Wednesdays featured Book Club: The Women’s Nest Book Club

Here is week two of the new Wednesday feature….  our weekly Book Club review!  This week I am excited to introduce you to Melissa and her book club, The Women’s Nest Book Club!

Please welcome Melissa and The Women’s Nest Book Club!


The Women's Nest Book Club

What is the name of your book club? The Women’s Nest

How long have you been meeting? Since November 2007

How often do you meet? Daily, on-line

Do you have someone who leads the discussion? I start the discussions, but our members quite often take the lead, offering up topics for discussion and continuing the conversations.

Where do you meet? On-line, on The Women’s Nest, it’s a social community for women only.

How many members do you have?  We are all women, and our readership varies. We have over 2000 members, but have a handful reading at any given time.

What age group(s) is represented in your book club? 19 – about 60

What genres of books do you read? We read most literary fiction books.

How do you choose what you will read? I read book reviews and gather suggestions from our Book Club members.

What was one of the best discussions and/or a favorite book that you read as a group? We read Snowflower and The Secret Fan, by Lisa See – by far one of my favorite books.

How do you keep things fun?
We have authors as guests and they discuss their books with us when they are selected in the Book Club.

Does your group meet for anything else other than your book meetings?   Yes! We meet for author discussions as well as daily for general sharing of information and escaping the chaos of our daily lives. We converse on our forums about everything from books and movies to relationships, careers, jokes, and daily life issues. We’re more than a book club, we  have all become very good friends, too.

Do you have a funny or “book club meeting gone bad” story to share? Well, I’m not sure if it’s a funny one, but I have had to cancel an author discussion or two because of low readership. But that’s not fun to do, after all, authors are very busy and gracious to give their time.

What advice would you give to other book clubs? Book Clubs are hard to keep up, in many cases, megans way and I believe that whether you have one reader or 20 during any given month, keep going! The readers will come back, new ones will come, and like everything in life, it will ebb and flow.

I have heard that you are an author as well? Yes, I am also a new author – My debut novel, Megan’s Way, can be found on and

Wow!  You sound like an amazing group.  I have never been a part of a book club on line but have thought about it.  Thank you so much Melissa for sharing about your book club.  Readers, I highly encourage you to stop by and see Melissa at The Women’s Nest!

I would love to feature your book club too! Link here to find out how!

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  1. Wow! Love the Q & A! The The Women’s Nest sounds like a neat group. 🙂

    • has any of you read “Enraged” by O.J.Nkeonye? maybe i should wait till you read it before adding any more comments. Mothers would love it!

  2. This looks like a very fun group. I love the empty martini and wine glasses! :–)

  3. What a fun group. I am thinking of starting one with my friends/coworkers this year. I love reading about other book clubs. Gets me inspired.

  4. I love the interview, Sheila! I was wondering if you’ll be featuring an all-male book club, if there ever was one. Hehehe.

  5. The Women’s Nest is a place I can go to let off steam, share my secrets, laugh and cry with my friends and overall a safe and fun place to be. When someone is having a bad day, we hold their hand and lift them up with love and support. There’s a LOT of laughter and friendship here. Lots of different forums to read and post messages.

    Melissa keeps it spam-free and the best part is — NO contentiousness, arguing, or ugly words between any of us. Everyone “speaks” with kindness and respect.

    It’s my fave site on the Internet!

  6. This is such an interesting feature you’ve started! Very interesting and what a nice way to introduce what others are reading and all the fun it entails. Thanks:)

  7. justicejenniferreads

    Love this feature. Love this post. I didn’t even know there were really ONLINE book clubs you could join. I’ve been in love with the idea of starting a book club, but I have found it so incredibly difficult to find the people to really get one started. Maybe joining one online is something I should try … Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. It’s already given me some amazing ideas. Heading over to the women’s nest to check it out NOW. Haha.

  8. Love the interview. I have actually read Melissa’s book and it is AMAZING! She is doing a blog tour in September and will be stopping by my blog on September 12th. My review of her book will be posted a day or so before that. I hope to see all of you stop by. Seriously, though, her book is a MUST READ!

  9. I love the women’s nest! especially the book club, the main reason i joined it! great books are always chosen and great discussions can always be found!

  10. Hi book lovers! I have an online national radio show called Book Club with Ginger, and I’m inviting book lovers (like you, like me!) to listen online or stream it /download it the next day and win free books, tell me who should be on the show, write in your fave authors and what you’d like to ask them, and did I mention win free books?? Let me know if I can put a link to your site on my website, and vice versa, and how I can help support your author chats and book club happenings! Warmly, ginger

  11. I would like to join ur club.

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