Morning Meanderings… What relative of mine is about to skydive for a cause?

Good morning and happy happy Saturday!  I am hitting the gym shortly here with Wendy so I am pounding the coffee and tapping away at my laptop to you.  😀  Today looks like it will be a beautiful day in Minnesota and a great day for skydiving.

My cousin Jarrod will be skydiving today to raise money for the Special Olympic Minnesota athletes at Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd Minnesota.  I wasn’t sure we would be in town but since we are and Paul Bunyan is about 6 miles from me, I want to attend this event and watch Jarrod.  I am so proud of him and often refer to him as the male version of me….. except… I think he’s braver – but don’t tell him I said that!

You can click the picture to go to a page about this and here is an article in our newspaper

Beyond that – I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that you can sign up now to have an interview swap partner for the BBAW week (Book Blogger Appreciation Week).  It’s a lot of fun and last year I interviewed Ryan from Wordsmithonia and he interviewed me.  It is a wonderful way to get to know another book blogger.   Sign up to be on the list for an interview at the BBAW site.  Hurry – you only have to August 31 to do this and registration takes about 15 seconds.  It is also time to register for BBAW if you have not already.  If you already registered during the award tie them you are good to go, but if you did not, now is the time to sign up to be included in the Book Blogger Directory.

Then yesterday I received an email that I won Mary Kay Anderson’s Beach Bag giveaway for entering a contest about my book club.  I do love my book club and it looks like what I won is something like this:

Kind of excited.  I have not read Mary Kay Anderson’s books before but have heard good things about her latest book The Fixer Upper, which peaking in the basket looks like it is is in there.  SQUUUEEEEEE!  😀

Ok – obviously I am just chatty this morning so hang on while I wrap this up.  Do stop by later today to meet Marjorie Hart of Summer At Tiffany.  She graced this space to share with us about the book – AND I will also be doing a giveaway for a signed copy of her book in hard cover.

That’s it – I am off to prep for my day!  I hope your day is a wonderful sunny one too!

28 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What relative of mine is about to skydive for a cause?

  1. Sheila, one of my kids got a deal from Groupon for “falling out of a plane” last year. When she told me about it I had one request: don’t tell me when you’re doing it – call me after! She did it a couple of months later and called after. She said it was amazing. I can’t tell you my relief!

    Congrats on the MKAndrews win. I read an ARC of The Fixer Upper and loved it. It was the first MKA book I’d read. I’ve read a couple more since – really enjoy her. Hope you do too.

  2. Oh, it’s been awhile since I read a Mary Kay Andrews book…I think the last one I read was The Hissy Fit, which was hilarious.

    The Fixer-Upper looks fab.

    And btw, I got your gift card, and I was ONLY going to go on Amazon to use the card. That was ALL I was planning to do, but I ended up with four books! Now how did that happen? lol

    Thanks so much, Sheila. It was a lot of fun shopping!

      1. I am glad you got the gift card laurel – I get a bit nervous as I sent one to Ryan once and it went into his spam…. we found it but sheesh…. 🙂

        I love that you bought a book I chatted about! Thats what I love about book blogging – the sharing of good books!

    1. Amy if he ever is serious and wants me to go I will…. he knows it scares the crap the out of me but I know he is safe. 😀

      I know it would be the time of my life!

  3. Congrats on your big win! Don’t you just love winning books? 🙂 Even though I am scared of heights, I’ve always wanted to jump out of an airplane….strange huh.

    1. Hee hee – I do love winning books – which of course, if you look at my library – is insane. I need help. 😀

      I also like to experience life to the fullest so yeah… jumping out of a plane may be on my to do list one of these days although I think it would give my poor hubby a heart attack.

  4. Wow! The gift basket looks great! What a fantastic package you will be able to open soon! It sounds like you have a busy day ahead . . . . thank you for taking the time to post your morning meanderings, I have come to look forward to them on a daily basis!

  5. Congratulations on the basket win…always good news to get. Also, that’s a great thing your cousin is doing for the Special Olympics….hope he has a blast too. ^_^

  6. I hope Paul Bunyan Land was fun, haven’t even though tof that place in years, and that the skydiving was intersesting to watch.

  7. hmmmm….well that was just plain strange. I’m not sure why the pic and the name popped up that way. Well once again I hope you ahd a great day at Paul Bunyan Land.

    1. Thanks Michelle – I will have to ask my cousin some day how he first got into that. I know he trained in Florida – but not sure what the draw was other than he is such a dare devil…

  8. Congratulations on your win. My hat is off to Jarrod. No way do I think I could jump. As many fliers say, “There is no reason to jump out of a perfectly good plane.”

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