Time To Have Some Olympic Size Winners!

The Olympics have me in a winning mood!  Let’s do some giveaways!

Three Winners for The Little Giant of Aberdeen County:

My question was what would the plot be in a book if you wrote it?


“I once thought about writing a book about the inner workings of a small town”


“How ’bout Bloggers Gone Wild. It would be set at the BEA in New York”

Janet F

“I would write a crazy mystery. I think the plot would be about a search for something that was hidden many years ago”.

A Black Tie Affair winners are:

My question was what is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Caitie F

“My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band/engagement ring” .

Benita G

“My favorite pieces of jewelery are a ring and pendant that my dad bought for my mom before I was even born. Later in life it was passed on to me. I love both pieces”.


“My favorite piece of jewelery has got to be my engagement ring”.

The winners of When Will There Be Good News:

The question was what would your super cool detective name be?


Freddy Findit


Savvy Dick

Jaime Payne

Trixie McCloud

and last but not least – the signed copy of Nefertiti by Michelle Moran goes to:

Julie H

Congratulations!  All winners were selected using Random.org and have been notified by email.

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