Morning Meanderings….

*Ouch*  I have been so busy lately I have really let me work out schedule slide.   I knew I hadn’t been to the gym for a while to take my Group Power Class, but did not know until I went in yesterday afternoon (determined to get on track!) that it had been a month to a day since I had been there.

*sheepishly wiggles foot on ground and hangs head*

After an hour of lifting weights I met my friend Wendy out on the bike trail and we biked 18 miles chat chat chatting.  (and no, 18 miles of talking is not a record for me…. ask my poor cousin who I talked to for 150 miles last year during the two-day bike ride…. I don’t think he will ever be the same as we covered pretty much every topic I could think of.) 🙂

On the bookish front –

My super cool friend Heather (who I met at BEA) over at Age 30+ A Lifetime of Books, is hosting along with Nicole from Linus’s Blanket (Nicole is also super cool and I met her at BEA as well!) a read along for The Color Purple.   Would you believe I have never read this book?  I think I seen the movie a long time ago – but I am so excited to join in on this!  The read along is for July so grab yourself a copy and come join in on the fun!  🙂

On July 16 – 18, I am taking part in Kristen’s (Bookworming in the 21st Century) Book Extravaganza!  I am pretty excited.  This event will be a weekend of fun giveaways and I am still working out what exactly I am doing here – but lets just say I have an idea and it has to do with certain “gush worthy” reads…

and…. last but not least, the amazing Trish (also met at BEA) over at Hey Lady!  Watcha Reading? is putting together a discussion on Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, that will take place in later August.  This is another book I have not read but sadly has been on my shelf like FOREVER so I am excited to get the motivation I need to read this!  🙂

That’s more than enough morning chatter for now!  Coffee Cup needs to hit the shelf and I need to hit the road…. hoping later today I can take a bike ride and continue enjoying this wonderful weather!

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….

  1. Hey Sheila! I wanted to pop over and say Hey! I have been so busy with the holiday and all that I have let my visiting slide. So I haven’t forgotten you and I even brought fresh coffee:) I am doing the book extravaganza to but haven’t figured out exactly what I am doing yet. Like you I have been tweaking, tweaking, and more tweaking! Have a fabulous day!!!

  2. I loved The Handmaid’s Tale, so I’m looking forward to that discussion.

    I haven’t read it in awhile, though, so I should probably brush up on it. I don’t know if I still have a copy of it somewhere…Hmm.

    I read The Color Purple from a library copy eons ago, and saw the movie. But that would also need a reread.

    Why, Sheila, are you feeling guilty for no workout class when you do all that biking and rollerblading???

  3. Have a good day. Enjoy your bike ride too. I wouldn’t mind riding a scooter. I think scooters were the rage year or so ago.

  4. My exercising schedule has been thrown out the window while my niece and nephew are visiting. I’m looking forward to getting back on track next week. I’m going to have to check out the Book Extravaganza!

  5. I’d be so out of breath cycling that there is no way I would be able to chat at the same time!!! LOL!! Loved The Color Purple and Handmaid’s Tale scared the poo out of me!

  6. Yay! I see a familiar button up there! I’m excited for the upcoming event and need to get busy preparing! I can’t imagine 150 hours of talking while biking.. wowzers you must be one chatty lady! 😀 Of course maybe if I was biking with a friend I hadn’t seen in 5 years.. maybe.. lol.

    Enjoy The Color Purple! I didn’t read it until I took Women’s Lit in college and it was a fantastic read.

    1. That’s just it Kristen – you get to chatting away and the time just flies 🙂 I seem to never run out of things to talk about – LOL!

      I am going to pick up The Color Purple today 🙂

  7. I saw Trish’s thing about THE HANDMAID’S TALE. I too have had this on my shelf forever. Actually, it may be in a box. If I can find it and have the time, this would be the perfect time to read it.

    The Book Extravaganza sounds like fun. I’ll be looking for details.

    I have not yet read THE COLOR PURPLE and it doesn’t look like it will happen this year.

  8. Those are both super books, I’m glad it will be the movtivation to read them! I just re-read Handmaid’s Tale a couple years ago and it sure sets the bar high.

  9. What is this wonderful weather that you speak of? Its been near 100 here for the last 3 days. Going outside is painful. The air just feels like a suction cup and I’m the poor thing its sticking too! However I have lost about 3 lbs this week, so I’m not complaining. And I finished New Moon. My review will be up later tonight if I don’t melt in my chair!!

  10. I am so glad that you are joining us! Shh…but I haven’t read it either. This will be a first for me, and I am already heartbroken after two pages.

    1. Ooh you are ahead of me Nicole, I went to our local book store to pick it up today but they did not have it in stock. I have to wait a couple days to get started I guess 🙂

  11. So glad you’ll be reading The Handmaid’s Tale with me! I wish I could join the readalong for The Color Purple. That would be fun!

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