Bloggiesta Finish Line!!!

“Whew!”  What a great weekend and what a great challenge!  I finished!  I feel a little giddy as I look at blogiestaall that I accomplished during this 48 hour challenge and I an THRILLED with the results!   (Link to the original post)

Here are a few highlights:

  • Totally restyled my entire blog layout
  • Visited many of the other bloggers who were involved in this challenge as well to see their blogs and layouts, how they review, style, etc…. I learned so much!
  • Read all of the Blogging Tips page on Book Blogs and picked up many great ideas – some that I have already applied, some I hope to.
  • Completed all the Mini Challenges!!!  (What an awesome addition to the challenge!)
  • Created several new pages to my blog and learned how to add pages within the pages (very very cool!)
  • Completed my first two Guest Blogger reviews and LOVE the result!
  • Cleaned up my dining room table work space by drafting posts for all the books I am reviewing so I am able to just pop in my review when the book is read.  All the links, hosts, pictures, etc are done!
  • I completed a couple random draft posts to publish whenever
  • I sent interview questions to two different authors I know and hope to have their information back soon so I can get the authors interview page looking super fine!
  • My son took a few pictures of me “in book review” mode for my blog to update the outdated ones.
  • I read a ton of info on blogging thanks to the advice of many of the mini challenge sites, and learned a lot
  • My blog score from the one challenge was 71… I changed some things and did the review again and it went to 77!
  • My side bar has been cleaned up and I am still looking at other things to do by watching what some of the great bloggers out there are doing and what looks good.
  • I went to an authors event Friday evening and purchased her book and sent a letter this weekend to her thanking her and giving her my blog info.  I also sent out 10 other letters to area authors.
  • Caught up on reviews I had not posted yet.
  • I created a business card that I really really like and will use when in book related events.
  • I think I left at least 20 comments on different sites and I am continuing to do “visitations” yet this afternoon
  • Total hours invested in the challenge:  a little over 18 hours
  • *** Update as of 1:01 am on June 22….. I have linked on and left a comment on all the Bloggiesta participants that have logged in as having posted their final Bloggiesta words…. (with the exception of one that would not load even after three attempts…)

Final results:  A great looking blog (I think so anyway), new relationships started with other book bloggers, a better understanding of widgets (although I am still trying to grasp how delicious and mebo work…).

Thoughts for the next Bloggiesta… well I thought this was pretty great.  I don’t really know what I would improve on.  The mini challenges were really fun and I would definitely do that again and wouldn’t mind being considered as one of the host spots for a mini challenge.

I just keep opening up my blog and looking at it!  Pretty cheesy of me…. but I am just loving it!  Thank you again to everyone involved!  Standing ovation and a mental high five to each of you.

Today I am going to try to stop in throughout the day at all Bloggiesta participants blogs to see how they did and what they changed on their blogs.  I really learn a lot just by getting off my own page and going out and visiting!  🙂

Here are some challenge pictures:  Enjoy!

P.S.  as for the book shelf that was on my challenge to do list…. uhhhhh… yeah….. it is still in the box, laying in the library…. guess that will wait for a rainy day…. 😉

11 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Finish Line!!!

  1. Your blog looks awesome! I am amazed how many tasks you have accomplished, and I am really looking forward to check it out more 🙂

    Delicious is pretty easy, and it is basically just a link-collection/bookmark collection where you can add your own tags to the links and show others what pages you like 🙂

  2. I love your site! You accomplished tons on your Bloggiesta, that’s awesome. Thank you for the comment, i really like my new blog except i have so much more to do LOL!
    Natalie :0)

  3. Your site looks awesome. It appears that you got a lot out of this challenge. Where did you learn about pages within a page? I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I want to learn.

  4. Awesome job on your blog!!!! Wow – I LOVE the bookshelves and the “final” look too 🙂 You accomplished an amazing amount of stuff in just 18 hours…fantastic!!!

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I’ve added you to my feed reader 🙂

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