12 x 12 Reading Challenge

Oh, bad challenge host….bad!!!  I totally forgot this was my month to host this challenge so I am two days late getting this post up and I apologize…..  thank you to klibrary on twitter who gently reminded this spacey blogger…. :O

The idea behind this 12 by 12 Reading Challenge came from two bloggers, Pizza’s Book Discussion in 2009 and FOMA’s National Just Read More Novel’s Month 2010. There will be twelve book bloggers, each hosting their own Just Read More Novel’s Month throughout 2010.

Participants can join in one, two, or all twelve of these separate reading challenges. Each month starts a brand new reading challenge. And the goal? To simply read more novels. Each of us will follow the guidelines set for January’s NaJuReMoNoMo.

The rules are whatever you want to make of them, but here are the guidelines the creator of NaJuReMoNoMo goes by:

1. Must Be A Novel. Works of fiction only, please. Memoirs, non-fiction, how-to books, and Garfield collections don’t count.

2. Memoirs Aren’t Novels. No matter how made up the story, anything ostensibly true isn’t a novel. Also known as The James Frey Rule.

3. Start and Finish in February.

4. Re-reading Doesn’t Count. Try something new. Read something by your favorite author or try an entirely new author or tackle that novel you have always wanted to read.

5. Have Fun. Nobody is grading you or paying you or judging you. Read what you like and like what you read.

Some of you had questions about the rules/guidelines. The rules are whatever you want to make of them.

If you can’t participate in this one, maybe you can in the one or more of the months ahead. Below is a list of book blogs and the month each will be host to.

J. Kaye’s Book Blog hosted February.
Alaine – Queen of Happy Endings hosted March.
One Person’s Journey Through a World of Books is hosting April.
Page Turners is hosting May.
Misfit Salon is hosting June.
Good Books & Wine is hosting July.
Bookworming in the 21st Century is hosting August.
Bibliofreak is hosting September.
Book Crazy is hosting October.
Teens Read & Write is hosting November.
My Life in not so many Words is hosting December.

For book bloggers who would like to participate, create a post for your challenge. Feel free to use the button or make your own. Please link back to this post using McKLinky so that others can find their way here.

For non-bloggers, keep a list of novels you read in April and post that list during the wrap-up post at the end of the month.

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26 thoughts on “12 x 12 Reading Challenge

  1. I’m joining in and I am klibrary on twitter. I linked up first and proceeded to forget to put my name on the link. I’m a high school librarian and I write a blog with book reviews and research tips for my students. My title should read April 12×12 Reading Challenge/ Karen@GHHS

  2. Hey!
    I am doing this month again. I failed miserably last month but I am going to do the same challenge. Read 5 books by 5 different authors:) My poor TBR pile is just getting bigger.

  3. I’m just beginning my blog and I’m going to make the April challenge my first! I’m still trying to figure out a lot of things and I’m not quite sure about how to use McLinky yet – but here is to my first book challenge!

    1. Lydia I find that just EXCITING! 🙂 Email me if you have any questions on the McKlinky. Basically you create your post and make it live on your blog. Then take the web address from the post and come her to McKLinky and put your Website in the top line and the link to your post in the second.

      I cant wait to see what you come up with 🙂

      Oh and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

  4. I’m joining. Actually this should be a very easy challenge since I read mostly novels. Coming right off of the April Read-a-Thon, my blog has lots of new entries, and if you read back before 10 April, you’ll see that it was practically stagnant from November 2009 until now. A public challenge will be a good way to motivate myself to post more frequently.

    1. I agree Elsi. Staying active with your blog is sometimes a challenge but networking and involving yourself in challenges (even for yourself) are very beneficial! ;D

  5. Well since I just came back from the library with a stack full of books, this challenge will be great! Plus, I’m fresh off the read-a-thon, with a desire to post more frequently! Before the read-a-thon, my blog was basically silent. Thanks for hosting this challenge in April. Ready to read!

    I’ll be back to link up after I write my post!

  6. I just updated my blog with a “challenge met” post. My personal challenge was to read 12 novels in April. For the past two years, I’ve averaged 11.5 books per month, so a goal of 12 novels wasn’t a particularly big stretch. I think maybe this month’s Read-a-Thon made it a lot easier to meet my challenge before the end of the month. Go check out the books that I’ve read — so far — at http://reading.elsi123.net/2010/04/challenge-progress.html

  7. Lol, I think I’ve actually managed to check out more books from the library than time would allow for me to read them all! If I could only go without sleep!

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