The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

aI was so excited to get to this book!  In the begining when the book opened with an ape named Shift and a donkey named Puzzle… I was discouraged to see the direction the book was taking.  I didn’t like the ape, and the donkey needed a self esteem shot…

Yet – very quickly, I picked up the rythym of C.S. Lewis’ final installment of this series and was excited again to see the quick and brilliant mind of this man, this author, go to work in ways that astound me!  In the Last Battle we also encounter Tash and followers of Tash (Tash being the devil).  As people of Narnia choose sides Aslan or Tash – and some real confusion as the ape, Shift, tells those who are listening that Aslan and Tash are actually one and the same… we come to a great comparison to Matthew 24: 7 (where we know there will be a great deception at the end of times…)

As this book continues the level of energy and excitement stays high all the way to what possibly may be one of the best book endings I have ever read, and here is where C.S. brings Aslan back and through a great doorway, He brings His followers, and turns others away… and in great detail we see Narnia as we knew it, pass away and the new world begin (Isaiah 65: 17 – 25).

I ended this book with a great appreciation for C.S. Lewis, a man who passed out of this world before I was born… and all these years later I feel privledged to have read his works and spent a little time dwelling in his incredible mind.

An A+ rating on the books and I highly recommend these books not only for children…. but for yourself.

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