Morning Meanderings…

Good morning all.  Coffee Cup says good morning too.  I have had a wonderfully relaxing morning so far.  I got up early and made a pot of coffee, had oatmeal and enjoyed reading a good book in a quiet house.

So what am I reading?

The Lightning Thief is the book of the day.  I am going to see if Chance (Kinship Partner) is able to go to the movie with me this afternoon.  While the book so far is seeming to be written for a younger reader than I had anticipated, it is growing on me.

Looks good?  I think so!  I am off now to do my Group Power class and then a little tread mill/elliptical time with my friend Jennifer.  Then home and back to the book!

Any good movies coming up that you want to see?

34 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. My granddaughter wants to see the Percy Jackson movie, but we won’t have time this weekend. It’s her birthday weekend, and her social calendar is crammed full! She’s granting me this “brief” but special time.

    Yesterday she and I went to Barnes & Noble and she picked out a book. We then went to dinner, followed by an evening of DVDs.

    Now she’s getting ready for the day. I hope she’ll let me take some photos, which I can then post online.

    Enjoy your quiet time!

  2. alright, you motivated me. I went for a 30 minute fast walk this morning, even managing some of it along the beach. Very nice. I’ve convinced myself to do this whenever my daughter is with her dad. It’s a start.

  3. I read Shutter Island in 2009, and watched the movie last friday. I thought it was a really good movie adaptation! I recommend it.
    I also can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland!

    1. I want to see that one Jillian! I remember I got the book through swaptree and when it came I looked at the cover and thought it was a mistake…. why would I read something like that?

      I read it and loved it – that book made me a Dennis LeHane fan!

  4. Will be taking my 11 year old grandsons to the movie. Enjoyed the book and plan on reading the series. Will probably buy them. One grandson is dyslexic and takes a long time to work his way through a book. He doesn’t need the pressure of a library book being due hanging over him.

    1. The character in the book has dyslexia as well Pat. I like that you are giving him the gift of books and the opportunity to complete them at his pace. 🙂

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