Morning Meanderings…

1st word of the day, “meh.”

This was said at 4:42 am this morning when my two shih tzus bounded off the bed.  This means, they want to go outside.  Groggy and disoriented I make my way tot he sliding door that allows them to escape to the back deck and to their little fenced in area of the yard.  I then made my way back to bed until 20 minutes later their barks to come in wake me for the second time.

Sometimes… I think I am the pet.

Now at a more decent hour, I enjoy time with Coffee Cup and gaze out the window to what looks like could be an overcast day.  I am inside all day so that’s alright, and after work I need to (MUST) go to my Group Power class, so its nice not to have an outside draw that makes me think of skipping school, or in my case… life.  😀

This afternoon Sarah Pekkanen, author of Opposite of Me will joining me here to chat books and life, and along with that will be a giveaway that I am super excited about, directly from Sarah.
Also – do not forget to pop in at Devourer of Books where Jen is busy with Audiobook week. You can win some cool audios, and learn a little more about the appeal of books on audio as well. 🙂

Have a super fine day (for those of you who follow my work out rants…. I have biked 18 miles this week and rollerbladed 12 miles this week.  Now if I could just quit coming home and having ice cream….. 😉

Books that have recently graced my doorstep:

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Those are intriguing book covers!

    When I still had my cat, she woke me up everyday by walking on my head. There’s no way I could ignore that.

    They do pretty much control us, don’t they? I miss her, despite the fact that I don’t miss the litter box, the morning wake-ups, etc.

    Have a great day!

    1. That’s what keeps me going Laurel. Our oldest, Elmo is 14. he has slowed down considerably and I cant get angry at him knowing I probably don’t have many years left with a dog that has been there through the kids growing up, and was a good companion during a couple tough years after my mom passed.

      In other words – he pretty much gets whatever he wants. 🙂

  2. I heard that Blue Plate Special was really good. I think you’re allowed to have that icecream with all of the exercise you do. My dog has done the same thing to me in the past. If I roll over and seem too aware around 4:30 he thinks that is his cue to go outside!!

      1. Yeah, that makes sense. I think I’ve got some time before I need to start worrying about that; we’re still noticing increases in how long she can wait before she needs to go. 😀

  3. Good morning-I rode about 42 miles over the weekend and another 16 last night before going to listen to T. Solis author of The Lotus Eaters.

    Yes I had a kitty on my head this morning-Last night she jumped onto the kitchen counter-a new and naughty habit and accidentally stepped on the telephone-hitting the speaker button-this was around 11 pm she came running for the safety space under the bed.

  4. The disruption of sleep is one of the main reasons I have no pets. I adore my sleepy time with a passion that verges on obscene. ; )

  5. You haven’t lived until you are startled awake in the wee hours with a bulldog about 4″ from your face. After that I refused to dog-sit with my friend’s bulldog.

    1. They were late Petty…. it is usually 3 am. For some reason 3 am still feels like night time and I am ok with that…. but the 4:42 am feels like way early morning and that one irritates me. Go figure…:)

  6. My pets definitely rule the roost in our house. Jake, our dog, loves nothing better than getting me up around 2 in the morning for the loo!

  7. Hmm…book covers look enticing…I am looking them up right now…the usual book envy…and lots of biking occasional ice cream treat…you are doing fine…

  8. All those miles…you deserve some ice cream girl! Enjoy life! I can’t wait to read Sarah’s interview. I loved her book!

  9. I’m very impressed that you’ve logged all those miles with the weather we’ve been having lately!

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