Home For The Holidays by Rebecca Kelly (Bookies Review)

A book I thought was going to just be sweet and “Christmasy” – turned out to have a deeper purpose for our book club.  ~ Sheila

Its a story of Christmas really.  Set in a small town called Acorn Hill, where three sisters own a place called Grace Chapel Inn.  When the sisters decide to take a break over the Christmas season and not take any guests so they can enjoy the holidays with each other, our story really begins…

First it starts when a group of tourists find themselves without a tour leader and the sisters decide they will help these people out by showing them around their town.  They travel through the towns beautiful Victorian homes seeing traditional pieces and collections (see pictures below). Then it continues when a snowstorm leaves the group stranded and Chapel Inn becomes a place of refuge for those who can not continue on their way.  The quiet Christmas the sisters were planning is soon evaporated into the cold winter air.

Reading this for book club, I found the book just incredibly sweet as seems to be the theme of Christmas reads.  I was a bit dissapointed that the plot did not seem to be stronger and I never developed a real feel for the characters – which is always a plus to be in a book.  I like to connect.  I walked into book club having not finished the read and a little anxious on how we were going to pull a good discussion out of this book.

I should never doubt the power of The Bookies. 🙂

Like a Christmas miracle I watched my beloved group of fellow Bookies grab on to this book and found ourselves in the middle of a fantastic discussion of Christmas traditions.  Just like what happened in the book, we found a common ground within the traditions and it was just enjoying to hear what things we hold on to year to year – either handed down from generations, or started anew with their own family.  I found myself taking notes rapidly, and ended with a deeper appreciation and understanding of this group.

When Angie (my long term partner in crime who has been with the Bookies with me since Aug. 2001) brought out pictures of things discussed in the book so we could understand the Victorian culture more, it was truly the icing on the cake.

Advertising Thimble Collection
Jumping Jacks

Prayer Bench
Tramp Art Box

Folk Victorian Home
German Inglenook Bungalow

Overall, the Bookies rated this book an average to a slightly below average read.  The review however – was top notch and for going in with no idea what we were going to discuss…. I left with a really good feeling and over the next two days – finished the book so I too could share in all that it had to offer.

Author Rebecca Kelly wrote her first book at age thirteen and hasn’t stopped writing since.  When she’s not writing or being a mom, Rebecca volunteers weekly at an animal shelter, creates comfortable quilts that are distributed to children hospitalized for cance treatment and teaches creative writing to local public school students.  Rebecca was recently honored by the United States Air Force for her efforts over the last six years in sending books and other reading material every month to soldiers serving in Iraq.

What I found interesting about this series, Tales From Grace Chapel Inn (this is book #6) is that each book, while focused around Acorn Hill and the Inn, each book is written by a different author.  I think that is awesome as guests to the Inn would be of all different walks of life, and a unique voice to each book seems right.

19 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays by Rebecca Kelly (Bookies Review)

    1. Hi Vivienne, yes a very Victorian read. At the time of book club I hadnt made it far enough into the book to know that. After our discussion I had to finish the book because I love the history of the homes.

  1. Don’t you love when another point of view just makes such a difference in your enjoyment of a book? And how interesting that the series is written by all different authors, may have to check it out.

    1. Julie H, oh yeah… and it isnt the first time that I have went into book club totally thrown off by a book and during the discussion learn that I have to (want to) finish the read. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t have thought that the book would have much to discuss either. But ladies, Christmas and wine…I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that you found plenty to discuss!

    1. I really have to hand it to the Bookies…. they took this discussion and ran with it. I have only lady in the group who was born in Germany. It was interesting to learn that Santa and Christmas are far apart from each other there – Saint Nick comes on December 6.

    1. I think they can rhapsodyinbooks. What was cool was that we all pretty much rated the book average or slightly under – but the discussion is what made the book memorable for me.

  3. Sounds like a great meeting of the minds. Love your photos, which very nicely illustrate the era of the book and help put us into the world of the characters.

    And your blog! Is it snowing here, or am I just very tired? LOL

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely book club get together! Great photos! I need a good book club book for my 10 church ladies to begin in January – any suggestions?

  5. I wish I lived closer and could be in your book club! It’s great that ya’ll can meet as a group and make a “not as exciting book” into a great discussion!

    I’m loving the snow on your blog!!! Nice touch! 🙂 Can you send me some?

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