Morning Meanderings…

Happy Sunday!  Looks like today going to be a good day – sunny and warm here in Minnesota – even at 7 am!  Al and I went out and had dinner last night to celebrate father’s day early.  Today I need to tear down from our serving week for the homeless, which means I will spent many hours today at Giant Wash, washing all the bedding and then putting it away for our next serving dates in September.

On the upside… I am taking Laptop, Coffee Cup, and a book….

Speaking of books….  I think at least for the summer I will add books that have come in to my morning meandering posts.  I just don’t have the time to create the long one I usually do for In My Mailbox this time of year.  I will just put a few on as they come in daily, if there are any.

I really want to keep my focus on the reviews, the pondering moment book discussions, meanderings, and of course the Monday, What Are You Reading.    On that note…. here is a little of what I seen come in this week:

Ehhhhhh?  I know, right?  The sequel to The Farfield Curse.  Woo Hoo – thank you Sourcebooks!

FSB and Associates sent this one over… it is supposed to be written in a Janet Evanovich style, so a funny, mystery.

I recently read Kris Radish for book club, and would like to see how this book is.

Later I need to – I have to put a review up….  I must catch up on these!  🙂  Hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day everyone!

23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. I spent some time yesterday working on reviews — I got 3 written and scheduled and got started on a 4th. I felt so accomplished! That’s definitely the most reviews I’ve ever done in one day.

    1. Hannah – they can be a lot of work! I think I spent two hours on the Before I Fall review. Good for you on accomplishing so many! I need to do a few more too.

      1. Yeah, it feels like a great amount done until I glance at the pile that still needs to be reviewed. 🙂 And I agree, sometimes they take a long time.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you think of Shoulder Bags and Shootings, as I loved the early Stephanie Plum books!

    Hope the tear down goes smoothly! Happy Father’s Day to Al!

    1. Thanks Terri – tear down took me until 3 pm but for the most part went smooth. The laundromat experience – well that is probably going to be morning meandering conversation. 🙂

  3. I have never heard of these-Hearts on a string looks like it should be fun-Happy F. Day to Al and hopefully you will not spend the entire day working.

    1. Done at 3 Esme then picked up steaks and baked potatoes for dinner. Beautiful day out and I am hoping to spend the rest of in on the deck in the sun!

  4. Good morning!

    Big fan of Evanovich, so looking forward to your review of Shoulderbags and Shootings.

    While I am a fan of Kaleb’s, I felt Fairfield Curse was a way too much like Harry Potter for me, so I’m passing on the 2nd installment. Again, I’m looking forward to your review.

  5. Some interesting books. The kids will be coming over for dinner. My DH has been up cooking ribs all morning. The finished earlier than he thought. We had some of them for breakfast. They are good. Unfortunately our son has to work. We gave him ribs for breakfast so he didn’t miss out.
    I’ll have to check out the children’s book.

  6. Shoulder Bags and Shootings looks fascinating!

    I like the idea of sharing snippets about the books in your meanderings.

    They stand out more that way, I’m thinking.

  7. All of those look awesome. I’m glad I’ve got a b-day coming up…maybe I can get my wishlist down by a few books and maybe even read them. If only I could get through that box of books from the basement. Old series romances really don’t stand the test of time. I

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