The Fiddlers Gun by A.S. Peterson

America is on the brink of war with England, and Fin Button is about to come undone. She’s had it with the dull life of the orphanage, and she’s ready to marry Peter and get away from rules, chores, and a life looked after by the ever-watchful Sister Hilde. But an unexpected friendship forms between Fin and the fiddle-playing cook, Bartimaeus, which sets her on a course for revolution.

With Bart’s beloved fiddle and haunting blunderbuss as her only possessions, Fin discovers her first taste of freedom as a sailor aboard the Rattlesnake. She’s hiding some dark secrets, but there are bigger problems for the crew—they are on the run from the Royal Navy, and whispers of mutiny are turning the captain into a tyrant.

When Fin finally returns home, will she find Peter still waiting, or will she find that she’s lost everything she once held dear?

I have been a long time fan of The Rabbit Room.  I love everything it stands for, and the people who frequent it with delightful posts and quirky down to earth comments…. it is a luxury for me to lurk there… occasionally coming out of the shadows to post a comment on something I feel passionate about.

Who knew that passionate comment would be about a book…. a book called The Fiddler’s Gun?  Certainly not me.

When I initially read about The Fiddler’s Gun in a little post at The Rabbit Room something about the book called to me.  The title…. holds mystery.  What could the Fiddler’s Gun be?  Who is the Fiddler?

So my adventure began.  I entered totally unprepared for what I would find within the pages of this book.  If I should have brought a weapon (and in hindsight perhaps I should have) after all, was I not entering into a war?

And with that – I leaped into the book and met an unlikely lady, Fin, who was more tom boy than girl…. more so just one of the guys and liked it that way at the orphanage she called home.  Usually clad in dirty clothes with a dirty face and hair – I instantly took a liking to her… she reminded me of the tomboy I was growing up.  “Go Team Fin!”

Phineas Button is her full name and she is the 13th female born in a family where her father really really wanted a boy.  This is how we find Fin within a few pages of this read at the orphanage.  You can imagine what a chip this girl carries on her shoulders.

Along with Fin, entered her sidekick in all things prankish, Peter, a beloved friend and confidant Bartimaeus who hold secrets that reach beyond the pages of this book, and a couple of Nun Sisters who try as they may could not mold Fin into who they felt she should be.   And within this motley crew of character…. a story blooms…

I don’t want to give too much away so I am just going to tell you there is a lot of action, fantastic and well developed characters, pirates, and…. oops… I have said to much 😉

Written is an adventurous way, this book wove its way into my heart with a little bit of laughter along the way, and in the end, even a few tears.  I look forward with eager anticipation to the conclusion of this story and answering the questions I am so eager for answers to, in The Fiddler’s Green.

You can purchase your copy of this book here at The Rabbit Room

The Fiddler’s Gun is available to book clubs with some special bonuses. There’s a study guide for download on the website, each book club gets bookmarks specially printed with the name of the club, as well as free digital copies of the companion book The Fiddler’s Gun: Letters which is a compilation of letters, log entries, and other interesting items telling of further adventures of Fin and her crew during the storyline of the main book, there is also a special link where book club members can purchase the book for $4 off the cover price, or to save on shipping, clubs can order in bulk.


I received my copy for review from the author

12 x 12 Reading Challenge

Oh, bad challenge host….bad!!!  I totally forgot this was my month to host this challenge so I am two days late getting this post up and I apologize…..  thank you to klibrary on twitter who gently reminded this spacey blogger…. :O

The idea behind this 12 by 12 Reading Challenge came from two bloggers, Pizza’s Book Discussion in 2009 and FOMA’s National Just Read More Novel’s Month 2010. There will be twelve book bloggers, each hosting their own Just Read More Novel’s Month throughout 2010.

Participants can join in one, two, or all twelve of these separate reading challenges. Each month starts a brand new reading challenge. And the goal? To simply read more novels. Each of us will follow the guidelines set for January’s NaJuReMoNoMo.

The rules are whatever you want to make of them, but here are the guidelines the creator of NaJuReMoNoMo goes by:

1. Must Be A Novel. Works of fiction only, please. Memoirs, non-fiction, how-to books, and Garfield collections don’t count.

2. Memoirs Aren’t Novels. No matter how made up the story, anything ostensibly true isn’t a novel. Also known as The James Frey Rule.

3. Start and Finish in February.

4. Re-reading Doesn’t Count. Try something new. Read something by your favorite author or try an entirely new author or tackle that novel you have always wanted to read.

5. Have Fun. Nobody is grading you or paying you or judging you. Read what you like and like what you read.

Some of you had questions about the rules/guidelines. The rules are whatever you want to make of them.

If you can’t participate in this one, maybe you can in the one or more of the months ahead. Below is a list of book blogs and the month each will be host to.

J. Kaye’s Book Blog hosted February.
Alaine – Queen of Happy Endings hosted March.
One Person’s Journey Through a World of Books is hosting April.
Page Turners is hosting May.
Misfit Salon is hosting June.
Good Books & Wine is hosting July.
Bookworming in the 21st Century is hosting August.
Bibliofreak is hosting September.
Book Crazy is hosting October.
Teens Read & Write is hosting November.
My Life in not so many Words is hosting December.

For book bloggers who would like to participate, create a post for your challenge. Feel free to use the button or make your own. Please link back to this post using McKLinky so that others can find their way here.

For non-bloggers, keep a list of novels you read in April and post that list during the wrap-up post at the end of the month.

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Morning Meanderings and March Recap (winners)

Good morning all.  Super gloomy weather wise here today.  I was planning to hit the gym this morning but looking out the window zapped me of all energy.  That ever happen to you?

So instead…  I have a review of The Fiddlers Gun to write today and hopefully have some time to get deep into a couple other books if not finish one.  I think I will hang around the house most of the day catching up on laundry, and a few other tasks that need to be done.

I thought that I would use todays meandering to also recap last month and the winners for March.  So here we go:

Last month I had 15,894 visitors.  A record month here!

There were 1,145 comments here – not counting my comments (of course) or giveaway post comments

Top posts for the month of March were:

  1. The It’s Monday What Are You Reading Posts

  2. Oh Snap!  Guess What I got?

  3. What’s In A Name?

  4. SPOILER ALERT PAGE:  Lightning Thief Book vs. Lightning Thief movie

The 4 random winners from the march drawing are:

#96  Stephanie N

#791 L Hartness

# 804 Bermuda Onion

#860 Esme

These four winners get to choose an item out of the Gift Box! Email me your choice along with your address (USA/Canada only please) and I will get your gift in the mail to you!  🙂

And the top commenter for March 2010, and winner of the $20 Amazon Gift Card is:

Wordlily !!!

Congratulations everyone!

Along with our usual $20 gift card to top commenter and random winners – be sure to take a look at the April Challenge!