Morning Meanderings… What Was Lost Was Found… and Found… and Found… and OH WOW!!!

Good morning!  What a wonderful day already!  Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday on my missing book and passports.  I appreciate the advice, concern and the shared stories.  You really made my day!

First Find:  My passport.  After searching all the usual areas, I started searching purses I have used over the past year.  BINGO!  Sure enough I not only found my passport in the purse I used last year during the trip but also my lost license, a little cash in American and in Limps.  WOO HOO!!!!

Second Find:  Al’s passport.  He spent the afternoon searching his office and before we left for a meeting we had last night he came up to the house and said he had no idea where it could be.  I asked if he had checked his brief case that he carried his lap top in when he travels.  We went back to the office and FOUND!  Both passports secured!  😀

Third Find:  The book.  As much as I totally want to blame Bailey….  I can not.  As I went over my moves again and again I kept remembering that there was a point when I was leaving for kickball that I thought maybe I should take the book and thought better of it.  I went out in the garage and walked around my vehicle and then seen the book on a box with some papers I had brought out for recycling.  Good Grief…..  FOUND!!!!

Fourth Find:  Ok…. if you read yesterday mornings meandering you should be counting on your fingers right now all the things I mentioned I had lost….. there was three.  You are correct.  SO you may be wondering what else could I have possibly lost and found?

Well… I have a fun story.  I was in a deep sleep at 6 am when I heard a voice…. I slowly woke up and as my eyes adjusted…….

There was my son from the Navy!  SQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!   I didn’t know he was coming home!  He has been in the Navy since December and he graduated a couple of weeks ago but said that he did not have his orders yet when he could come home and thought it would be some time in October.  Apparently my husband knew he was coming but Brad wanted it to be a surprise.  Oh WOW!!!!!!!

Brad (Navy Son!) and Elmo

So how about that for an exciting 24 hours?

80 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What Was Lost Was Found… and Found… and Found… and OH WOW!!!

    1. Thanks Suey – I cant believe he planned it as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting him for weeks yet. We only has until October 5th and then he goes to his assigned area and he has a fulls chedule here but we will squeeze in time! 😀

  1. That is certianly an amazing day hon…

    Glad you found the book and what a surprise – your son home …Yeah!!!

    How cute is suspect number 2 – look at his little face…. he is innocent…


    1. Thanks E.H. 😀

      Oh and Bailey…. yeah, he’s practiced that look…. don’t be fooled by the cuteness…. I am still not sure if it was me that put the book in recycling….


      1. October 5th is when he is assigned to go to duty. They are still looking as to where he will go. Then he is hoping to be back for Christmas.

        His schedule is so full even now that we are trying to squeeze in time when he can. He has to work the recruiting office while here and do some things in the schools too. 😀

  2. Wow! What an exciting day! Brad looks great, so happy you get to spend some time with him! Thanks for raising him to serve this great country!

  3. Wow! What a fantastic post! It truly is a happy day in your home! I am so relieved that you found everything that you were looking for! From this girl and her family in Michigan, please thank your son for serving our country for us. I don’t think that we thank our soldiers or veterans enough. Your post brought tears to my eyes, what joy to have your son home! Enjoy his visit!!

  4. What a handsome son you have! So happy he’s home for a bit of time with you. Bailey looks like a kid who has done something terrible and counts on his cuteness to get him out of it. 😀

  5. Wow! That is great that all of your items were found. What is best though, of course, is your son’s surprise. How thrilling!!! Have a great day Sheila!

  6. So glad you found everything, including that book! I wish I could say the same….sigh.

    And so far, the book hasn’t come into the library.

    But I am almost finished with another of my reads for the week.

  7. Soooo happy for you guys!! Have an absolutely fantastic time celebrating his return home. I bet you are on cloud nine. :0)

  8. Congratulations on all the finds! That must be a relief. Thank goodness the book didn’t get thrown out with the recycling! And have fun visiting with your son 🙂

    1. I am too Emily…. the stress of the passports was a bit scary as we are so close to our dates to leave… AND the book…w ell that was just annoying. 😛

      My son? a priceless experience. 😀

  9. The description of your son arriving home in the early morning was priceless–enjoy the few days he has with you! You deserve a great weekend after your “losing things” day yesterday! Glad all is found!

    1. Lisa I am usually up about that time so it was weird that I was sleeping so heavily that I did not even hear him come in.

      I don’t think I have ever flown out of bed so fast! 😀

  10. What is the deal with us ladies not fully cleaning out our purses when we switch to a new one? I’ve found licenses, credit cards, gift cards, money, keys…the list goes on and on!!

    And yay!!!! SO EXCITED that your son surprised you like that — I’ve got a coupla tears of happiness in my eye for you!!

    1. I think when I take a team a team to Honduras I tend to come back so emotionally and physically exhausted that I just drop things for awhile. I was just talking to a friend about this… it takes me about a month to fully recover when I lead a team and about two weeks when I am just part of a team. During that time things just tend to be left undone… and in this case I figure I just pushed things out of the way and went back to my big purse that I usually use.

      Of course you can look in many of the old purses I still have and find gum, maybe a coffee card, lipstick – and yes, odd keys too that I have no idea what they are for….

      Purses are like past lives. 😛

    1. Deb its funny to see the word ROOM, because of the way it is used in the book. Now I see the title and I think of ROOM in an improper English sort of way…. hard to explain but if you read the book you will understand. 🙂 I am sure I will mention it in my review.

      Yes – the best “find” of all was Brad! 😀

  11. Wow, that litterly put tears in my eyes. Ty’s loves anything to do with the military, say’s he is going to be a doctor in the Army (praying) and even has his room in camo colors. So, I can just picture someday when Ty goes into the military and the feelings you must be going though. Give him lots of extra hugs!!

  12. That’s great, that you found everything! I have found things in the garage too. Just set down… And I once lost my passport for over a year – had to get another one to go to Mexico. Knew I had it when I got back from Canada. Found it while cleaning for my son’s grad party – it had been bent, so I had stuck it in between a pile of books (on the shelf under an end table) to flatten it before I put it away! So now I have two… And if my son was coming home (he’s at college) and my husband did not tell me, I would kill them both! After hugging and kissing, of course… And my son is only six hours away – can’t imagine how excited you were! Fun.

  13. What a handsome son you have Sheila. I’m so happy for you. 🙂 Ok, now I feel real guilty that I falsely accused Bailey. Please give him my apologies. 🙂

  14. Lot’s of great finds… including your son lol! I did that to my mom on a Thanksgiving weekend the first year I moved out of state. I was on the phone with her and just came walking into the house, she jumped a foot but she was incredibly happy.

  15. You are right, what a 24 hours. I am so glad you found everything.
    What a great surprise to have your son home. Having been a military family, I know how wonderful it is for him. Have a great weekend.

  16. Oh how wonderful you found everything…especially your Navy Son. We were so glad to get to visit our Airforce Son a couple of weeks ago in Monterey, CA
    Now you reminded me I have to go hunt down my passport as it wasn’t with my husband’s in our usual travel holder.

    I have to check your review of Room as I recently won that book and am curious about it.

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