Word Verification Balderdash: My Thursday Thing

This is my weekly meme of the great word verification we that make comments on blogs have the annoyance pleasure of typing again and again….  (I have missed this the last couple of weeks but now I am ready to roll again)!

I know it is a necessity…  I get that.  You leave a comment, chances are you going to be word verified.  Yet being a comment junkie… it slows me down.  So to make this a bit more enjoyable… I came up with a plan.

I love word games (not as much as commenting).  To entertain myself and maybe some of you… I decided to share with you a little thing I do while I type in the verification.  I play Balderdash in my head.  Yup.  As I am typing in the word, I think if it was a real word… what would it mean.  Some come easy.  Others…. I really have to stretch the imagination.

The definition of Balderdash: An oft used strategy  to elect your own fake definition in an attempt to give it credibility in the minds of your fellow players.

Cercula:  Dracula’s half brother who has an inner ear infection which causes him to run in circles…. thus taking the fear factor away from potential victims as they can just…. well…… walk away.

Revent: When one becomes so upset about something they have to just get it out so they vent about it.  Then…. hours later, something triggers  this anger  again and causes one to revent.

Promila:  Godzilla’s sister who is obsessed with going to the prom.  Always worried about her breath and working on shining up her scales.

Gaspr: Casper the Ghost’s annoying cousin.  Due to Gaspr’s asma…. he is always trying to get in more air and creating breathy noises that really can ruin a good night of haunting.  Since Casper is the friendly ghost, he often is the one chosen to hang out with Gaspr.

Yes…. I know that for the most part they kind of theme today and I have no idea why… LOL.  Perhaps I watched too much tv as a child… 😉

Wanna play?  I hope you do!  Write your post, feel free to take the Balderdash meme and them comment here with your link to your post.  I will add your link here so others may stop by and see your words!

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20 thoughts on “Word Verification Balderdash: My Thursday Thing

  1. I love this meme! Word verifications can be really annoying especially b/c I often forget to go back and check.
    Also I got my book from the Holiday Book Blogger Swap, THANK YOU X10000000! I’ll write a post asap (once I finish my homework, most likely the post will be up and linked by Saturday). Thank you also for the chocolate and lovely card 🙂 Mhmm chocolate 😀

    1. Petty Witter…. it was one of those words that are just thre you know? I tried to think of something else but once I had the Godzilla image in my head… it was all over LOL

  2. Funny post 🙂 I just posted our apartments on Craigslist and my verification word was iegislation…with an “i.” I thought at first that I misread it, but when I typed it in the box, it took, so I guess that was right.

    I haven’t had enough coffee this morning to think of a definition.

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