Faith n’ Fiction Saturday

Faith n’ Fiction is a weekly meme hosted by My Friend Amy.  Today the question on the table is:

Why read?

I am currently on vacation and I was talking to my Cousin In Law (my cousin’s wife) yesterday on the phone.  She asked me how many books I brought with me and when I said 11 she almost choked.  “I don’t think I read 11 books in a year!” she said.

For me reading started a young age.  My sister and I were 7 years apart so reading was my “friend” and “companion.”  In my later youth years when tragedy struck – books became a source of safety. I could escape in a book.  Now these may not sound like the best reasons to read – but that is how it all began…

As I grew older I never lost the passion to read and always have a book with me.  Through books I have traveled to places I can only hope to some day see.  I have learned about people of interest in memoirs, and learned not only through non fiction – but in fiction books as well.  (In fact I challenge our book club each month to learn something new in every fiction book they read).

There are books to match every mood I am in and taking them in is like making new friends.  I even learn more about me.  I love going somewhere new and when my husband I travel I love to point something out and say “Wow – I have read about that!”

Why do you read?  If you would like to write a post about this today – be sure to link to the Faith n’ Fiction post over at My Friend Amy’s!

14 thoughts on “Faith n’ Fiction Saturday

  1. Thats exactly how I feel! I don’t get to travel so books are the only way for me to “see” the world and to learn new things. There are people who look at my bookshelf and think I’m nuts, hahahaa. I don’t care, I love books!!

    1. Natalie I think people with a lot of books in their home are intelligent. Of course I may be bias….LOL Seriously though – readers know things and usually have brilliant imaginations.

  2. Hi, I have always liked reading, but starting reading more after I had a stroke. Not only is it a great escape mechanism, it is a very inexpensive form of entertainment and for me it helps to challenge and strengthen my cognitive functions.

  3. I did not know you had a sister. I have loved books since I was a child-thanks to my mother-who did not read for herself. Friends of my parents had shelves and shelves of books in their basement and let us pick some. I remember being sick with the mumps and picking books of my bookshelf when I was about 10 and discovering Enid Blyton-and then sought out all her books. On Saturdays when my parents went grocery shopping they would drop us off at the library. I probably read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books at the grocery store.

    While my husband buys me the best presents always-I gave him a challenge for Valentine’s Day-he has to buy me a book without any input from me.

  4. I started reading early on for companionship – I was the oldest of 6 and odd man out. I lived at the library every Saturday, usually in the science section. I love travel books. I started with mysteries, then discovered historical fiction and finally romance. I read to learn as well as for entertainment. I have learned more about history from the novels I’ve read than I did in school. I read about places before I go and research the history of people and places. Even straight fiction has been fun if it takes place somewhere I’ve been. It is nice to be able to know where they are and what the place is like.

    1. Great thoughts here Pat. I gave a set of Christian Fiction books to my Pastor once – A Skeleton In Gods Closet and More Than A Skeleton by Paul Mayer. After he read them he said he picked up on facts in these books that had never been addressed in his years of seminary. Yes – you can learn from fiction. 🙂

  5. Interesting question. I remember checking out books from the school library starting in grade school. My father was a big reader, so maybe I picked up the habit from him?

    I know that I’ve always loved reading. Like you, reading takes me away, is a trusted friend, and a source of joy. I love going on adventures and experiencing new places through books. Love the thrill of actually visiting places I’ve read about.

    1. Oh me too Alexia – if I can go where the story is…. so exciting – AND how many places have I discovered that I would like to go to becuase I read about them in a book?

  6. No matter what’s going on in your life, it all fades away between the pages of a book!

    Hope you’re having a great time and the weather is better than here, it’s rainy and gloomy where I am in Florida.

  7. this is a great question. I read to learn, to explore and to enjoy good writing. it stimulates my intellect and my imagination and teaches me things about myself and about the world around me. 🙂

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