Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (audio week June 21-25)

15-year-old Scarlett is thrilled that Summer is here!  In New York city, Scarlett lives in their family owned hotel, Hopewell, where everyone is pitching in to help make ends meet. Along with brother Spencer (19) is an out of work actor, sister Lola (18),and little sister Marlene (11), things are bound to be interesting.

A tradition in Scarlett’s family is that when you turn 15, you receive a room in the hotel to call your own and be in full care of it and its occupants.  Scarlett receives the Empire Suite, and along with it, a starlet called Ms. Amberson.  As life is starting to look a little interesting, in enters Eric, a nineteen year old actor who is causing Scarlett to think that maybe.. just maybe, this will turn out to be the best summer of her life.

This is my first experience with Maureen Johnson and I was excited to give this one a listen.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear the youthful voice of narrator Jeannie Stith.  Told in this sweet story sort of way I could imagine listening to this with a young teen girl.

The story line was catching, lite, and fun.  I really liked the characters and enjoyed Scarlett’s adventures.  Ms. Amberson really adds to the adventure as she begins giving Scarlett tasks to do.  This was a young YA (if that makes sense).  Its fun and funny and I listened to this audio straight through, at many times with a big smile on my face.

Book Journey’s had updated the book travel map to include Suite Scarlett

Cover Story:  I really like this cover, it is age appropriate and hold a little mystery to it with the gold key.  There is a second cover I have seen with a girl on the cover with messy blond hair and bright red lipstick,  the girl looks to be 18 or so in age and older than what Scarlett is in this book, causing me to prefer the fun pinkish one pictured here with the key.

I received my copy of this audio from our BBC bags in New York

where Maureen Johnson was the speaker for this event

23 thoughts on “Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (audio week June 21-25)

  1. I just finished listening to this one over the weekend and agree, it was really a fun story. Jennie Stith annoyed me a little at the beginning because she was SO upbeat, but once I got used to her I realized she was perfect for the story.

    1. Jen when it started I thought the voices seemed younger than I was thinking…. I guess I was thinking 17, 18 year old teens. It worked though and it was fun.

    1. Robby I really want to read the one about the Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. I had it checked out from the library but had to return it before I had time to read it.

  2. Reading all the posts about her talk at BBC is the first thing that made me interested in reading her work. The cover is, admittedly, great, though.

    1. Hannah, I had seen her books around but hearing her at BBC made me really want to see what type of a writer she was. She was a laugh a minute and never missed a beat!

  3. I was not a fan of this one. Too many people lying and getting good things because of it. That is not a message I like to see portrayed in teen lit.

    1. Good point Amanda, this was a much younger YA then I thought it would be. Have you read anything else of Maureen’s? I am curious about the Little Blue Envelopes one.

  4. This sounds like it would be one that would be fun to listen to. Some books are better listened to than read, and this sounds like one of them. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book, just that the performance is good and brings something extra to the story.
    I like this cover.

  5. This sounds like one to check out from the library for my Not-So-Bebe Girl. I’m trying to stretch her genre preferences, although she DOES like YA, just fantasy YA like Graceling and The Mortal Instruments series. I bought her “Princess for Hire” and she says it’s pretty good, so maybe she’ll start looking at books like these more.

  6. I have seen a number of reviews for these books and they look and sound like so much fun! Definitely interested in picking them up and giving them a read.

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