Morning Meanderings… This Weeks Hit List

Good morning!  Yes this is the Morning Meandering…. yes I am still sitting here with coffee, not guns…  sleep pants, not holsters….  I just thought it would be fun to try a new pic for the Hit List.

If you remember last week I had a morning where I shared all the books I had come across that I was looking to read myself.  I liked doing that and at this time plan to continue during one morning a week to share what I have discovered while bouncing around the blogosphere.  I have fellow bloggers to thank for many of the books I read – many I had not heard of or would never have considered if not for someones raving about it or reading an amazing review.

Take the Hunger Games books for instance.  Reading the synopsis of this first book I would have never read it.  Kids in a ring – fighting to the death?  No thank you.  Yet review after review told of something more…. powerful…. and once I read the first book I couldn’t wait to read the second – and the third, well – you can see more about what I felt about that later today.  🙂

So this week Hit List is brought to you by Folger’s Coffee….  LOL (Sorry….. its early… I am still groggy)  😆

Amanda at The Zen Leaf has a read-a-long happening August 25 – October 7.  It is the Bleak House by Charles Dickens and it is a MONSTER.  900 pages….  and I am drawn to this like a moth to the flame…. I mentioned recently as fall comes in to play I start to crave larger books….

Check out Amanda’s post – she has the reading broke down to take place so much per week….

At Bookworm With A View, the review of The House On Oyster Creek and the cover (man I do like this cover!) caused me to pull this one on to my lovely library reserve list.  Stop by Bookworm with a View to read more about this book and what it is about.

Over at There’s A Book Arson has been reviewed and I remember seeing this book a while back and wondering what this one would be like.  This is a YA read and after reading the raving review, I had to add this to the hit list.

I had to add this – The Book Maven is having a great Mocking Jay Giveaway – for tweeting the Friday hash tag you can possibly win a $50 gift card tot he book store of your choice.  You will need to pop over to The Book Maven to read the post – but I for one never turn down a chance to win a gift card for books 😀  In order to do the giveaway they have requested that there are 500 tweets – so please take a moment and tweet tweet!

I think it is fair of me to say that Nicole’s reviews at Linus’s Blanket are dangerous to me.  I think I find something I want to read almost every time I visit.  😀  This book is about the lives of three couples that center around an adoption.  Stop by Linus’s Blanket and read the full review.

That’s what I have discovered this week.  I haven’t been around much as I was out-of-town until Tuesday evening, and I have had my nose in Mockingjay since then…  I was thrilled to find out that we are not going to the cabin this weekend which may seem like a bummer – but it isn’t.  I can use the break and have plenty to do around my own home.  AND next weekend we will be at the cabin from Friday until Monday so I will have plenty of time then to hang with friends and enjoy.

What books did you add to the TBR this week?

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… This Weeks Hit List

  1. Every time I go to Amanda or Nicole’s blog I find a book I want to read. My wish list is so tremendous I couldn’t read the lot in a lifetime.

    1. I hear you Trisha 😀 I try to read them but if I do not get to them, maybe by mentioning them to someone else they will read it.

      I really gave up on my wish list too – way too big 😀

  2. i’m like you…have the library reserve open while i’m reading reviews and then add them to it…and i wonder why i can’t get to my own tbr books!

  3. Ahhh…you are so sweet! Thank you so much for including me on the list, I’m really glad the review inspired you to possibly pick up the book. It’s definitely a great book and well worth the read!

    And yes, Nicole’s reviews do exactly the same thing for me. I had recently received Chosen for review, but set it aside to do later in the month. Well, needless to say, after I read her review I’m trying to figure out how to move it up in my schedule!

  4. This week, among many others, I added Every Last One by Anna Quindlen. It came highly recommended from a friend of mine and it looks to be a captivating story. Book stores, as well as blogs, are dangerous for me given the fact that my list keeps growing and growing. My husband has always been amazed at the amount that I read and has jokingly complained that he doesn’t get anything out of it. I completed the summer reading challenge through my local library, and besides reading 25 amazing books in just 5 short weeks, I also scored MLB tickets, which he surely will enjoy. 🙂 Reading, like coffee, brings me joy and adds something to my day. Thank you for adding to my TBR list as well!!

    1. Sarah, I have had my eye on Every Last One as well. My “hit list” doesnt get any smaller but I love the joy of reading. I always tell my hubby there are worse habits I could have…. 😉

      I prefer reading to tv, and am quite content to sit at home rather than run around – although if you follow this blog, you know I doa lot of running too 😀

  5. The House On Oyster Creek looks good. The cover for Chosen has caught my eye also. I think I need to purchase some stock in Amazon! I’m currently reading Dawn’s Prelude by Tracie Peterson. My 84 year old aunt is a big time reader. She mails me books for my “library”. She is a big Tracie fan and so far the book is really good. Have a great weekend Sheila! Are you going to the State Fair? My corporate office is in Osseo, MN and several of my coworkers are going this weekend.

    1. HI Jill,
      I have read some of Tracie Petersons books. I have an aunt in California who is a big reader and I love chatting books with her.

      I am not a big fan of the State fair, I am not much of a walker and looker – and that seems to be the big thing at the fair – looking at animals or learning how to sheer a sheep….LOL

      However, if I can make the time I would not mind going to renaissance yet this year and my friend Wendy and I are hoping to score some tickets to see Wicked. 😀

      1. LOL Jill – and knowing me…. I like to learn things so I would learn to sheer sheep and then I would want to own sheep so i could sheer them and make things like pillows or vests and then ….it would just take away from me reading time….


  6. I’ve seen these around the blogs. I hope you like them! I added First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost,
    My fair godmother by Janette Rallison, and The mysterious affair at styles by Agatha Christie this week.

  7. CHOSEN from your post sounds interesting. Tony Hays has started a series of murder mysteries set in Arthurian England. Arthur is still a prince. One of his knights has lost his right hand in battle. Arthur saves him, but what good is a knight without his sword hand. He is not happy with Arthur for saving him. He becomes a monk. Arthur calls upon him to investigate murders. I have just gotten the first book and can’t wait to read it. He has one more out and I hope there will be more in the series. Book one is THE KILLING WAY and book two is THE DIVINE SACRIFICE.

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