At Witt’s End by Beth Solheim

Welcome to Witt’s End, a resort in Northern Minnesota.  This isn’t your average resort, at least it’s not like the resorts I have stayed in Minnesota.   Nope.  This particular resort is a last stop for those who have passed from this world, but have yet to enter the next.  Sixty four year old Sadie and her twin sister Jane are the owners and conduit (Sadie) to the hereafter at the resort.

With a cast of wildly flamboyant characters, including Sadie herself, Beth Solheim writes a humorous and outrageous book.  The first draw for me of course was the fact that this is a Minnesota read.  Beth’s book is so unusual and funny I just sat down and enjoyed myself from start to finish.

In the midst of this cozy mystery there is a lawsuit and a murder to solve.  Never a dull moment when you check in to Witt’s End.  Is “gufah” is a word – I can use it to describe this book – I think that is the laugh that came out of me several times unexpectedly as I turned through the pa.

You can check out the very funny Beth Soleheim at her website here.

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Book Journey had updated the 2010 reading map to include At Witt’s End

Cover Story:  I like it – quirky and mysterious….. would you check into this resort?  😉

I received this book for review from author, Beth Solheim

21 thoughts on “At Witt’s End by Beth Solheim

    1. Kathleen, Beth and I had connected over Minnesota Reads – a blog about Minnesota authors and books. A Minnesota book – fiction or non is always a draw for me 🙂

  1. I’m glad you liked it. I had actually agreed to review this one ages ago but never recieved the book. Now I’m really wishing I had. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. And nothing like a resort with a basically on-site funeral parlor! I was glad to see she has another one in the works.

    1. I am hoping to interview Beth Julie and I am really curious about where the book idea came from… unless she knows something about Minnesota that I don’t…LOL

  3. This is definitely a book I would check out and read. I love an author with the sense of the ridiculous. It can make for funny and delightful stories. The resort is a different concept and a good one for a book or a series.

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