Morning Meanderings…

a big improvementI shouldn’t be here….

We have a huge project at work today and we were all going in early to get a jump start on it.  Yet here I am with Coffee Cup, still in PJ’s trying to get through emails this morning before I go in.

So what can I share today?  Well… I think I had some interesting spam overnight.  New stuff that actually were comments that almost made sense… but didn’t make sense you know what I mean?  I had a few of them that were actual sentences but they didn’t fit the post and that is how I caught them.  They were:

“So chickens have nothing to do with financial downturn”.    (On my Featured Book Club post of the Bookies)chicken

My thoughts:  “Uhhhh….. no.  I dont think chickens effect finances either way.  Have an egg.  relax”.

“I can remember being bored stiff until it was my turn to get behind the camera”  (On my guest post of Sold)

My Thoughts:  “Maybe you wouldnt be so bored if you had a hobby – or a pet.  Maybe a chicken”.

I don’t really get spam.  I mean, does it actually work?  All of mine go into a spam folder that I have to approve so they never actually touch my blog and they never make enough sense to fool me into thinking they are actually comments…. although these two above did have me looking at my posts and going “huh?”

Have a delightful spam free day everyone! 

7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Spam is a most puzzling thing! It used to all go in my spam folder, but now all kinds of things show up in my inbox!

    I guess the filtering system isn’t working!

    Sounds like it’s sometimes good for a few laughs, though.

    1. Hi Julie H! With wordpress I have a spam folder too but some that are not obvious like what “appears” to be real comments goes to my email to approve. These from last night were different – almost believable…. if it wasn’t that they had not made sence… they could have got through. Spam is so weird..:)

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