Size 2 For Life by Ashley Marriott and Marc L Paulsen, MD

size 2Size 2 For Life:

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We didn’t start life as a size 8, 12, 16 or more. So how did we get here? Well, the simple truth is we ate, and we ate, and we ate! So how do we turn things around and get back to the way we deserve? Size 2 for Life shows us how. Presented in clear and easily understood language this amazingly simple new diet and fitness program can make and keep almost any woman a size 2. Included are simple tests to gauge ones current status, a complete diet and exercise program as well as the 21-Day, 2 for Life, quick-start plan for rapid results. Renowned fitness expert, Ashley Marriott and Stanford trained, Dr. Marc Paulsen are on a mission to get people fit and look the way they truly can.

I am always reading something on nutrition or exercise.  It’s just the way I am wired.  I work hard to keep my weight down, but I am human and I struggle like most people to come up with a happy medium.

1.  Eat a well balanced diet.

2.  Exercise

3.  Avoid late night eating.

While this is the backbone of all diet/fitness books, our authors take it a step further and actually give you the tools you need to  break the habits of over eating and poor choice eating.

I did enjoy some of the encouragement given throughout the book, such as how to handle the relative or friend that says, “Oh come on, look at you!  You can have a piece of cake!” There are also pages of charts that show you for your age and height where you should be at physically.

The book takes you through a 21 day menu plan as well as exercise ideas.  I do like that it encourages you to take it slow… this is not a quick fix, this is a life time change of how you look at food and how you do life.

I would say a good read.  There are several articles that are well written for anyone who is serious about making a change.

3 thoughts on “Size 2 For Life by Ashley Marriott and Marc L Paulsen, MD

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  2. I follow the number 1 and 2.. but.. somehow, can’t manage to follow the number 3 and I think my insomniac is pulling me up not to sleep early at night. Can’t avoid it.

  3. sdechantal

    Thats my downfall too! I stay so busy during the day that I eat well, exercise… then late night comes and I have the munchies… I read and snack… snack and read….

    Then back at the gym the next day mad at myself for once again sabotaging myself! 🙂

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