Deadly Deals by Fern Michaels (audio)

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Rated in the top 10 best coffee houses in Washington DC, I want to mention Ebenezers Coffeehouse because it has a great story and is part of Mark ‘ Church.  Mark Batterson is also an author and I have enjoyed his books.


Cover story:  I like it a lot.  It however gave me a more layed back feeling to the book and that was no the case at all.  Overall I don’t think the cover is a good fit for the story.

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As this audio, opens we are introduced to Rachel Dawson.  Rachel is a woman at the end of her rope and she enters a law office and sadly spills her case of adopting twins and having the birth mother change her mind after several months and take them back.  Rachel along with her husband Tom are heart-broken and have no money left to do battle in a court system as all their saving went to the adoption.  None of which had been returned.

As attorney Lizzie Fox hears Rachel’s story as well as the name of the lawyer involved in the adoption, Baron Bell…. a fire is lit with her soul.  As the story progresses, it is soon uncovered that this is not an isolated incident but several couples who had worked out adoptions through Bell had the children taken back and no money returned.  Lizzie Fox knows exactly who to assist her in the case and as she connects with the Sisterhood we are off and running through a quick and fun mystery.

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I picked up this audio in Florida at Wal-mart.  I was loving the cover and loving the story line.  What I did not find anywhere on this audio was anything saying that this was part of a series, and having never read Fern Michael before I had no idea that this was part of a large Sisterhood series and this was book #16.

In some books, I can say that you do not need to read the previous books to fall into what is happening but in this case that is not true.  I struggled listening to the audio, and while the story line was very good, I could not fully grasp who the Sisterhood was, why one of the ladies speaks to her daughter who has died…. or how this group of seven women known as the Vigilantes came to be…

As I worked my through these cds I again have to say the story line is very good and I felt if I only know the background of what was happening I would probably enjoy what was happening more.  At times parts of this book seemed far-fetched (there is a little tar and feathers scene that is a bit out there) and there is quite a bit of language towards the end of the audio that I didn’t like.

Overall it would be unfair of me to judge Fern Michael by this particular read.  I would read her again and be sure when I do that the book I choose is one that is not a series and stands on its own.

I purchased this audio at Wal-Mart in Pensacola Florida

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7 Comments on “Deadly Deals by Fern Michaels (audio)

  1. I have actually read quite a few of the sisterhood stories but stopped after book 9 which I thought was the end. I didn’t realize the books continued. The first book deals with the lady that is talking to her dead daughter. At least 95% of the books IMO have stuff that is far fetched. The series over all is good if you take it for what it is worth. My favorite Micheals series was the Texas one. I read those when I was in my late teens. My mom had bought me the whole set and they got ruined due to flooding. I was never able to replace them:( If you have not read that one I would recommend it because it is good:) IMO, lol.

    • Thanks Bobbie – when I looked on line today about more on the Sisterhood series I found on Fern Michaels website a little info on each of the 9 sisters with pictures of what they should look like. They all were beyond beautiful of different ages and had bios like “the best lawyer in the world” or “the richest woman with 10 states”…. yeah – maybe a bit too far fetched for me in this case. 🙂

      Thanks for another recommendation – I have not read her before this so will try another direction. 🙂

  2. I’ve read several Fern Michaels books, but not the sisterhood stories.

    My favorites, like the previous commenter mentioned, is the trilogy about the two warring Texas families…these were wonderful. The stand-alones are good, too.

  3. I have enjoyed Fern Michaels books. I too picked up a Sisterhood book from the middle of the series. It wasn’t as far into the series as this one, so a bit easier to figure things out. One day I plan start from the beginning of the series. There are some good characters and stories here. I will say I like the premise of the Sisterhood. I don’t approve of vigilantes but there are times when the bad guys win and they ladies find a way for justice to be served.
    She writes a nice variety of books, from straight romance to suspense. Her Christmas books are good, but start at the beginning. They follow a family and the triplet siblings. Again the individual story will be good, but it will be better if you know the background.

    • Hi Pat – I prefer suspense and I will certainly give her another try. I just seen at the Library today that she has a new book out.

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