The Secrets Of Newberry by Victor McGolthin (GIVEAWAY!)

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For Ivory Bones Arcineaux and Julian Bynote, life in 1950s New Orleans couldn’t be sweeter. Friends since they met in an illegal gambling house in Newberry, Louisiana, they have their pick of all the fine women, good food, and hot nights they can handle. They seem to have it made–especially Julian who begins to make a new life for himself after meeting the beautiful, classy Magnolia Garbo at a social. But both men are about to find out that letting the good times roll can be deadly when a simple robbery goes wrong and Julian witnesses Bones murdering a man in cold blood. The victim was a white city councilman with all the right connections-and if the two are discovered, it will mean the end to everything they’ve built together. With the New Orleans police hot on their trail, Julian must decide whether rolling in the fast lane is worth losing his freedom and his life.

How To Enter this Giveaway

A book set in New Orleans! To enter this giveaway imagine you are going to New Orleans  for a brief stay.  What for you would be a “must do” New Orleans experience?  (You much complete this task to be entered)

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58 thoughts on “The Secrets Of Newberry by Victor McGolthin (GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Funny you should ask this question. My husband and I were discussing this very question just a couple of days ago. As morbid as it may seems. A must see in place in New Orleans for me is the Graveyards. I can not tell you why but I’ve always wanted to see them if I ever get there.

  2. Coffee and beignets and Cafe Du Monde. Yummy beyond belief. Also Jackson Square. Strolling in the French Quarter. Canal Street. I love New Orleans. The best food ever.

  3. Have you read this book, Sheila? I recently won it from another blog giveaway but I haven’t received it yet. I was just wondering what you thought of it….

  4. I would have to go visit a few cemeteries and take a few ghost tours! Then a nice seafood gumbo for lunch!

  5. Must do’s in New Orleans: great seafood, a “hurricane” at Pat O’Brien’s and for sure, a beignet at Cafe Beignet. Lots of walking, lots of people watching and lots of jazz…

  6. I would definitely have to find one of those famous places to listen to jazz. I have a trumpet playing child and I love the school jazz concerts.

  7. If I could go to New Orleans and relive my 25th wedding anniversary, I would be very joyful. My husband and I went to New Orleans The week of February 25th, 1990. Picture this! My husband drove our custom Van through the middle of the French Quarter during Marti Gras with the windows down and people through beads, candy and shouted good wishes to us. We stopped at a restaurant and had the best seafood dinner.Then we went to Biloxi, Miss., and spent the night by the ocean in the van. We also bought a trash can full of ice and brought home 100 pounds of seafood to put in the freezer. One reason these memories are so special are that my husband passed away nine years ago. Thinking about this great time, I would love to read this book about New Orleans.
    I am a subscriber and follower of this blog.
    God Bless you!

  8. Jazz, beignets and wlak around to see the architecture in the French Quarter.


  9. I live an hour north of the Big Easy, and my must sees in the city are a matinee at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre followed by dinner at Landry’s Seafood House (originally out of Lafayette, Louisiana). Then maybe it the misquotes aren’t in full force, a walk along the river. There is always a busker with a horn playing some old favorite.

  10. My must go to places would be the area plantations, the museums and the French Quarter. The cemeteries are worth a visit, too. Of course the food would have to be sampled. An evening or two of jazz would make me happy.

  11. I’ve been to New Orleans, and my favorite thing about our visit was the beignets. I’m not a big fan of chicory coffee though, so for me it’s beignets and milk. 🙂 I also loved the many options for dining – nothing like experiencing regional food.

  12. My must do would be to stay at Hotel Maison de Ville, visit Faulkner House Books and try not to buy too many, and eat.

  13. The first stop would have to be the old cemeteries. And then off to a restaurant for some yummy food.

  14. A must do for me would be an authentic Cajun dinner at one of the finest New Orleans restaurants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. An absolute must do in New Orleans would be to volunteer for a day with Habitant Humanity re: Flood Victims. Met a volunteer recently who just got back after a year, and said there is still much to do, but not much advertising for help.

    After that, I would shop till I dropped, and do the sightseeing thing!

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

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