Summer At Tiffany by Marjorie Hart- Hard Cover Signed Copy Giveaway

The lovely and delightful Marjorie Hart has offered one lucky Book Journey reader a signed copy of her wonderful book Summer At Tiffany.  You can read my review as well as see others who linked their reviews and see what an amazing read this is.

Although the country is still at war, Manhattan during the summer of 1945 is an intoxicating place, especially for two fresh-faced young coeds who step off a train from Iowa armed with little more than their youthful exuberance and the name of a very influential contact. The combination is enough to land Marjorie and her best friend, Marty, jobs as pages at the prestigious Tiffany & Co., making them the first female employees ever to work the sales floor. From this groundbreaking vantage point, the girls see and do it all, from assisting notorious gangsters and international playboys at the jewelry counters, to rubbing elbows with celebrities at the city’s legendary nightclubs, to glimpsing General Eisenhower during his triumphant victory parade, to kissing soldiers in Times Square on V-J Day

Here’s how to enter this giveaway!

Share here a favorite memory you have from a summer of your past….   you must answer this question to be entered in the giveaway.

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Leave a comment on my review of Summer at Tiffany and/or a comment on the author chat with Marjorie for a bonus entry (one entry for each comment)

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This giveaway will close on September 14. I will select a  winner using and the winning information will be sent to Marjorie who will sign the book and mail it directly to the winner. USA and Canada entrants only please.

55 thoughts on “Summer At Tiffany by Marjorie Hart- Hard Cover Signed Copy Giveaway

  1. The first summer after I met my husband, the girl who introduced us and I went every single weekend to the beach. Sometimes we packed a lunch, sometimes we at at a seaside restaurant, sometimes we went for drinks after laying on the beach all day. No matter what we did, we laughed, relaxed and had a great time just us girls. When you first start dating someone it is hard to stay close to friends. We were able to do that!

  2. One of my favortie memories of my childhood was going on a family picnic. This was back in the 1950s. My father made sandwiches and my mother, a chocolate cake. Into the picnic basket, it all went along with napkins, forks and paper plates. My father got out the baby buggy (not a stroller but a full fledged baby buggy. In went my baby brother Dan and the picnic basket. Then we all waked down the street and over an old beautiful limestone bridge. After finishing our sandwiches and cake, we all took a long walk along Fall Creek and collected leaves of gold, orange and red. After we got back home, my father melted some wax and put the leaves in so we could enjoy them for a long time afterwords.


    1. This memory is beautiful! Your detailed writing makes me feel like I spent the day with you. What a happy family memory. You should share it with your children and your brother Dan!

  3. My favorite summer memories were of my childhood. For two weeks each summer my parents took my sister and I to Atlantic City. We swam in the ocean and the pool, we walked the length of the boardwalk, we played games and went on rides, we ate cotton candy, jelly apples and saltwater taffy. What great memories.


  4. I loved it when we went to the old 9 hole golf place – it was called the “cow pasture” for a reason – there were cows wandering around between holes – the “green” were sand! I had a very small putter that I used.

  5. When I was young we went for two weeks to a lovely lake where we swam, fished and lived a very simple and special life.

  6. My favorite summer memory took place when I was on a road trip to Niagara Falls. We spent time there, had a day long outing and picnic and went swimming. I cherished this time with my family.

  7. My favourite summers as a kid was going to Saskatchewan to visit my relatives on the farm.
    We went by train from Hamilton, Ontario to
    Saskatchewan, it was wonderful and I loved it.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  8. One of the fondest memories that I have of my mom is her love of flower gardening! Our yard was in bloom from
    early spring until the first frost. One part of our yard was
    a huge plot of Cannas. They were at least six feet tall
    and had huge colorful flower heads! My two friends and
    I would have tea parties right in the middle of these
    lovely flowers. It was a magical time.
    Thanks, Cindi

  9. A favorite memory is from a summer that I was a teenager. We were at a week-long family reunion in Ocean City, NJ. My dad and uncle took a lot of us cousins on a day trip to NYC to tour the Statue of Liberty. We had a great time!

  10. My fondest summer memory was when I was eleven and my family went to Denver, Colorado to visit my dad’s sister and her family. We went to Pikes Peak, camped in the mountains, traveled through the Royal Gorge, went horseback riding, saw a reinactment of a showdown…it was great! Many years later my cousin who I spent so much time with committed suicide. That trip to Denver was the last time I saw him but I have wonderful memories.

  11. A favorite summer memory of mine is the summer between sophomore and junior year of college. I lived on Long Island & a friend of mine lived in Breezy Point We invited 8 college friends to come to NYC for the 10,000 Maniacs Concert on a Pier in NYC & to a party out in the Hamptons. We figured we’d play it loosey-goosey & stay at my families home on Long Island or my friend’s in Breezy point depending how the events/parties went. It turned out to be one of those great weekends when everything works out better than hoped- all of our friends were able to come (from 5 different states!) and stay a few extra days too! the weather cooperated, our Moms cooperated & helped, the concert was great, the party was fun, we spent 2 entire days lying on the beach at Breexy recovering from a lot of partying before everyone headed home. That was the start of some amazing memories with great college friends during the summers!

    Great giveaway question!
    ~ Amy
    Aimala127 AT gmail DOT com

  12. Every summer my family would go camping with another family that unfortunately would relocate so often we knew that this would be the only time that we would see them for the entire year. Growing up we weren’t what would these days be considered “poor” but we definitely were not as well off as the other people in our neighborhood. Times were tough, many sacrifices were made on our parent’s behalf, but we were given a vacation, the only type of vacation we knew of, every year. There was something about pitching that tent, sitting around the campfire and being surrounded by the people who loved you and made the world a better place for you on a daily basis. This was a little slice of heaven that we were privileged to share every year and I am thankful for the memories and to this day consider those weeks in the woods “roughing it” some of the best summer memories and best vacations of my life.

  13. One of my favorite summers was the year we went on a trip out East, to see Boston and nearby historical attractions. We made a side trip to Concord and took the time to visit Orchard House, made famous because of Louisa May Alcott. It’s still one of the best house tours I’ve ever been on.

  14. One of my favorite summers in recent years was 2005, when we took our first trip to Hawaii to perform two concerts with the Delta Winds. There was something magical about performing tunes from Pirates of the Caribbean in the band shell at a park on the beach in Waikiki. We also went to Pearl Harbor which was very moving, considering that my father was a WWII vet. He served in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.


    jhsmail at comcast dot net

  15. This book sounds right up my alley. 1945.. first women to work there.. gangsters.. I’m afraid my favorite summer was not that exciting. My favorite summer was when I learned to horseback ride in Montana. I was fourteen.

    Please enter me for this contest. tchevrestt(at)yahoo(dot)com

  16. I will be leaving a comment on both the review and author chat.

    One of my favorite summer memories is from one of the first summers we were married. My husband was actually home. He was in B-52’s and spent 4 back to back tours over Vietnam. The military had a camp in Maine. It reminds me a bit of your recent retreat. There were log cabins, a log lodge and it was all set on a lovely lake. Our church group had a couples retreat there one weekend. It was relaxing and nice to just spend time together. We took our canoe out on the lake, lay back in it and just floated. It was a beautiful day: warm, blue sky with little puffy clouds and only the sound of the birds and the water lapping on the boat. We may have had fishing poles, but if we did, mine didn’t have a hook or bait on it.

  17. I was about 15…that magic age when you can’t drive but you notice boys & they notice you!. Walking down to the city pool to meet my girlfriends & oogle the boys. The smell of chlorine, suntan lotion & french fries.

  18. Long road trips to visit grandparents. We didn’t so much enjoy the car rides, but loved getting to see our grandparents and other relatives.

  19. My favorite summer memory is of spending July 4 with my niece and nephew, whom I hardly ever get to see, at a crowded amusement park, standing in long lines and riding great rides and eating sugary fair food 🙂 Then we watched the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen.


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