Morning Meanderings…

Good morning everyone!  I am up and ready to leave the house soon for leadership training this morning.  Starting out my day today with Coffee Cup and a bowl of pomegranate oatmeal which is hitting the spot this gloomy Minnesota morning.

Yesterday afternoon I came home to grab a few things for the post office as well as a book I forgot to return to the library.  I was only going to be home a few minutes but as I started prepping everything, one thing lead to another – I swept the kitchen, then mopped…. then dried and folded laundry… caught up on emails…. twittered…. and alas figured I could return the library book today and picked up Titanic 2012 and started reading.

I read until I fell asleep.

When my husband came home from the office and I was prepping for our dinner and movie plans, he asked me where I was going.  “I am not going anywhere until we go out, why?”

He them informed me that the Jeep was running.

I forgot that when I came home – HOURS before…. that I was only going to run in the house and grab the book and the mailing and go again.  I never shut the Jeep off.  It had been running for 4 1/2 hours.

Seriously – I have never done that before.  Getting into it for dinner it was like sitting in a sauna as I had the heat cranked up due to the rainy cooler weather.

Anyway – moving on.  Today is May 1!  That means that I have comment winners for April, as each month, I keep track of all comments on non giveaway posts.  As a thank you to my readers, and a little encouragement to not just read but also to share your thoughts (I do love reading them!) I use Random.Org at the end of each month to:

1.  Give a $20 Gift Certificate to the reader who comments the most throughout the month

2.  I choose two readers/commenters using Random.Org to choose a book out of the prize box (these books are some of my gently used reads that I have either reviewed or picked up at sales when I found them in really good condition.

Here are this months winners:

The two winners are out of 1057 non giveaway comments:

#459  Lisa (Lit and Life)

# 357 Esme (Chocolates and Croissants)

Congratulations – please choose out of the prize box and then email me at to let me know what you picked and your address!

My Top Commenter for the month of April is:

and this was close between three commenters…

Library Pat

Pat I will email you your gift card for Amazon later today!

I have to run or I will be late for the meeting!  Have a great day everyone!  The new comment contest starts today and I will be back later with a review!

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Thank you so much. I enjoy following our posts. I know there will always be something interesting here.

    4 1/2 hours? You are lucky you still have a Jeep. There are a lot of places where someone would have taken the invitation and driven off with it. It is a good thing there was enough gas to go somewhere.

    1. Pat I live in the country and have a long driveway and it was in the garage with the garage door open (thank goodness) I think it was pretty safe…. LOL

      I do believe I probably wasted half a tank. My husband the saint that he is did not even harass me about it…. not one joke…. 😀

    1. Seriously Laurel it was like driving a sauna….. even with the window down it took forever to get the hot air out of it….. (feel free to comment on the “hot air” I realize I left myself open here)… 😀

  2. Don’t feel bad about your jeep Sheila. I once got out of my car, locked it, and started to walk away before realizing it was still running! Luckily, I had an unlocked hatchback so my DH crawled in to unlock the door for me. Happened many years ago, but he still brings it up every now and again! *L*

    Congrats to all the winners!

  3. I love it leaving the car running-that is the sort of thing I would do. Thanks for the prize-except where is the prize box?

  4. Congrats to the winners! 🙂 That stinks about the Jeep being left running. I’ve made just about every car-related mistake in the book. I even locked my keys in the car with a 3-year-old inside! But I haven’t forgotten to shut off a car. Yet.

  5. Ok…I am really sorry that your car was running but this makes me feel a little bit better about my own mental health…thank you for starting the first day in May with a smile…and so much for multitasking…

  6. Ha ha ha ha! I had to show Jeff this post to prove I’m not the only one that does things like this. I did that with my jeep at the old store one day. My chocolates were one melted mess when I got back in!

  7. Congrats to all the winners:) Yay! Sheila you gave me a real chuckle about the Jeep:) I haven’t done anything like that but you know what it does sound like something I would do. See I knew there was a reason we were bloggy friends:)

  8. Oh my goodness!!! This post had my rolling!!! Thank you so much for the laugh!!!

    Funny thing is . . . this is not the first time I’ve heard of this happening!! A college friend of mine left his truck running all night in the dormitory parking lot one time! He totally forgot all about it and he was completely sober!! Now, I’m just waiting to pull something like this myself because that would totally be like me!! 🙂

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