you’re almost finished reading. I’m still feeling as though a piece of ME has gone missing!

  12. It’ll turn up! I hate when that happens though.

    My youngest daughter had a hidey-hole where she would put stuff and we never could find it, but she would come out bringing whatever it was in a few days, Car Keys, TV remote, book I was reading… LOL!

    1. Deb I don’t think I have ever lost a book before, at least not one I was currently reading. 😀

      I will tear the house apart though as everywhere I look people are talking about this book, even my Amazon email this morning is talking about it and our local Book Page paper.


  13. Ah! I’d be so frustrated if I lost a book I was eagerly waiting to get back to! Good luck with the search!

    I’ve read all the suggestions above and notice that no one asked if you accidentally brought it to Kick-ball and left it there?

    1. Thanks Jody.

      I did not bring it to kick ball, but good thought. 😀

      Only think that went to kick ball was my car keys, cell phone and a bottle of water.

      I think it had to happen when I started looking for the passports… I was everywhere and somewhere when I was putting things away after my search I have put the book away…. unknown where to me.

  14. Did you check the garbage? I’ve thrown stuff out that I was keeping and kept stuff that should be thrown out at times from mulit-tasking. One time I had to dig in the garbage for my cell phone. LOL

    1. LOL Julie – I actually went through the garbage last night, even to the effect of putting all the garbage in a new bag as I sorted. The book is taunting me somewhere….. laughing…. mocking…. I am sure. 😀

  15. Sheila, you won’t believe this but this morning there was this unknown half-read copy of ROOM on my bed-side table….

    OK, there wasn’t. I feel for you! What a book to lose. I hope it shows up really, really soon!

  16. I had a friend once who when frazzled would put her cigarettes in the freezer and the ice cream next to her purse. Just saying, anything is possible. Does your chair have cushions?

    1. Vivienne I am frustrated that I can not find it… I will be even more so if I can not find it once I get home tonight too…. I am hoping it will just pop up like all good books should. 😀

  17. OMG, I would freak out, not only because I lost a book I was reading but also because I would have to tear my house apart to find it! I hope you have solved the mystery of the missing book by now. I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to do a few hundreds things at once and misplacing things as I go!

    1. Kathleen I think that is how it got lost…. while looking for something else (said passports) I obviously moved the book. In the panic over the passports I somehow forgot what i did with the book.

      You are exactly right… too much happening at once. 😛

  18. Ok, I keep thinking it’s in your car. In between the seats, in the backseat (you know how it falls between the seats, and then makes it’s way to the back when you speed up?) or under your passenger side seat.

    If you don’t find it, and don’t want to buy another one, I have an extra ARC lying around here somewhere – if you can wait a few days for it to ship!

    Also, one thing I WON’T say…it’ll be in the last place you look. I hate it when people say that. Of course it’ll be in the last place I look., why would I keep looking after I’ve found it?!?

    Good luck. I don’t know if you’re Catholic, but I usually pray to St. Anthony – finder of lost things. He helps me out.

    1. LOL Alison on the “it’s the last place you look”. I think I should find it and then keep on looking just to blow that saying out of the water. 😆

      I am not Catholic but you are the second one to send that prayer my way today, so thank you. 😀

  19. OMG…this is too funny…I mean not funny laughing at you just funny…and the second blog I read today where someone lost the book they were reading…and kickball…if anyone would be on a kickball team, Sheila, I think it would be you…I think that is fabulous…my husband was in Minneapolis( why does this look mispelled?) yesterday…I have been intending to tell you that business takes him there weekly…and he ate at the best Italian restaurant he has ever eaten at in his life…according to him…he could not remember the name of the restaurant…just that it was downtown and might have begun with the letter C…

    1. Patty – I think Laurel said above that she lost her book too. I will have to read her post tonight. What is with the book Gremlins? 🙄

      You should try to go with your hubby some time when he is on business and let me know. If I can get away I could meet you for a bookish afternoon and lunch while he works. 😛

  20. I bet it was Bailey. He’s got it stashed somewhere. He’s jealous of your relationship with Elmo. 🙂 I’m surprised you didn’t order it on Amazon for next day a.m. delivery!

    1. Jill I think you are on to something…. we have had Elmo longer and I think Bailey knows that I tend to favor Elmo a bit….

      I cant give up and order from Amazon yet Jill. Tonight I am searching and maybe tomorrow if I come up with nothing…. 😦

  21. I hate when this happens. I lost a book a few months ago, and tore the house apart trying to find it. It was like one minute I had it and the next it was gone. I found it two weeks ago buried deep deep within the couch cushions…and I know I looked there several times!! I think it just grew legs and walked around the house until it got tired and crashed somewhere!

  22. I have done that before! LOL

    Although it wasn’t very funny at the time. I left mine at the doctor’s office and when I called of course they didn’t have it! I immediately went to the library to check out a copy so I could finish my book…..

    1. Reading the comments today Julie has been therapeutic for me! 😀 I love that I am not the only one that has done this. If I dont find it tonight I am ordering it tomorrow.

  23. I am sympathetic while laughing. Not about the passports but about the book. We have all done that I’m sure, I’ve done that a few times and when I or the hubby finds it, it’s always either ‘I didn’t put it there! How did it get there!?’ or ‘oh yea, now I remember…’ Hope you find it soon:) Along with your hubby’s passport:)

  24. I got sidetracked this morning so didn’t read todays Meandering till now.

    Have you found it?

    Maybe Harvee Lau @ Book Bird Dog can find it for you LOL!

  25. I loose things all the time, but with the mess I have now, that is no surprise and there are things I’m still looking for. Good luck.

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