Morning Meanderings…

College son Justin is home for the summer from College.  This is my first year experiencing this but it’s not like he is “home” like he used to be home when he lived here under our care and parent guidanceship (yes, my word – a ship… sometimes like a cruise ship, other times like the titanic).   He has a job and his friends and a lot of times we see each other in passing – one or the other of us coming or going, but that’s about it.

So that is why – I share with you my witty journalist sons text conversation we had earlier yesterday:

J:  Miss chatting with you.  May I take you out to lunch Friday?

Me:  Wow!  Yes!

J:  I’ll have my people call your people with the details.

Me:  Excellent.  My people will be thrilled.

Yup, that’s the way we role.  texting, Facebook, email….. when it comes to my kids I communicate any way I can 😀

Yesterday I rollerbladed with my friend Wendy 24 miles.  Not a typo.  24 miles.  I have never gone that far on blades before and as we “rolled” back into town I decided it was about 4 miles to many!  😀  A little sore, but ehhh…. it was fun to hang out on a beautiful evening.

Have a great day everyone – I have more to chat about, but it will have to wait until tomorrows meanderings…  (hint – I came across a few book related read a longs that sound fun, and have a couple of book recommendations as well).

Mine are a little cooler than this 🙂

44 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. How cool is it when our kids ask for our presence? Love that. I hear you about communicating anyway you can, so yeah, that is why I have a facebook account to begin with because my boy wanted to friend me (very cool…he is growing up to want to friend me) and his girlfriend, and her parents are all friends. We also text…a lot. Texting seems to be the favorite form of communicating…it works, all is good. 🙂

    Love your word…guidanceship… I so get your ship aspect.

    Thank goodness that Rollerblades have come a long way. 😀
    Good for you…24 miles! How do you do it? Meaning, what is the surface like that you blade on? For me, we have far to many gravel type rocks to make blading safe beyond our neighborhood streets.

    1. ibeeeg, we are actually on a state biking trail so the surface is pretty good (I did forget to mention we roller bladed in to a gas station to get water….LOL)

      How did we do it? Well like I told Wendy after we had went 12 miles out on the trail – we have to go back if we like it or not. As far out as you go – you have to return to the trail head – its the only way 😀

  2. Yes, I love communicating any way I can! My oldest son has lived in Europe for many years, and except for a few visits here and there, we’re left to e-mail, Skype, and now “chat” on Facebook!

    1. Laurel – exactly, we do what we have to do to keep the conversations going! I left a message for my oldest on facebook yesterday – it said “Call your mom”. He called me within 5 minutes 🙂

    1. Hannah I have a lot of friends like that. They want to go, yet once they are out on the trail they just have a hard time with it. I think I grew up on rollerskates and transferred right away to blades when they came out otherwise I would probably be in the same boat. (What is with my boat references today?) 🙂

      1. It probably doesn’t help that the first (and only) time I had a pair on they were too big, it was dark, and I was at the top of a huge hill …

        Skates I’m reasonably comfortable with.

  3. I am so impressed with the 24 miles roller blade trip!

    Your sons communication with you made me laugh, a sign of the times we live in and must keep up with 🙂

    1. Jo-Jo it really is…. I laid down a few rules and he was like, “Ummm… I am in college now,” and I was like, “Ummmm… but you are home for the summer.” 🙂

  4. I think it’s great you get in to social media to talk to your kids because 1) it proves you want to stay connected to them and 2) it makes you the cool mom. 😉

  5. Those skates in the picture remind me of the four wheel skates I loved so much as a child. Too bad it was so long between those oldies and the new inline skates or I might have made the switch too. Ah well, I have good memories of my childhood.

    1. I am hoping to take the bike out this afternoon Esme – I am going to try to do the Nisswa round trip (if the weather cooperates). That will be 36 miles which will make me happy.

      Oh and p.s. – an envelope is on its way to you. Thanks you 😀

  6. 24 miles!? Wow, I am very impressed =)
    The only thing I’ve ever done for twenty four miles is driving.
    Thats great your son asked you to lunch, its always wonderful for them to take the time out of their busy/social schedule for you. Always a treat! Hope you have a great lunch!
    I am currently reading “The Forgotten Garden”… so far soooooo good! Its a page turner!!

  7. He is SO clever! I love your text conversations! I wish I was that witty!

    WOW! 24 miles! I went 5 yesterday and was like … “UGH!” So impressed! Sheila you inspire me in every way, blading and reading!

  8. I see glimpses of my future in your present. My son is 16 and already doesn’t call to tell me anything, he texts! I suppose once he goes to college it will be texting and Facebook for me most of the time too!

    1. Kathleen – I even think email for that age group is a thing of the past. If IO send him something by email he doesn’t get it for days because he rarely checks his email.

  9. 24 miles on rollerblades? If you add a zero to that number then that’s probably the amount of times I’d fall over if I tried rollerblading 24 miles! Mind you, it’d be funny to see you try rollerblading 24 miles around here, it’s all hills! 😀

    I hope you enjoy your lunch on Friday… How nice of your son!

  10. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while. I was on vacation and then when I got back I was hospitalized for a cellulitis infection in my left leg. I just got out of the hospital on Friday and I’m still under home healthcare and IV antibiotics…ugh! It has definitely NOT been fun. Anyway, I know you’re glad that your son is “home” in any way, shape or form. I think texting, etc. is the thing these days. I wonder what it will be when my boys reach college age?

    I’m always impressed with your physical prowess! On that note, I know I’ve mentioned my weight loss struggles before. Well, one good thing has come out of my recent illness…I”ve lost 36 pounds! I was shocked. However, with my hospital and doctor bills, it will probably turn out to be the most expensive weight loss plan ever…LOL!

    1. Michelle I am sorry sorry to hear you were in the hospital! It is interesting to think what the next “big communication” thing will be. Or maybe scary? Kids text more than talk now…. its hard to imagine what would be next.

      I am hopeful you are on your way to a full recovery! Take care! 🙂

  11. Hate to admit it, but the last pair of skates I owned were the 4 wheeled model like those in the picture. Still haven’t gone rollerblading. One of these days, maybe. I can’t seem to walk across a parking lot without falling, so skating probably wouldn’t be such a good idea.

  12. Didn’t mean to hit the submit button. Our son lives at home in an apartment he & his Dad built adjacent to the garage. As you say, we see him in passing, sometimes. We don’t text and since the only computer is in our house, that wouldn’t work. He has his privacy and we have a built in house and pet sitter. Technically the 3 dogs are his, but they adore his Dad and mostly stay with us.

    1. Pat, I like the built in pet sitter idea….LOL. Our next outing will be to the cabin and the dogs go with us there. They are small and absolutely LOVE to go on road trips.

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