Word Verification Balderdash – My Thursday Thing

Yes!  I am back!  I missed the last two weeks due to crazy schedules and as I have blog hopped this week I was excited balderdashto see others who do this meme kept on going!  YEAH!  Love that!

So for those of you just tuning in… here is what we do (and you can too!)  As quoted from my original post:

Ok… I admit it.  I am a comment junkie.  I love – love ♥ LOVE  ♥ to read blogs, the discussions on books, author interviews, bookshelves, great bookish stories and adventures….

but along with loving to comment comes the ever dreaded endless… (dun dun dun dun…scary music)

word verification.

I know it is a necessity…  I get that.  You leave a comment, chances are you going to be word verified.  Yet being a comment junkie… it slows me down.  So to make this a bit more enjoyable… I came up with a plan.

I love word games (not as much as commenting).  To entertain myself and maybe some of you… I decided to share with you a little thing I do while I type in the verification.  I play Balderdash in my head.  Yup.  As I am typing in the word, I think if it was a real word… what would it mean.  Some come easy.  Others…. I really have to stretch the imagination.

The definition of Balderdash: An oft used strategy  to elect your own fake definition in an attempt to give it credibility in the minds of your fellow players.

And here is my list for this week:

CLOOBDINE: A social network originated in Peru.  People gather around their computers and “virtual dine” together… sharing what they are eating and using abbreviations for food related events.  IE.  “B”  for burp.  “EM” for excuse me.

LAGAZES:  A new drug just becoming FDA approved to assist people who suffer from chronic lagging.  These people are always a bit behind and have no motivation or desire to catch up.

CARCHIC: Finally a word for her!  She is that girl that can do just about anything from her car – apply makeup, eat breakfast, style her hair, talk on her phone and make all her appointments for the day, mix no bake cookies for the school bake sale, and is packing two changes of clothes for emergency events (such as a sporty outfit to cheer the kids on and a dress up outfit for emergency meetings)  All of this while looking smoking hot.

KIJACK:  The unfortunate new theft ring for off shore criminals.  The act of stealing kyaks.  People who are victims on kijacking are usually knocked out of the kyak and left to swim to shore where if their cell phone survived the water bath, they call for help.

Feel free to play along at home, here or on your own blog.  You can even take the little picture meme I made if you like and use it.  Link your words here in a comment and I will add you to this post so other readers may go and check out your list as well!  🙂

See the fun word definitions at:

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  1. ROFL That seems so fun ! I am also a comment junkie, follow all kinds of different blogs, and love to comment them, and word verification is horrible for me, I may have to try that sometime!

  2. Love to finally have a name for those “car chicks”! LOL.

    I wanted to do this today, but sadly, my word verification this week were…well, unintelligible?

  3. Haha! Love this! I could really use some Lagazes.

    When I read CLOOBDINE, I thought of a club, (used for clobbering) made out of rolled up magazines. So you can sit and read while you’re not clobbering folks.

  4. I did a post about scrabble on my blog, commenting that some of the words used looked like they could be found on word verification balderdash. I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned your blog and provided a link to this post.

  5. I could really use some Lagazes right now!! Do you know where I could find some? Maybe from that ever efficient carchic who cloobdines about the kijack?? Help a girl out already!!!

    Great post this week! I’m lagging so mine might be posted by Saturday…again, bring on the Lagazes!!

    • LOL Julie! Very good use of all the words! 🙂

      If you read this let me know if you got my email on The Help questions. I havent heard from many of the participants and am hoping the email did not go to spam…

  6. You’re back with a bang, Sheila! Lol. I coulda used some of those Lagazes today! And I am so the carchic. My car always looks like I live in it. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to install a bookcase in it recently cuz I’m usually driving around with 4 or 5 books at any given time.

    I posted mine here

  7. Hi, Sheila! I am loving the concept of the “carchic”! I really admire women who can do these things in the car, since the only thing that I can manage to do in the car is sit and read.

    I wonder if they would be coming up with a similar term for men? Hehehe.

  8. Great words this week Sheila. So could a carchic kijack?

    I have mine done and posted finally:


  9. These are soooo great! First I have to say I am a comment junkie my self. I am trying to calm down a little bit so that I can get back to my scedule of other things around home after work. I love reading the books and discussing them with everyone or anyone who will listen. Well, even if your not listening I’ll still talk to you about it. lol.

    These words are great this week. Lagazes I am starting to think I am one of those who never get caught up no matter how hard I try.

    Oh, and carchic, I am not one of those. I have a hard enough time putting makeup on in the mirror in the bathroom. lol.

  10. Yea, she’s back! Love carchics, but sadly will never be one. I can multitask everywhere but in the car for some reason.

    Almost forgot that today was Balderdash Thursday, so just now posted mine. Probably need to get a prescription for lagazes!

    Glad to have you back! 🙂


  11. That is so funny! I do this when I make comments too, but you are much more original than I am! Loving ‘carchic’!

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