Where’s My Head At?

I was off and visiting blogs today and commenting here and there because you know I like to chat it up with fellow bloggers….  and then this happens.  I leave a comment where I become a faceless snowman shaped icon.  Talk about awkward.  Whats up with that?

It is rare…. I pretty much have a face wherever I travel (I make it a point not to leave home without it).

So really – that is the question.  Anyone know why that happens?

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  1. It must be phantom gremlins, stealing your soul.

    Just kidding.

    I’m tired.

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

  2. I know that I had a face when I first started commenting on your blog. Then it disappeared for a long time. Then one day I logged back into wordpress and Voila!!!, the next time I visited you my face was back!

    • Its just crazy Vicki when my face is missing….. it made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing… which is true…. but everyone doesn’t need to know 🙂

  3. Very strange! Must be some kind of glitch.

  4. A ghost in the machine?

  5. There are certain blogs I comment on and it seems to be random wether I have a face or not. I never do on wordpress sites but most give me some sort of icon. I think it depends on the blog, maybe.

  6. I think Ryan is right, as it seems to be random and depend on the blog. I usually have my avatar show up when I comment, but some blogs have the snowman or a funny monster as my icon instead. Don’t know why, but you probably shouldn’t worry about it.

  7. If you make an account at Gravatar.com then you’ll always have a face 🙂 (as long as you comment with the same email address everywhere, that is).

    Now that sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it? 🙂 However I am not affiliated with them (doh), I’m just a happy user.

    Hope that helped 🙂

  8. Hey, I think Kay has hit on it! You have to be signed up with a Gravatar…and I think the e-mail account is also the trick.

    Whatever…we do prefer seeing your face, Sheila!

  9. BTW, is this an official Pondering Moment post?

  10. Yes, I am signed up with Gravatar too and that seems to help!!

  11. Not all platforms give you your gravatar-I have never figured out why.

  12. I don’t have an image when I blog. Partly because I haven’t bothered and partly because I’m not computer savvy enough to do it. I’ve decided the computer does what it wants and I’m along for the ride.

  13. Reading everyone’s comments, it sounds like a glitch. Blogger has them all the time.

  14. I have noticed that on some blogs I loss myself too. I think it is the programming they are using. I have not really looked into it to much. Hope you find your head soon. lol.

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