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Day 2 in Florida!  There is only an hour difference between Minnesota and Florida but I believe I am still on it.  🙂  According to “Florida”  I slept until 9 am today!  9 am!  LOL

Here is my funny story.  At home, when my coffee gets cold in my Coffee Cup, I dump the coffee into a near by plant and get a new hot cup of coffee.  I had learned a long time ago from a friend I used to work with  that the coffee provides nutrients for plants.  My plants at home are greener than green so who am I to argue? I do this all the time – I never throw old coffee down the drain.

HOWEVER – when you are a guest in someones home and late at night you take your cold coffee and feed the fake plant with it…..  not so cool.  😉  I am just saying…. LOL

Today we will venture out together and go exploring.  I am excited… I hope to find a local book store….. maybe just to browse…. but maybe to buy.  I will be taking a book along with me of course for the road trip… planning to have a review up later today!

Where we are staying in Florida

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  1. Nice house! And nice move with the coffee, too! Have fun today. Hope you find some gems while shopping.

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

  2. Oh, that’s TOO funny! Sounds like something I might do.

    Nice house. Enjoy the shopping, and I am so sure you’ll find a book to buy!

    • LOL Laurel…. yeah, whats funny is I had stopped myself a couple times earlier in the day from doing that very thing…. in my defense, the plants do look real!

  3. Maybe I will start taking the grounds and throwing them in the garden. Have fun exploring.

  4. LOL! Must have been an extra nice fake plant to fool you–that’s too funny! Have a fun day exploring. Sounds like fun!

  5. Nice house to stay in! I hope you find a nice local bookstore

  6. You gave coffee to a fake plant? Too funny! But I am going to have to start feeding my cold coffee to my real plants. Wonder if they also like cream and sugar?

  7. Ohhhh how I envy you!! Looks like a beautiful place. Well have fun and I had a good chuckle over the coffee thing. 🙂

  8. LOL well at least you tried being nice and feeding his plants some extra nutrients heh. That’s funny =)

  9. And I thought I was the only one who used to feed plants cold coffee. I always did this at the office.

    Have fun exploring Sheila.

  10. Have never heard of feeding cold coffee to plants, so will keep that in mind. I don’t drink coffee, but hubby does. Too funny about feeding the fake plant by mistake!

    Good luck on your field trip! Hope you find some cool goodies as well as a local bookstore. I love exploring bookstores and supermarkets while on vacation. What can I say, I’m easily amused! 🙂

  11. It looks like a lovely house you are staying. Have a great day exploring and I hope you find your book shop.

  12. Every time we go Florida to visit family, I go with a tub of books and come home with a couple more boxes, at least. I can’t seem to go on a trip without coming home with several more boxes of books. We hit book stores, thrift stores, and friends and family always have a stack of books for me. When we visit new places, my souvenirs are usually books on the area and its history.

  13. What a great laugh!

  14. I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve been known to smell fake flowers.

  15. Hope you’re having fun in sunny Florida. Enjoy!

  16. Hehehe… yes, those fake plants are generally not in need of a good, albeit cold, cup of joe, eh?

    The place you’re staying looks very nice, btw. So are you going to the auctions with hubs today (Sunday)?

    • LOL koolaid mom! I am not doing auctions on Sunday – we ran around all day on Saturday and I wanted to stay back today. Tomorrow I will venture out with him.

  17. I just learned something new today! I never knew coffee was good for plants. I will have to start doing that! Thank you for sharing that tidbit.

    I have been wanting to tell you as well, I really like the little picture on the top of the right column here. I just love that! Its fantasy and bookish.

    Hope you have fun out and about!

    • Melissa it works – I have done it for years now and coffee never goes to waste in my house or in my office. Thanks about the pic – I made that meme during the last Bloggiesta – I thought it went well with the new blog colors 🙂

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