Morning Meanderings…

I woke up and stretched about an hour and a half ago.  I looked outside and said, “I shall call you… Tuesday”.

I worked close to 12 hours yesterday so I am probably a little punchy.  🙂  The meeting I have been prepping for was last night and it went off fairly well.  Today – may be a short day at work…

It’s gorgeous out and I already want to play hooky.

Ok… I have Coffee Cup with me so I should be able to focus on this post and not the day developing outside.  I am a bit later posting this morning than I wanted to be but I really wanted to visit all the Monday What Are You Reading posts before I completed this and I just finished now.  WONDERFUL reading going on in the world!

Here are a couple of books I have put on reserve at my library that I discovered yesterday:

Keeping Corner by Kashmira Sheth, I seen this one over at Second Childhood Reviews

I picked up on The Great Deluge (about Hurricane Katrina) over at Nancy’s  2010:  The Year In Books.  I have friends that go at least once a year to Mississippi to help with the repairs (still!) even after now 5 years since this Hurricane hit.

And then…

Over at Alyce’s At Home With Books, author L. Diane Wolfe shares her stories on book signings that blew me away…. but also made me very interested in her YA series…

So that’s what I have been doing the last 24 hours – working and catching up on the reading world.  I am hoping to rollerblade like the wind later today.  Ok, maybe not like the wind…. I am not even sure that the wind rollerblades…. but you know what I mean.  I think.  😉

Off to work I go!

27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Good morning! Have a great day!

    I woke up later today, too…but I was up in the middle of the night reading my book Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House…

    Then I dreamed about finding a house like one the author describes (the major fixer-upper) and it was like a nightmare!

    The downside of reading before sleep!

  2. Wasn’t the book signing post interesting? It was neat to see the author’s perspective.

    And I’m curious about “The Great Deluge.”

    1. Jenners it really was! I know being an author is a lot of work and media but I didn’t think about all the things you can deal with in a book signing. ( Imagine showing up and they do not have your book?)

  3. I visited the At Home With Books author signing post when I dropped by here earlier (but I forgot to come back and comment!). It was an interesting post as I have been to a few book signings myself (and I’m always grateful for the author to take time to do those kind of events).

    Anyway, I’ve just finished ‘Hunted by the others’ by Jess Haines, so now its time to root through my pile of books and see what’s next!

  4. ‘The Great Deluge’ looks pretty interesting enough. You say the repairs are still going on……that really comes as a great surprise to me.But then again, it was a horrible side of mother nature seen at that time.Before ‘Katrina’ hit America however, my city was also brought to a standstill by a deluge. Many people and kids were stranded that day AND THE WATER SNAKES that floated around whole week………I was freaked before I had to go to college every morning. Many people drowned too but, ‘Katrina’ is a totally different story altogether……and far more devastating……with a lot of politics involved……a must read for me !

    By the way….where were you during that period of time Sheila ?

    1. HI Fiza, fall of 2005 I was here in Minnesota.

      I think our area, at least the group of people I know Fiza became involved in fall of 2006 when we met a Pastor from the area, Joe Halloway. When he spoke of how devastated areas of Mississippi still were, a team of people went in spring of 2007. They repaired homes and roofs in very poor areas and went twice in 2008, twice in 2009, and have went once so far this year in February.

      I have never gone, The dates they leave many times are close to the times I am planning to leave for Honduras.

      Fiza the water snakes, ugh – I can picture that. When was the event that took place in your area?

      1. It was the 26th of July 2005….I was 16 years old then and in my first year of college.My mother waded through snake infested chest high water (my mom and I are short so for us, it was neck high) to get back home. My aunt and uncle did not get back home from office for three days and my other aunts home was destroyed…… was a terrible day……oh….and by the grace of God, that day I was at home…..something in me told me not to go to college that morning.

      2. As I said before……it was simply called ‘The Great Deluge 25/7’.It took place because of a cloud burst !!!!!!!! Yeah I know…..we got drainage issues…….well what do you expect form drains built over a hundred years ago to do during a cloud burst ????? I am afraid about us because…..those drains have not been fixed yet properly !!!!!!!!!

  5. These sound like a couple of good books. I have heard of KEEPING CORNER.
    I have been “digging out” in my house. Today I actually finished the bathroom and got up a shower curtain I bought over a year ago for that bathroom. Looks nice. The bedroom is ready for company. I still have boxes that need to be gone through but they are stacked or moved into another room. I have found a program for the schools in Nashville that is putting together books and supplies for classrooms. A DRY READ: NEW BOOKS FOR NASHVILLE is the program. You can find out more at I am going to find out what of the many things I have they can use.

    1. Pat you are busy and inspiring me… I have a few tweeks I could do to my own home but seems like I am always running running running…. I think maybe the first tweeking is going to have to be on me. 🙂

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