Morning Meanderings and March Recap (winners)

Good morning all.  Super gloomy weather wise here today.  I was planning to hit the gym this morning but looking out the window zapped me of all energy.  That ever happen to you?

So instead…  I have a review of The Fiddlers Gun to write today and hopefully have some time to get deep into a couple other books if not finish one.  I think I will hang around the house most of the day catching up on laundry, and a few other tasks that need to be done.

I thought that I would use todays meandering to also recap last month and the winners for March.  So here we go:

Last month I had 15,894 visitors.  A record month here!

There were 1,145 comments here – not counting my comments (of course) or giveaway post comments

Top posts for the month of March were:

  1. The It’s Monday What Are You Reading Posts

  2. Oh Snap!  Guess What I got?

  3. What’s In A Name?

  4. SPOILER ALERT PAGE:  Lightning Thief Book vs. Lightning Thief movie

The 4 random winners from the march drawing are:

#96  Stephanie N

#791 L Hartness

# 804 Bermuda Onion

#860 Esme

These four winners get to choose an item out of the Gift Box! Email me your choice along with your address (USA/Canada only please) and I will get your gift in the mail to you!  🙂

And the top commenter for March 2010, and winner of the $20 Amazon Gift Card is:

Wordlily !!!

Congratulations everyone!

Along with our usual $20 gift card to top commenter and random winners – be sure to take a look at the April Challenge!

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings and March Recap (winners)

  1. Very cool! BTW, what did you decide about your blog name? You did get some interesting and varied responses to that What’s in a Name post.

    Did you ever find out what’s going on with the Blogoversary buttons?

    I tried putting it in different search engines in the form of questions, but nothing…

    Maybe whoever was in charge of that site decided to just “hang it up.”

    1. Great question Laurel. I really appreciated the advice people gave. I do not want to lose the name recognition but liked the idea of a shorter name like Book Journey and them the sub title being One Persons Journey Through A World of Books.

      I am also looking into the domain name too…. but do not want to screw up any links to me and not sure if that will do that or now.

    2. Whoops – didn’t answer the second part about the Blogoversary button. I did not find out anything. I went in and reset mine and it didn’t work. I inquired about it on Twitter but no one knew but they did say they were also having troubles with it.

      I think I will look to see if there are other buttons out there. Mine comes up June 9 and I would love for it to read accurately. 🙂

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