Word Verification Balderdash (The Thursday Thing)

Here we are week three and my week has been so crazy busy I only have a small offering this week of balderdashwords.  Here is how to play and I encourage you to do this – feel free to take the meme pick and do it on your blog, linking back to here.  Later when I am home (out of town today) I will add those who linked to me and completed this meme to this post so you will be able to click on others.

These are actual word verifications I have had in the last week and my definitions.  😉

Coppin:  What police officers do.  An action word.

Amint:  a small disc of flavor to cover bad breath

Snepe:  Snapes younger (and nicer) brother

Ok seriously…. do not judge this meme by my input this week… these are pretty sad.  Please look at last weeks Word verification Balderdash to see those who played as well.

Here are some of the other players and their words:


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  1. I’m slow…first time to hear about Word verification Balderdash!

  2. I think Coppin is funny and totally on point (“What’s that cop doing? He’s coppin!) lol It seems a little slang-y too, like the “g” is left off! Snepe is perfect!, the boys, Snape and Snepe! LOL You don’t have to have a long list of words – quality not quantity – and yours are great!
    I think this is a very fu and creative meme and I will be back sometime today with my words!

  3. This is a very clever game, Sheila…I love anything that “plays” on words.

    Keep ’em coming!

  4. I just saw a word verification that reminded me of another word…schmeck. Could be “schmuck,” right??

  5. This is so funny! I was just thinking about a word verification i just entered and thought it “wonder what that means?” I’ll have to pay more attention and come back!

  6. It’s my first time playing along. Here’s mine. =)


    Have a nice day! =)

  7. Those are so funny! I love Snepe… that was a good one. 🙂

  8. I think they’re pretty good too! So that’s what it’s called when the police are outside of the donut store! Coppin!

    I’ve got my post for this week at http://everexpandinglibrary.blogspot.com

  9. I am going to start this. I will start with words today and then I will participate next week.. 🙂

  10. My word is phatedly: to face one’s destiny in a stylish manner. E.g., “Patrick Henry made sure he was dressed phatedly for his famous ‘Give me liberty or give me death,’ speech so that he would look good in posthumous portraits.”

  11. Snepe is Snape’s younger brother! Love it! This is such a fun meme! Thank you for thinking it up Sheila! Here is mine for the week:


  12. Ha, ha, too funny! I love them all! This really is a fun post you have going around. I enjoy reading everyones words, too funny!

  13. Great words! I love Amint. Thanks for stopping by on my site. I am glad you enjoyed my words. I do hope I can do this justice for you, because this is a lot of fun. I look forward to doing these words weekly.

    Thanks again for the complements and stoppin by.

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