blogiestaOk…. so I joined a challenge for this weekend called BLOGGIESTA.  Thanks to Maw Books Blog, she is hosting a clean up, add some fun stuff, get ‘er done weekend challenge that started this morning.  Basically – between 8 am this morning…. and 8 am this Sunday,a group of many book bloggers are taking time to do the little tasks that we tend to put off.

So here is my list of to do’s for the challenge and I will cross them off as I complete them, and Sunday afternoon I will post my overall thought of the challenge and what I hopefully will be able to accomplish.  I am actually a little excited as this is my first group challenge!

So here’s the to do list:

  • Write the reviews I still need to write for the books I have completed
  • Write back up post ideas
  • Add new pages to my blog for a user friendly feel (I added the Guest Blogger page, and a Children’s review page and have a plan to add a couple more later tonight!
  • Write Guest Posts
  • Interview an author friend (or two) for a new Authors interview area
  • Put out some invites for Guest Bloggers
  • Make a business card
  • Create the draft posts for all my To Be Read Pile with the links to the hosts, book synapsus, and picture, so all I have to do when it is read is write the actual review
  • Assemble and set up the book shelf I bought a month ago to hold all of the To Be Read pile so it will come off my dining room table
  • Add fun new pictures to my new blog pages
  • Add a favicon or a gravitar of both to my blog
  • Find out what a favicon and gravitar are (already had a gravitar!)
  • Edit my about me page
  • Add a review policy
  • Research area book events to add a possible page on this info to blog
  • Read the Blogging Tips area
  • Clean up side bar
  • Mail out letters to local authors with a business card included
  • email Sarah (author) interview questions for new Author Interview page


There are mini-challenges!  Twelve hosts have generously offered to host mini-challenges.  Each mini-challenge is geared to help you improve your blog, so they are well worth checking out.

All the challenges will be up for the duration of the Bloggiesta, so you have the entire 48 hours to peruse and complete them.  You don’t have to do them all, but for each one that you do complete with a comment on their post, your name will be entered for a giveaway.

4 thoughts on “BLOGGIESTA!!!!!!

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  2. Great challenge! I’m too new to need something like that yet. Don’t even know what I would need to challenge myself with…LOL.
    How do you get tabs/pages added to your blog. I don’t know how to do the top of the page links or page links. Email me if it is something simple you could just tell me about.

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